Few people on the planet have lived in the public spotlight for as long as Brad Pitt. Cameras follow the Hollywood A-Lister wherever he goes, while blogs and magazines fawn over every juicy detail of his numerous relationships.

Yet somehow, we missed a pretty bizarre and goofy trend in Brad Pitt’s romantic life, which started way back with his earliest relationships 40 years ago. And once you see these photos, you won’t believe you missed it, too!

The public eye had not yet honed in on Brad Pitt’s partners when he started dating Kickapoo High School sweetheart Sarah Hart a few decades ago. In a few years, though, that would change.

As the future star’s stock skyrocketed, people noticed when he and “Toy Boy” Sinitta started an on-again-off-again fling throughout the late ’80s. But while they saw Brad on the starlet’s arm, they didn’t see his big secret…

In fact, it wouldn’t be until years later, when fans looked in retrospect at photos of Brad and his partners over 40 years, that they would start to notice something…interesting.

The first photos to give away Brad’s strange relationship tendencies were those taken with Shalane McCall. He played her boyfriend on four episodes of Dallas between ’87 and ’88.

Brad briefly romanced the 17-year-old off camera, and as he did, photos showed a gradual change in his appearance. Look at his hair. Now, look at her hair. Notice something…similar?

Eventually, Brad and Shalane split, and soon thereafter, paparazzi caught Brad with Robin Givens, the Head of Class star fresh off a divorce with Heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson…

Photos revealed Brad’s wardrobe changed a bit as soon as he and Robin went public. It was almost as if he saw her hat and glasses and thought hey, those would look great on me, too…

It was in these images that Brad’s secret was exposed. Whoever he dated — no matter their look — Brad had a tendency to adapt their form and fashion style just like a human chameleon. Don’t believe it?

Plenty doubted Brad’s shapeshifting — or Pitt-shifting if you will. It wasn’t something he could continue, they said, when he and Christina Applegate connected for the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards…

But sure enough, Brad Pitt-shifted once more, seemingly altering his jawline and eyebrows to match his date for the evening. Maybe this was why she infamously stood him up. And then?

Brad was busy in 1989. He proposed to Jill Schoelen after meeting on the set of Cutting Class. He must’ve also proposed the two of them wear the same hat (they were engaged for just 3 months).

Brad escaped 1989 a single man, and in 1992, attended the Oscars with Too Young To Die? co-star Juliette Lewis. Along with a similar haircut and style, he adopted her Bigfoot-esque please-don’t-photograph-me walk.

Come 1994, Brad attended a Legends Fall premiere with Czech model Jitka Pohlodek. Surely, this would be the look that stumped him. There was no way he could assume her form…right?

Wrong! He grew his hair long and the Bradamorphosis was once again complete! Perhaps he missed the shorter hair, though, because while with Jitka, he told Vanity Fair he still loved Juliette Lewis.

When the mid-’90s rolled around, Brad started making stronger relationship commitments, marrying Gwenyth Paltrow in 1996. That, of course, just meant more intensive Pitt-shifting.

Sure enough, Brad adopted her hair — from the blonde highlights right down to the oh-so-stylish swoop. And one look in her closet must’ve shown him what he needed to do next.

To complete the transformation, he donned a similar pair of silver-rimmed shades. It gives you the sense that, before heading out, Brad asked her “so what’s our look tonight?”

WISN 12 news / Twitter

When love went south with Paltrow, and after a brief fling with a co-star, Brad connected with Jennifer Aniston after their agents set them up on a blind date. He saw her and said “challenge accepted.”

fbelen_ok / Twitter

Over their six-year- marriage, Brad constantly changed his style. Long hair, short hair. Messy, clean. All of these looks fell in lockstep with the former Friends star’s. Don’t they look strangely similar?

Eventually, though, Brad met Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2004. The co-stars, both playing spies, dressed similarly on set. But as Brad fell in love, he wanted to try his hand at looking like her off of the set, too.

24horas / Twitter

The couple became known as Brangelina, but Brad merged more than just his name with his wife’s — he went ahead merged his appearance with hers, too. Just look at that greying, slicked-back hair!

But even those far removed from Hollywood knew of Brangelina’s demise, and eyes fell once more on Brad’s dating life. Then, fans were left with one burning question…

Who would Brad Pitt look like next? Whoever it is, don’t bet against Brad Pitt-shifting once more — the man can even look like a wax sculpture if he needs to!

Brad Pitt’s relationships have always been a matter of public scrutiny, but people will be paying extra close attention to who he ends up with next!