21 Celebrities That Became Real-Life Royalty Without Most Of Their Fans Even Noticing

By Francesca Rea

Every year, the Queen of England has the Prime Minister draw up a list of people who she’ll use her sword on. No, she isn’t challenging them to a battle royale: she’s actually giving these uncommon commoners the title of knight or dame of the Realm!

20 Actors That Played On-Screen Siblings But Formed Real-Life Romances Behind The Scenes

By Valerie Mulder

Prohibited work-relations, marital affairs, private liaisons, stolen glances, and secret exchanges can fill you with desire. Wanting what you can’t have is natural, so doing something that is forbidden or frowned upon can be quite exhilarating — especially when it comes to romance.

20 Famous Couples Who Got Married In Secret

By Dan Fitzpatrick

It’s hard not to picture a ton of fanfare, over-the-top decor, and famous guests when you think of the typical celebrity wedding. The bride and groom often become the stars of their own blockbuster marriage! But not every Hollywood couple wants it that way.

The One Thing About Brad Pitt No One Noticed Until Now

By Maggie Watson

Few people on the planet have lived in the public spotlight for as long as Brad Pitt. Cameras follow the Hollywood A-Lister wherever he goes, while blogs and magazines fawn over every juicy detail of his numerous relationships.

20 Spellbinding Ways J.K. Rowling Spends Her Millions That Make 'Harry Potter' Fans Love Her More

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Author J.K. Rowling’s life sounds almost as dramatic as any of the Harry Potter novels that made her famous. When she wrote the books that would bring her fame she was a single mom unable to pay her own rent. Then she sold her book and became an overnight sensation!

20 Times Being Friends With A Celebrity Paid Off In a Huge Way

By Maggie Watson

When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. It doesn’t matter how much money was spent, only that giver gave it time and thought. But that rule doesn’t always apply for celebrity gifters, not when they’ve got a few million sitting in their bank accounts.

19 Celebrities Who Left Utterly Strange Requests For Their Loved Ones In Their Wills

By Paul Fox

When a person dies they usually leave behind a will. The idea behind this practice is that in the throes of grief, family members shouldn’t have to squabble over who gets whatever the deceased happened to leave behind.

The Most Extravagant And Outlandish Items Ever Bought By Celebrities

By Valerie Mulder

We all splurge on ourselves from time to time, and as long as it doesn’t break our banks, it can have a positive effect on our emotional well-beings. We can even spend our hard-earned dough on items others might consider odd, because, well, it’s our money and we can do what we want with it!

20 Pairs Of A-List Celebrity Pals That Have Actually Been Best Friends Since Childhood

By Paul Fox

When we’re kids, we all have that one special person who we call our best friend. Sure, other friendships may come and go, but the bond you share with your best friend is one that will never break. It’s the same for celebrities as it is for average folks like you and me.

19 Unlikely Celebrity Relationships That The Stars Tried Hard To Keep Under Wraps

By Paul Fox

One of the downsides to being a celebrity is that it can be nearly impossible to keep certain elements of your personal life under wraps—especially when it comes to something as exciting as a new romantic partner. Fans and paparazzi can’t get enough!

20 Celebrities That Are Just As Smart As They Are Talented

By Matthew Castoral

When it comes to the things that make Hollywood actors and actresses great, being book-smart isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Sure, it takes an incredible amount of talent to make it big, but when all is said and done, does a star’s intelligence really matter?