20 Weird Rules All Royals Must Follow To Stay In Good Standing With The Family

By Valerie Mulder

Imagine having an entire staff waiting on you hand and foot — all within the comfort of your palace. This fantasy is the British royal family’s reality. However, don’t mistake their luxurious lifestyle for being the same as a rich celebrity’s.

Baffling Photos That Prove This Was The Wildest Spot To Hang Out Back In The Day

By Valerie Mulder

Studio 54 was one of the greatest and most famous nightclubs of all time, despite only being open for two years in the 1970s. Filled from top to bottom with celebrities, dancers, costumes, and illegal activities, it was THE place to be on any night in New York City.

20 Reality TV Stars That Went From Appearing On The Small Screen To Serving Time

By Valerie Mulder

Being famous is a very common dream, and with the growing number of reality television series in America, this dream is becoming easier to achieve for those without a pre-existing claim to fame.

20 Wild Behind-The-Scenes Stories About The Most Famous Movie Props In Film History

By Francesca Rea

In this day and age, movies typically use computers to bring our favorite, most action-packed scenes to life. What appears to be a fire-breathing dragon to us, is actually just a hobby horse-type object used during filming.

10 Famous Examples Of 'Last Words' With Deeply Powerful Stories Behind Them

By Paul Fox

It’s only natural for many of us to contemplate the legacy we’ll leave behind after we’re gone. Even if we’re not particularly concerned about how we’ll be remembered, we still want to give our loved ones something to hold on to.

20 Unlikely Celebrity Relationships That The Stars Tried Hard To Keep Under Wraps

By Paul Fox

One of the downsides to being a celebrity is that it can be nearly impossible to keep certain elements of your personal life under wraps—especially when it comes to something as exciting as a new romantic partner. Fans and paparazzi can’t get enough!

19 Celebrity Romances That Got Off To Such Rocky Starts That People Doubted They'd Last

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

William Shakespeare once wrote, “The course of true love never did run smooth”—and, boy, did he know what he was talking about! Even when you’re madly in love, that doesn’t mean it’s always smooth sailing. Very often relationships have to jump many hurdles before they can really start.

Man Whose Wife Left Him And Their Kids After A Fight Posts A Letter Online 2 Days Later

By Paul Fox

No matter how much you love your spouse, arguing with them is pretty much inevitable—especially when you have kids. When you both work hard to do what’s best for your family, the stress and frustration can be a back-breaking strain. Inevitably, one of you will lose your temper.

Odd Celebrity Couples That Are Turning Heads Because Of Their Astronomical Age Differences

By Maggie Watson

In Hollywood, whether staring down the lens of a camera or basking in the adoration of fans, it’s all about looking younger. Plastic surgery tightens up drooping skin, while makeup erases any signs of age with a few strokes of the brush. But the effort to tap into the fountain of youth doesn’t stop there…

19 Actors That Ditched Their Spouses As Soon As They Hit The Big Time

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Marriage isn’t easy no matter who you are—and that includes Hollywood big shots! Sure, A-list actors have all the perks of a luxurious lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they can magically make a relationship work without putting a little effort in.

Diver Vanishes Without A Trace In An Underwater Cave But It May Not Have Been An Accident

By Tom Carlson

Diving into the world beneath the waves offers opportunities unlike anything else in the world. You can get up close to fish and feel the serene, eerie calm all around you. But the challenges are very real—and even life-threatening, as one Florida community discovered.

19 Times Celebrities Weren't Afraid To Hide Their True Feelings About Each Other

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

Celebrities lead very different lives than average (read: not-so-famous) people do. When you have a fight with your friend or a disagreement with a coworker, it usually stays between you two. But when this happens to celebrities, everyone knows about it!

Man Attacks Politician In Broad Daylight Before Cops Uncover Chilling Warning Signs At His Home

By Clayton Aldrich

The British Exit (or “Brexit,” as it’s been dubbed) was a 2016 referendum in which British citizens voted to exit the European Union. Far-right radicals feared that immigrants were taking their country away from them and that the United Kingdom would lose its place in the world. Brexit ultimately resulted in 52 percent of the country voting to leave the union.

10 Celebrities Whose Lavish Lifestyles Indicate That They've Totally Lost Touch With Reality

By Maggie Watson

When you’re an A-lister in Hollywood, it’s easy to flaunt your wealth. You earn plenty of money, so luxuries like personal jets and fancy cars will hardly set you back a pretty penny. It’s all part of the perks of being famous.

20 Celebrity Prom Photos That Are As Embarrassing As Any Snapshot In Most People's Photo Album

By Clayton Aldrich

Everyone remembers their prom night. From the sequin dresses and the elaborate hairdos to the typical “prom picture pose,” every single moment is just as memorable as the last. Whether that’s a good thing is up for debate… but just because you might’ve looked a little silly that special night, it doesn’t mean you were the only one!

19 Highly Unusual Rules That Kanye West Insists That Kim Kardashian Follow At All Times

By Maggie Watson

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the most high-profile couples in Hollywood. Between the rapper’s headline-grabbing (and often impulsive) antics and the socialite’s glamorous lifestyle, it’s nearly impossible not to know what the two are up to at any given moment.

20 Celebrities That Ditched The Hollywood Dating Scene And Married Regular People

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

In Hollywood, famous couples—or power couples, as they’re sometimes called—are nothing new. In fact, well-known celebrities seem almost drawn to each other. After all, who better to understand the stressors of celebrity life than another celebrity, right?

20 On-Screen Couples That Kept Their Relationship Going After The Cameras Stopped Rolling

By Clayton Aldrich

It’s understood that actors spend long hours together on set, so it’s no surprise some budding friendships pop up here and there. In some cases, though, all that time spent together can lead to something that’s a little more than friends…

Abandoned Baby Is Left Outside A Russian Orphanage With A Heartbreaking Note Attached

By Clayton Aldrich

It’s a sad circumstance when a mother struggles to care for her child, and it takes a whole lot of strength and courage to admit that seeking outside help is the best thing for a baby’s survival. But when a mother is already living in dire circumstances, it can sometimes lead her to commit some truly desperate measures.

Mother Of 8 Children On Welfare Says She Can't Get A Job Because She's Just Too Pretty

By Angie Barnes

Single parents encounter challenges that many of us simply can’t imagine. The work of caring for and providing for children—which is usually more than enough for two people as it is—ends up falling squarely on one person’s shoulders. Many show incredible strength in these trying circumstances; others, not so much.

Mom Is About To Be Evicted All Because Her 2-Year-Old Is 'Too Loud'

By Clayton Aldrich

Children are known for being excitable, energetic, and loud—at least most of the time. For the most part, parents don’t worry too much about their kid’s volume when they’re at home. But once they learn what happened to one poor family, that all might change.

20 Actors That Had Remarkably Regular Jobs Before Making It Big In Hollywood

By Paul Fox

For the majority of celebrities, the ability to spend their lives entertaining people (and, hopefully, make an exorbitant amount of money in the process) is a dream come true. Yet before they were able to make that happen, they had to start somewhere!

20 Awkward Celebrity Encounters Caught By Paparazzi That They Don't Want Anyone To See

By Clayton Aldrich

We all have pictures of ourselves that we don’t like. Sure, we might’ve tried our best to smile and made sure our hair was perfect, but sometimes they just don’t turn how we anticipated. Believe it or not, celebrities deal with the same thing!

20 Huge Celebrities That Gave Up On Their Dreams And Left A Life Of Fame Behind

By Maggie Watson

Landing a spot among the Hollywood elite is a dream many of us have, but very few are able to actually achieve. It takes an extreme amount of perseverance, skill, and luck, but even with all those, there’s still no guarantee. And as glamorous as Tinseltown looks, it’s also a brutally competitive one.

Daughter Filmed Playing 'Alone' In Her Room Gives Parents Chills Upon Watching The Footage

By Clayton Aldrich

We’ve all seen a horror film or two in our lifetimes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’d know what to do if we were confronted with those scenarios in real life. Even for those who love scary movies, living out the plot of one probably would be more horrifying than entertaining!