Scientists Venture Into Ancient Chinese Houses Only To Make A Hair-Raising Discovery

By Angie Barnes

The past is filled with all sorts of terrifying and bizarre occurrences. Some of these events make their way into the history books, but many more are lost to time. Every now and again, though, archaeologists unearth something that reminds us of history’s little-known secrets—ones some may have wished would stay hidden.

Mysterious Object Discovered At The Bottom Of The Ocean Could Be Proof Of Alien Life

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

The ocean is one of the remaining parts of planet Earth that we have yet to fully explore. Beneath its briny depths hide countless mysteries just waiting to be uncovered—from shipwrecks to strange sea creatures. Typically, new discoveries are expected, but one in particular had everyone scratching their heads.

Explorers Hiking On A Melted Glacier Make A Discovery They Never Expected

By Maggie Watson

Rising temperatures across the planet have affected the snow-topped Alps that dominate the border between Italy and Austria. Strangely, though, the change hasn’t been all doom and gloom—rising temperatures have paved the way for unbelievable discoveries.

Two Men Claim To Have Captured Footage Of A Real Ghost At The Gettysburg Battlefield

By Jenny Friedrickson

When it comes to paranormal phenomena, it’s understandable why most people are skeptical. After all, most “evidence” of the supernatural usually comes down to the wind, a trick of the light, or some noise usually attributed to a house resting on its joints. But then there are cases like this one…

8 Celebrities Who Actually Believe That The Earth Is Flat

By Maggie Watson

It’s no secret that not every place on our planet experiences day and night at the exact same time. That’s because the Earth is a globe, which helps contribute to our differing time zones, seasons, and lengths of total daylight.

Even The Biggest Marilyn Monroe Fans Don't Know These Incredible Facts About Her Life

By Tom Carlson

In the pantheon of old Hollywood glitz and glamour, few names and faces are as famous as Marilyn Monroe’s. The original blonde bombshell, she was known as much for her films as for her status as one of pop culture’s biggest celebrities.

Fascinating Facts Every Mega-Fan Of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Needs To Know

By Angie Barnes

There are some movies that fans just can’t ever get enough of, and that’s definitely true for action films. Who doesn’t want to see their favorite heroes come to life in all their action-packed, computer-generated, out-of-this-world glory?

Surprising Facts About Carrie Fisher That Even Her Biggest Fans Don't Know

By Clayton Aldrich

When most people think of Carrie Fisher, they immediately remember her role as the iconic Princess Leia from the Star Wars film franchise. The white dress and buns she donned in those movies have practically become synonymous with her name.