As a kid, your parents probably told you that any lie, no matter how small, will always come back to bite you. Sure, a warning like that is enough to scare anyone straight, but as time went on you probably realized that a few white lies weren’t so bad after all. Well for those fibbers with a guilty conscience, here’s some good news: even your favorite celebrities are guilty of a few lies.

Just like the rest of us, these 20 stars know how to stretch the truth. And while some of them may have gotten away with their little fibs, most of these celebrities proved that maybe our parents were right about lying after all…

1. Anne Hathaway: While auditioning for Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain, Anne Hathaway wanted the part of Lureen Newsome so bad that she lied about being a practiced horseback rider. Hathaway landed the role, but her deception was revealed after the actress actually fell from her horse during a scene.

Brokeback Mountain

2. 50 Cent: The rap game is all about image, so it’s no surprise to see 50 Cent often posting pictures of his cars, jewelry, and stacks of cash online. Too bad this is all a sham, as in 2015, the rapper filed for bankruptcy and lost nearly his entire fortune in a series of legal battles.

The Sun

3. Sandra Bullock: When people lie about their age, they’re usually trying to pass themselves off as younger than they really are — well, except for Sandra Bullock. During her audition for 1992’s Love Potion #9, the 26-year-old Bullock told director Dale Launer she was actually 29. The rest is history.

Love Potion #9

4. Joe Biden: When the former Vice President joined the presidential race in 1988, he actually lied about how well he did in law school. Originally claiming he received a full scholarship and graduated in the top half of his class, Biden was only given a partial scholarship and graduated 76 out of the 85 in his class.

The Intercept

5. Whoopi Goldberg: Never one to act her age, Goldberg was often told that she was too young for the roles she was auditioning for early on in her career. As a result, Goldberg tacked six years onto her real age and soon landed her breakout role in The Color Purple.

The Color Purple

6. Robert Pattinson: In the early days of his career, Pattinson maintained he got his acting chops from his time spent at both Oxford University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. As it turns out, Pattinson never attended either school, joking that “if you’ve got an English accent you can get away with [lying].”

Us Weekly

7. Jessica Chastain: Another actress guilty of lying about her age, Chastain has actually never confirmed how old she really is, citing the fact that she wants to be fluid enough to play women of all ages in her films. The Hollywood mainstay was believed to be 30 in 2012, though just a year later her IMDb page claimed that she was 35.

8. Robin Thicke: Everyone remembers “Blurred Lines” as the song that made Robin Thicke an international star, but the man who rightly deserves credit for the mega hit is Pharrell Williams. Despite having a songwriter credit, Thicke admitted during a 2014 lawsuit that Williams “wrote the whole thing pretty much by himself.” 

ABC News

9. Rachel McAdams: Horses and lying seem to go hand-in-hand, as, just like Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams also fibbed about a love of horses while auditioning for Terence Malick’s To the Wonder. Not only was McAdams deathly afraid of horses, but she was also allergic to them as well!

To the Wonder

10. Rick Ross: While he may be known for his gansta-rap persona, Rick Ross actually spent time overseeing the same criminals he claimed to run with. Though he denied the rumors for years, Ross eventually came clean about his 18-month stint as a corrections officer in Florida.

The Famous People

11. George Clooney: In order to beef up his acting resume, a young George Clooney lied to a casting director about appearing in a film called Cat People. Unfortunately for Clooney, the casting director had also cast the roles for that very same film and busted him on the spot.


12. Chloe Grace Moretz: Convinced that Martin Scorsese was only looking to cast British actors for his 2011 film Hugo, Moretz lied about being from the U.S. and spoke with an English accent for the entirety of her audition. When asked if she could do an American accent, Moretz only shrugged: “Maybe.”


13. Matthew Broderick: Back before Broderick was telling lies as Ferris Bueller, the actor auditioned for a basketball commercial despite being terrible at the sport. Though he was called back a number of times, Broderick ultimately came clean and told the director to find someone better suited for the role.


14. Mila Kunis: While auditioning for the part of Jackie Burkhart on That ’70s Show, Kunis told producers she was 18, allowing her to legally work on the show. In reality, Kunis was just 14 years old, claiming that she’d turn 18 “on her birthday”… though she never specified which one!

That 70s Show

15. Robert Irvine: The imposing chef Irvine isn’t one to tolerate shenanigans, but it turns out that he actually lied about his kitchen history to get his show Dinner: Impossible. Claiming to have been knighted after baking Princess Diana’s wedding cake, Irvine was busted for lying about both accomplishments and lost his show shortly after.

Home Security

16. The White Stripes: Known for using misdirection to keep their personal lives under wraps, Jack and Meg White maintained that they were siblings throughout their tenure as The White Stripes. In reality, the two were actually a married couple, though they divorced shortly before the band became an international success.

The Huffington Post

17. Morgan Freeman: Though he plays a relatively large part in Tom Cruise’s sci-fi flick Oblivion, Morgan Freeman was originally cast by director Joseph Kosinski as a narrator. Freeman wasn’t a fan of this casting choice, however, so he told Kosinski he was having “throat issues” in order to secure a bigger role in the film.


18. Ozzy Osbourne: Though the heavy metal legend’s 1983 album Bark at the Moon lists only Osbourne himself as its sole songwriter, it’s widely believed that album guitarist Jake E. Lee composed nearly all of the music. Fellow Osbourne-associated musicians have echoed Lee’s claims, believing he was intentionally cheated out of royalties.

Louder Sound

19. Liam Hemsworth: Before landing his breakout role in Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song, Hemsworth told producers he was an excellent volleyball player, assuming he wouldn’t have to prove it. Unfortunately for the Aussie heartthrob, the film included an extended scene where Hemsworth was forced to – you guessed it – play volleyball.

The Last Song

20. Tyga: Initially claiming to hail from the streets of Compton, the rapper confessed in an MTV interview that he actually had a privileged upbringing in the Valley. Though he later backtracked on his claims, Tyga’s time on MTV definitely hurt his credibility among the rap community.