We read about celebrity relationships in tabloid magazines and on social media practically every day. Yet, for all the information our brains are practically force-fed, we still rarely get to learn the intimate details of what goes on behind closed doors. That is, until now.

Luckily for gossip hounds worldwide, celebrity exes are finally revealing some of the quirks of the stars they once dated—and they’re not all flattering. Get ready to see these celebrities in a whole new light, because here come the juicy details…

1. Tom Hanks: As one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, you’d have to imagine Tom Hanks was once a highly sought-after bachelor. Starring as lovable characters in successful films like Big and Forrest Gump, what wasn’t to love?

Well, apparently, all that Hollywood cool didn’t always exist. Why? According to one person—whose mom dated the star in high school—he was a sweet guy, albeit terribly geeky. He was so dorky, he even started a kazoo marching band!

2. Marilyn Manson: Shock musician Marilyn Manson has long been considered quirky—to say the least. But what was he like when he was just Brian Warner, a high school student in Canton, Ohio?

Fans might love his lyrics nowadays, but back in high school, he wasn’t quite as talented; according to an ex, he wrote lots of bad poetry. She also didn’t like that he drove a Pontiac Fiero.

3. Carly Rae Jepsen: When Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen made it big with her breakthrough single “Call Me Maybe,” fans were instantly drawn to her sweet personality. But what was she like to date?

According to one ex who briefly dated her in college, not only was she down to earth, but she was incredibly sweet. Though he didn’t reveal why the relationship ended, you have to wonder if they never reconnected because he failed to call her, maybe?

4. Jeff Dunham: As a famous ventriloquist and comedian, it should come as no surprise that Jeff Dunham had a few quirks when it came to the early stages of a relationship. But just how weird was he?

According to one person whose mom dated him, long before he was famous, he was still “doing the puppet thing.” Though the woman claimed that he was really nice, she admitted that the puppets really creeped everyone out.

5. Rainn Wilson: In playing the resident oddball Dwight on The Office, one would assume there’s no way Rainn Wilson could be that bizarre in real life. Luckily, you’d be correct! And in order to pull off such a character, he’d have to be pretty funny, right?

You got it! According to an ex, he had a strange, albeit endearing, sense of humor. One of her fondest memories included the time he answered the phone without knowing who was on the other end by saying “Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care. How may I help you?” Sounds about right.

6. Jim Morrison: Long before he became the famed singer of the American rock band The Doors, Jim Morrison always had an edge. And that’s something his ex remembers fondly…

According to this ex-girlfriend, her father wasn’t too keen on Morrison courting his daughter. In fact, he forbade him from seeing her and even kicked him out of the house. But why? Because he rode a motorcycle and had long hair!

7. Mireille Enos: Starring on hit shows like The Killing and in movies like World War Z, you’d have to imagine Mireille Enos was always a destined to be a successful actress. But do any of her exes have some good stories about the future star?

Apparently they do, and they’re very pleasant! Her high school beau admitted she was always determined to make it in Hollywood, and he’s glad that she did. Though things eventually fizzled, they stayed in touch to this day, and have even since met for dinner with her current husband, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off actor Alan Ruck.

8. Chester Bennington: You’d imagine a busy tour schedule would make being in a relationship with the late Lincoln Park singer pretty difficult. So, what was he like when he was on the brink of major success?

According to one ex, who dated him for 10 months just as the band was starting to tour regionally, he was a great guy. Still, she admitted that being away for such lengthy periods of time would eventually be a problem. Sure enough, they broke up within a year.

9. Nicolas Cage: The Face/Off and National Treasure actor has been revealed to be somewhat of an eccentric in the past few years. Though he’s had some tabloid-worthy relationships with the likes of Lisa Marie Presley, what was it like to actually date him?

According to a woman who went on a single date with him just after his split with Presley, he was actually incredibly fascinating. Still, it wasn’t meant to be: at one point they kissed, but when he invited her to spend the night, she nixed the idea—and the two never went out again.

10. Tiger Woods: You know the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater?” Well, if Woods’s recent relationships are any indication of that, then you know it mostly holds true. Surely he was a nicer guy in high school…

Apparently, he was pretty much the same. According to his ex, Woods was a talented golfer, but his dad didn’t want him dating anyone. Though their relationship continued into college, things eventually ended when she learned he’d cheated on her.

We might not get to learn the intimate details of celebrity relationships as much as we’d like, but these few anecdotes surely hit the spot.

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