While there may be some truth to the idea that famous actors are “living the dream,” acting is still a job. With that in mind, they can also deal with challenging coworkers, just like the rest of us. There is one difference, though: when you’re in the spotlight, these feuds can become much more intense. Some celebrities have had such terrible disagreements with their costars that they refuse to work together again!

You’d probably have no idea from watching their shows and movies, but these 20 costars in particular got along so poorly that they swore off working with each other entirely!

1. Paris Hilton and Tina Fey: Hilton did not make a good impression when she hosted Saturday Night Live in 2005. Fey complained that she was too self-involved and rude, not to mention the fact that she refused to perform certain scenes.

2. James Franco and Tyrese Gibson: Things did not go well for the two young actors during the filming of 2006’s Annapolis. Gibson felt literally attacked during the boxing scenes. Franco admitted that it was his fault; he was trying to method act.

3. America Ferrera and Lindsay Lohan: Lohan’s original planned six-episode arc on Ugly Betty was reduced to just four after Ferrera and the crew saw what Lindsey was all about. Apparently, Lohan smoked constantly and even damaged her dressing room to the point that it had to be repainted.

4. Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty: It all started on the set of Charmed in the 1990s when things became so heated that Doherty left the show after the third season. While it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever work together again, the two actresses have since reconciled.

5. Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez: After these stars broke off their three-year relationship in 2001, Lopez became a judge on American Idol. When the Combs was later in talks to become a judge himself, Lopez gave the producers an ultimatum—and ultimately they stuck with her.

6. Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair: Things got heated on the set of the sitcom Anger Management, and Blair was kicked off the show in 2013, due to “creative differences.” She believed otherwise and even filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against the program.

7. Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson: There was a great deal of tension between these actors on the set of the film Vacancy in 2007, with Beckinsale describing Wilson as an unreliable “diva” who would boast about his sexual escapades.

8. Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn: Apparently, the set of the film Four Christmases was not a pleasant one. It seemed that Vaughn preferred to “wing it,” while Witherspoon liked to be more prepared.

9. Alec Baldwin and Shia LeBeouf: While appearing in the Broadway play Orphans, LeBeouf became upset that Baldwin hadn’t memorized all of his lines. Baldwin threatened to quit, but director Dan Sullivan fired LeBeouf instead.

10. Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell: There was some romance between the two stars of the sitcom Martin in the 1990s, but it quickly soured. Apparently, the two had an affair, but Campbell got back together with her boyfriend and even became engaged.

11. Jennifer Aniston and Leslie Mann: After starring together in the 1996 film She’s the One, the two comedic actresses clashed, and it’s said that it’s extremely unlikely that they would ever work together again.

12. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland: After sharing the screen on TV’s 24, Prinze criticized Sutherland’s lack of professionalism, and the experience was so unpleasant that he considered quitting acting.

13. Lucy Liu and Bill Murray: Rumor has it that Bernie Mac replaced Murray in the second Charlie’s Angels film because Liu and Murray got along so poorly. Mid-scene, Murray even criticized Liu’s acting abilities.

14. Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J: These actors actually had a physical altercation on the set of 1999’s Any Given Sunday, which may have been sparked during the fight scenes that they were already filming together.

15. William Shatner and George Takei: All these decades after their run on Star Trek ended, the two actors still can’t seem to get along. Takei has described Shatner as selfish, while Shatner has gone so far as to question Takei’s mental health.

16. Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts: This feud began back in 1994, on the set of I Love Trouble. In a 2009 interview on the Late Show with David Letterman, Roberts laid down some details about a previous co-star of hers, that engaged in an obscene hissy-fit on set…

17. Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard: Howard blames Downey for taking his share of the money and explains that when he received the news that he would have to take a pay cut he called his “friend” Downey who did not return his calls for three months.

18. Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere: The feud between these two started when Gere and Stallone were cast alongside one another in The Lords of Flatbush. Apparently, these actors’ egos took precedent, and it wasn’t long before fist fights emerged while on set. 

19. Faye Dunaway and Roman Polanski: The final straw was when Dunaway had to take a bathroom break during a scene and Polanski wouldn’t let her. Dunaway then threw a coffee cup full of urine in his face. Dunaway still fails to comment on any of this.

20. Shirley Maclaine and Debra Winger: Maclaine was put off with Winger’s behavior due to alleged substance abuse, rumored to be cocaine. The dispute evolved when Winger reportedly passed gas in Maclaine’s direction as a way of giving her the middle finger. 

21. The ultimate “frenemies” might be the very familiar BFFs of Sex And The City. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall have been in the spotlight for years for their disdain of one another, but things really came to a head years after the show ended.

The third City movie was canceled because Cattrall refused to participate. The media speculated it was an issue of money, but Cattrall refuted those claims saying it was SJP. “She was cruel and has always been cruel,” Cattrall explained on social media. The actress claimed that because of Parker, that chapter in her life is 100 percent finished.

22.  D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were the writers and producers behind Game of Thrones. Apparently, on the first go of its pilot T.V. episode, the writing and pacing were so dismal, basic plot points were completely incomprehensible. 

Those who did watch the pilot, couldn’t even discern that Jaime and Cersei were siblings. Friends of the screenwriters begged them to throw out the pilot and reshoot the whole thing. Sometimes giving that kind of brutal honesty is the friendliest thing you can do.

23. You win some and lose some. When Breaking Bad actor Raymond Cruz — who played Tuco Salamanca — proved to have too many scheduling conflicts, he was forced to leave the show. To fill his void the writers increased the role of Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman. Now, the show is almost impossible to imagine without him!

24. Word on the street is that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air got pretty fresh with his Aunt Vivian. Though the two had a good on-screen dynamic, they were known to have off-camera feuds. Things got so bad between Will Smith and Janet Hubert (Aunt Vivian) that she left the show after three seasons and was replaced by Daphne Reid. 

25. The ironically titled Community had anything but a healthy behind-the-scenes community. The show’s creator Dan Harmon and actor Chevy Chase couldn’t stand each other. It’s said Harmon made some comments about Chase that led Chase to send an email to Harmon that was riddled with profanity. Harmon leaked the email to the media and the ordeal escalated to the point where Chase quit the series and Harmon was fired.

26. Though the writers vehemently disagreed, the network forced the show to become Pinky, Elmyra & The Brain in order to sell more merchandise. Though Elmyra was added to the show, the new theme song harshly acknowledged the producer’s resentment.

27. David Yost was the blue ranger on the popular T.V. show, Power Rangers. Yost was closeted during his time with the show, but that did not save him from debilitating harassment when he was on set.

Traumatized, Yost left the show and sought out religious counseling to try to cure him of his gay affliction. Today, Yost is proudly out and still a total superhero!

28. Speaking of crass homophobia, Isaiah Washington, who played Dr. Burke on Grey’s Anatomy, was a real-life hector. He not only made derogatory comments about queer cast members but physically assaulted them, too. Eventually, he was edged out of the show.

29. Desperate Housewives might take the cake for feuding sets, simply because literally everyone hated each other! The actresses on the show were all constantly at odds. Who needs reality T.V. when there’s this much drama in primetime? And the Desperate drama didn’t stay on the set.

Marc Cherry, the showrunner, was also part of the hate mob. When Edie Britt, played by Nicollette Sheridan, was murdered in the show, she tried to sue the network. Cherry said it was to the benefit of the plot, but Sheridan said it was a rash reaction to an argument.

30. If you’re wondering just how bad is bad, the fact that the show killed off Charlie Sheen’s character not once, but twice, might sum it up. When network television drops two grand pianos on your head, that is probably your cue to take a hike.

31. The T.V. series Castle featured Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Things became so tense between the two actors they actually attended couples counseling. Eventually, Katic left the show, but not before the two had completely stopped speaking to one another.

32. During Doherty’s time on Beverly Hills 90210, the producers got so fed up, they fired her without warning. The show was then forced to make a clunky attempt to gloss over the sudden disappearance of a major character. 

33. Growing pains can be awkward, but they get really uncomfortable when you become a born-again Christian fanatic and try to impose your beliefs on everyone around you. Kirk Cameron, the star of Growing Pains, did just that.

Not only was he giving unwelcome sermons on set, he even tried to get co-star Julie McCullough fired after she appeared in a Playboy centerfold.

34. Things got really girl-on-girl crime-y on the set of Gossip Girl. Taylor Momsen, who is also the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless, used to be a central character on the show. But producers felt that her over-sexualized musical persona looked bad for the series, so she was written off…

Later, co-stars Blake Lively and Rachel Szohr got into such bad fights off-camera Lively threatened to quit the series. In response, the writers had Szohr move to Barcelona. This was technically a gentle firing, but hey at least she got fired into paradise? 

35. Moonlighting starred Bruce Willis (pre-Die Hard) and Cybill Shepherd. It might not ring a bell for everyone nowadays, but it was a huge success in the 80s. But if it was so popular, why was it canceled after just 4 seasons? Short of the long of it, Willis + Shepherd = Die. Hard. Haters! Instead of killing off a character, the producers just killed the whole dang show!

36. Thomas Gibson starred in Criminal Minds for 11 seasons. It was reported that he was directing an episode when he got into an argument with a writer over creative choices. The disagreement escalated so much Gibson kicked the writer and stormed off the set. 

This temper tantrum ended in a two-episode suspension, but after the incident was publicized, Gibson was the one who got the full boot. What, you mad, bro? Maybe you should give not kicking people a try?