They say fame is fleeting, so you can’t blame Hollywood A-listers for taking full advantage of their celebrity status. Still, some actors take their star power way too far, making absurd demands that reflect a lifestyle almost unrecognizable to us mere mortals.

That’s why film directors and producers often have such a hard time dealing with talent. When it came to these 19 stars, their egos and appetites for indulgence nearly brought down blockbuster movies and franchises. Even your worst coworker can’t be more obnoxious than these high-maintenance celebs…

1. Bill Murray: Here’s a scary fact — Bill Murray only joined Ghostbusters at the last minute. Sensing he had the upper hand, he took on the part only if Columbia Pictures would also fund his passion project, an adaption of the novel The Razor’s Edge

Columbia Pictures

2. George Clooney: While Clooney is famous for his philanthropic efforts, he’s not afraid to spend a little money on himself. His contract for Gravity stipulated that his trailer needed to come with a beach hut, a hot tub, a personal garden, and a full basketball court.

3. Lindsay Lohan: Her sway has certainly faded in the United States, but it seems she’s still got it over in Russia. In order to appear on a Russian talk show, Lohan negotiated an $860,000 fee, a suite at the Ritz Carlton, and a meeting with Vladimir Putin. 

4. Johnny Depp: He’s made a fortune from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but ol’ Jack Sparrow didn’t even bother to learn his lines. Instead, he had a sound engineer feed him lines through an earpiece so he could simply repeat them seconds later.

5. Wesley Snipes: He played a half-human, half vampire in Blade: Trinity, but Snipes was a complete monster behind the scenes. He spent most of his time in his trailer smoking marijuana, and only communicated through an elaborate series of Post-It notes.

6. Harrison Ford: Most performers would love to stick with a blockbuster franchise as long as possible, but Ford had some kind of death wish with Star Wars. He unsuccessfully tried to get George Lucas to kill off Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

7. Samuel L. Jackson: Ford wasn’t the only actor who used the force to get his way. Before taking on Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequels, Jackson insisted upon a purple lightsaber — the only of its kind — so that he would be recognizable in crowded scenes.

8. Paris Hilton: Hilton hoped that a cameo appearance in The Other Guys would revive her job prospects. However, crazy demands like bottles of Grey Goose vodka and a tank of live lobsters made her a nightmare to work with. Her scene ended up getting scrapped.

MTV / Ian Davidson

9. Gary Busey: In the 2003 family film Quigley, Busey played an amoral businessman who gets reincarnated as a little dog. Naturally, the movie has a scene that takes place in heaven. But Busey, who once had a near-death experience, claimed that real heaven looked nothing like the set and forced the crew to rebuild it according to his memory.

10. Sharon Stone: Everyone has their own creative process, but Stone’s favorite way to get in character is to buy a complete wardrobe for each role — all on the film’s budget, of course.

She’s also notorious for forcing directors to communicate with her through her agent. Maybe that prevents her from getting too wrapped up in her part.

11. Mike Myers: Chris Farley was Originally meant to voice Shrek, but after his untimely passing his SNL pal Mike Myers replaced him. Late in the game, however, Myers realized Shrek needed a Scottish accent and held up animation to completely rework his part.

 12. Daniel Day-Lewis: Perhaps the most extreme method actor in history, Day-Lewis insisted on being called ‘Mr. President’ off-camera during the filming of Lincoln. Also, while depicting a painter in My Left Foot, he never left his wheelchair and made the crew feed him every meal.

13. Will Ferrell: While filming and promoting 2008’s Semi-Pro, this comic actor astoundingly required wacky objects like a motorized scooter and a 20-foot inflatable tree on wheels. Maybe these toys helped Ferrell work out his funny bone, or he could have just been pulling a prank on his producers…

14. Will Smith: Men in Black III filmed primarily in New York City, just a short distance away from Will Smith’s apartment. But that didn’t stop Smith from demanding a two-story, luxury trailer that cost $2 million to build. Maybe he couldn’t make it home because he kept getting his memory wiped. 

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Though he made good on his promise to be back for Terminator 3, Schwarzenegger didn’t make it easy for the production team. He insisted on a three-bedroom suite, a private limousine, and, of course, his very own gym. 

16. Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn: Better known as Cersei Lannister and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, these Game of Thrones stars were romantically attached long before they set foot on Westeros. Apparently, their split was as ugly as the Red Wedding, because they refuse to be on set at the same time.


17. Justin Timberlake: Even though Timberlake is ready to rock your body, he has no interest in catching any of your germs. No matter what project he is working on, Timberlake has an assistant on hand to wipe down any doorknob that he is about to touch.

18. Jack Nicholson: Most actors would do anything to work with Martin Scorsese, but Nicholson had some peculiar requests before he joined The Departed. For one thing, he made his character more evil by including a scene where he does cocaine off a prostitute’s backside. As a huge Lakers fan, he also banned all Celtics memorabilia from the set.

The Independent

19. Lady Gaga: Whether she’s backstage or on set, Gaga has a long list of goodies she needs to stuff her poker face. Aside from bottles of wine, veggie hot dogs, and humidifiers, she requires an entire smoothie station to follow her around. 


Obviously, hydration is very important to Gaga. So much so that she requires 56 water bottles in her dressing rooms: 28 icy cold, 28 room temperature. Who can say whether Gaga has let fame get to her head, or if she was born this way?

Lady Gaga / Instagram

20. Beyonce: Based on the notoriously unrivaled work ethic of Queen Bey, you’d think her rider would be lengthy. But she simply asks for a room large enough for a football team and a generously seasoned baked chicken.

21. Drake: The child actor turned rapper has had many years to prune his rider to include the essentials: EZ Wider rolling papers and Dutch Master Presidente cigars.


22. Motley Crue: Their wilder days are behind them, but Vince Neil and the boys still know how to party. They request a 12-foot boa constrictor, creamy peanut butter, and the location of the nearest AA meeting.

24. Britney Spears: When in London, do as the Londoners do. To the Pop Princess, that means demanding a framed photo of Princess Diana. Brit also has a $5,000 fee to each call made to her dressing room.

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25. Rihanna: Most big-name stars keep their requests lowkey. But Rih wants a large couch, nonleather, animal print pillows without sequins, freshly cleaned carpeting, and Babybel cheeses.

26. Celine Dion: Getting ever closer to becoming a fully fledged angel, Celine calls for “the best local children’s choir available,” as well as pizza and sandwiches for the pint-sized singers and their guardians.

Las Vegas Weekly

27. Katy Perry: Ambiance is key in Katy’s room. She asks for “draped” soft pink or cream fabrics, two egg chairs, one with an ottoman, and flowers (specifically, white and purple hydrangeas, pink and white roses, and peonies — no carnations)!

28. John Mayer: Powering those funky guitar licks? Sugary cereals. Count Chocula is John’s ideal, but any kids’ favorite will do. To combat the cavities, he needs 4 soft head toothbrushes, Listerine, 2 tubes of mint toothpaste, and 2 tins of Altoids.

John Mayer / Instagram

29. Adele: Velvety voiced Adele prefers cigarettes, frosty beers, and sandwiches sans tomato. Meanwhile, any famous pals scoring free tickets are required to donate a minimum of $20 to Sands, a stillbirth charity.

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30. Pharrell Williams: This dire request is mentioned twice in his rider, so there’s no excuse for forgetting a framed photo of astronomer Carl Sagan in his dressing room.

31. Eminem: Marshall Mathers releases a lot of anger when spitting his rhymes, so to maintain some semblance of sanity, his dressing room needs to be a peaceful retreat. Two words: koi pond.

32. Justin Bieber: Based on his normal uniform, the packs of white lo-rise socks and t-shirts on the Biebs’ rider make sense. The reasoning behind the multiple sizes requested, however, remains a mystery.


33. Moby: For some reason, he asks that ten pairs of underwear be waiting in his dressing room at all times. Maybe his shows are just that unpredictable.

Moby / Facebook

34. Mariah Carey: You know the biggest diva in showbiz had to deliver on an outrageous rider. Mimi needs a chewing gum attendant, bendy straws (for sipping Cristal), and no fewer than 20 white kittens.


 35. Alicia Keys: She requires a lot of liquids to keep up her pipes in perfect pitch. Specifically? She asks for quarts of vanilla soy milk and chocolate almond milk, cranberry and apple juices, Vitamin Water, and a box of Throat Coat tea.


36. Foo Fighters: Their demands are simple, just a whole lot of bacon… and 24 new and washed bath towels. If they are unwashed, and they can tell, they reserve the right to punish the offender with a wedgie.


37. David Hasselhoff: To ensure the only person hassling the Hoff is actually the Hoff, he asks for lifesize cardboard cut out of himself in his dressing room.


38. Coldplay: The most mild-mannered rockstars couldn’t help but make their rider sort of boring. Coldplay’s only request is for postcards of the cities they’re visiting to send back home to their kids. 

39. Barbra Streisand: Babs is ever the Funny Girl, requesting a commode full of rose petals. So everyone can see her hilarious joke play out, she needs”torchiere-style” floor lamps.

Nicks Pics

40. Madonna: The Material Girl forgoes the flowers; she requests a fresh toilet seat on every throne she graces. She keeps busy on the can since she also needs a minimum of 20 international phone lines.

41. Arianna Grande: She sings about moving “Side to Side,” but Arianna strictly favors her left. In her rider, she’s only allowed to be photographed from the left, and she firmly enforces the rule.


42. Dixie Chicks: The country crooners ask for tee time passes, with carts, at a local par 72 championship-level golf course in each of their stops. Who knew “Wide Open Spaces” was actually an ode to the green.


 43. Paul McCartney: If you want to visit Paul’s dressing room, have a machete on hand to navigate the elaborate vegetation of 4 six-foot-tall “regular” plants and 19 six-foot-tall “leafy green plants” he requires.


44. Trent Reznor: The lead singer of Nine Inch Nails needs two boxes of cornstarch with a note attached announcing that they are “VERY IMPORTANT.” Trent might have to thicken a stew before dashing on stage.

45. LL Cool J: When your name is an acronym for “Ladies Love Cool James” your rider has to be a bit saucy. The rapper asks for a small bottle of Johnson and Johnson baby oil and 24 long-stemmed roses.


46. Prince: The late legend required a personal onsite physician to administer B-12 injections before taking the stage. Also, his room had to be covered in plastic wrap that could only be unfurled by Prince’s hands.

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