With seven books and nine films in the Harry Potter franchise, you’d think author J.K. Rowling had revealed all there is to know about this magical world and its inhabitants. Yet, with a universe as rich as the one she created, there’s always more to divulge.

And that seems totally fine with the Harry Potter fans! From the inspiration for Dolores Umbridge to the reason why Hermione and Ron’s relationship wouldn’t last, Rowling is always disclosing new information about her eternally popular creation.

For example, these 16 Harry Potter secrets that J.K. Rowling only revealed once the series had ended. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. The character of Dolores Umbridge was based on an actual person: Easily one of the most evil characters in the Harry Potter universe, it turns out that Umbridge was, in fact, based on a person J.K. Rowling strongly disliked in real life.

2. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley never graduated from Hogwarts: Sure, they didn’t get a certificate that says they are graduates of the institution, but they do have some pretty adequate field experience. What took place in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows should suffice, no?

3. Luna Lovegood was married to Newt Scamander’s grandson: Yes, that’s right. You have to think that as the descendent of the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, he’d make a rather wonderful match for Luna, too.

4. She was well aware that she’d have to kill off Lupin and Tonks: As much as it broke Rowling’s heart to do so, it was inevitable. “As happened in the first war when Harry’s left behind, I wanted us to see another child left behind. And it made it very poignant that it was their newborn son,” she recalled in an interview.

5. Frank and Alice Longbottom never recovered: In an incredibly sad turn of events, J.K. Rowling admitted that Neville’s parents never made it out of the hospital. “The damage is done, in some cases with very dark magic, is done permanently,” she revealed.

6. There’s a pretty good chance that you’re pronouncing Voldemort all wrong: If you’re pronouncing the T at the end of Voldemort, then you’re doing it wrong. Don’t worry, though, Rowling herself is really the only one who says it correctly.

7. Hermione and Ron will need a great deal of marriage counseling to last: Rowling has gone on record herself as saying that she doesn’t think these two should’ve ended up together. She claims that Hermione would have to become less critical of others and Ron would have to get over his self-esteem issues if they ever wanted it to work out.

8. J.K. Rowling told Alan Rickman the meaning behind “Always”: Once a curious Twitter user asked the Harry Potter author on Twitter, “Will you tell us the piece of information that you told Alan Rickman about Severus Snape? Or will that forever be a secret? :-)” She responded that she told him what lies behind the word “always” when he began filming the movies, thus revealing that Rickman knew about Snape’s love for Lily Potter long before anyone else.

9. Rowling is confused as to why so many people love Draco Malfoy: As a member of Slytherin and a pretty bad guy all around, she anticipated people hating the character. Much to her dismay, however, lots of people love him. “I have often had cause to remark on how unnerved I have been by the number of girls who feel for this particular fictional character,” she expressed.

10. Hogwarts professor Dumbledore is gay: J.K. Rowling initially revealed this information during an interview in 2007. She’s also unpacked a slew of other unknown information about the character over the following decade.

11. Arthur and Ron Weasley were both almost killed off: Even though Rowling had never planned to kill Hermione or Harry off, she did seriously consider offing Ron and his father for a while. This changed, however, as she wanted one good father to survive.

12. Harry and Dudley won’t always hate each other: Rowling admits that the two aren’t great friends, but they certainly don’t hate one another. “Harry and Dudley would still see each other enough to be on Christmas card terms, but they would visit more out of a sense of duty,” she revealed during an interview.

13. Harry, Hermione, and Ron all end up with chocolate frog cards: Each of their respective cards details the role they played in defeating Lord Voldemort and how they changed the Ministry of Magic. Ron allegedly considers the card one of his greatest achievements.

14. It turns out that Jewish wizards attend Hogwarts, too: Yes, that’s correct. In a recent tweet, Rowling admitted that there was at least a single Jewish person at Hogwarts. Her response: “Anthony Goldstein, Ravenclaw, Jewish wizard.” 

15. Harry would’ve made sure that Snape was properly honored: Rowling has gone on record as having said that Harry would’ve undoubtedly made sure that Snape’s role in defeating Voldemort was remembered. How would he do it? By making sure that his portrait would hang in the halls at Hogwarts.

16. J.K. Rowling revealed that there is no fee to attend Hogwarts: As if every person in the world didn’t want to attend Hogwarts enough, she had to go and make it all the more alluring by offering free tuition. What an incredible world she created!

It’s amazing that, after all her books, there are still secrets about the Harry Potter universe to reveal.

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