It’s easy for us “normies” to imagine of our favorite celebrities living in lavish mansions in the Hollywood Hills. With access to practically anything their hearts desire, why wouldn’t they spend their millions on awe-inspiring homes right in the big city? Yet, more and more celebrities are opting for something closer to the simple life.

Whether it’s to avoid round-the-clock media attention or to have more space for their belongings, nowadays, certain stars are choosing to steer clear of the glitz and glamour of major cities. Just take these celebrities, for example; they might be huge stars, but they also might be on to something!

1. Adele: If you think you’re going to find this megastar roaming the big city streets, you’re wrong. Instead, Adele much prefers the peace and quiet of the London suburbs she calls home. Not to mention, she all but completely avoids social media!

2. Daniel Day-Lewis: Arguably the greatest actor in recent history, why would Day-Lewis opt to live the simple life in the Irish countryside of Wicklow? He sites fond childhood memories of vacationing there as the reason. Not to mention, it makes for the perfect permanent residence, now that he’s officially retired from acting.

3. Sandra Bullock: Though she’s starred in blockbuster hits like Gravity and Speed, Bullock has typically opted for life away from the spotlight. Because of this, she spends the majority of her time in New Orleans, where she’s owned a home since 2009.

4. Robert Redford: As an environmentalist, it only makes sense that Redford would want to steer clear of the big city. That explains why he’s lived in rural Utah for so many years! His favorite part? Living near wild lands, like Glen Canyon and Dark Canyon Wilderness.

5. John Mayer: New York and Los Angeles are obvious choices to live in for most musicians, but not Mayer. Rather than waste his time in a major city, he opted to buy a home in Montana, citing wildlife, open spaces, and farms as his reasons why.

6. Wiz Khalifa: The rapper was expected to buy a lavish mansion after landing a million-dollar record contract, but his fans were shocked when they learned he opted instead for a 4,000-square-foot home in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, 18 miles southwest of Pittsburgh.

7. Shania Twain: As a breakout pop-country star in the ’90s, Canadian-born Twain had it all—fame, looks, and money! But none of that impressed her much, because when it came time to buy a home, she chose to live in the southern Swiss Riviera town of La Tour-de-Peliz.

8. Woody Harrelson: It shouldn’t come as a shock that this eccentric environmentalist would choose to live in Maui, Hawaii. Not only is Harrelson off the grid, but he also lives in a solar-powered community and drives a car that runs on biofuel!

9. Tina Turner: As one of the most iconic singers in music history, Turner could have any mansion she set her eyes on. Yet, she shocked everyone when she decided to up and leave the States to head to a home on Lake Zurich in Switzerland.

10. Johnny Depp: Depp has always had an affinity for buying various homes around the world. To steer clear of Hollywood, he’ll often retreat to one of his digs in Kentucky—which is also a horse farm—the Bahamas, or the south of France.

11. Julia Roberts: Having a successful career as an actress in films like Pretty Woman, you might be shocked to learn Roberts doesn’t live in the heart of La-La Land. Instead, she chooses to live in a more suburban life in Malibu.

12. George Clooney: For someone as famous as Clooney, it’s astonishing how far he prefers to be away from Hollywood. How far? Try in this beautiful villa on Lake Como, Italy. While it’s nowhere near California, it isn’t without its perks, since it has a total of 30 rooms!

13. Michael Keaton: Often starring in Oscar-winning films like Birdman, you’d think Keaton would need to stay as close to Los Angeles as possible. But when he’s not on set, he prefers to spend his time on his ranch in Montana, where he enjoys outdoor activities, like fishing and hiking.

14. David Letterman: After hosting his popular late night talk show and living in New York City for decades, Letterman couldn’t wait to get away from it all. So much, in fact, that he moved all the way to Montana! It seems like a popular place for celebs, doesn’t it?

15. Matthew McConaughey: Is it any surprise that one of Hollywood’s leading men chose to leave his beautiful home in Malibu to get back to his good ol’ Southern roots? He now raises his children in his home state of Texas.

16. John Travolta: No one is quite certain why this star chose to live in a home in Florida that looks oddly similar to an airport hangar. Well, it looks that way because it is! Not only that, but it has two functional runways.

17. Donald Glover: For someone with massive success for creating FX’s Atlanta and starring on Community, Glover—who often goes by Childish Gambino when singing—has managed to lead a life away from the limelight and most of social media. In the past, he’s chosen to spend a ton of time in Hawaii.

18. Bruce Willis: Sure, you might think the action star of such movies as Die Hard enjoys a fast-paced lifestyle, but you’d be dead wrong, Instead, he much prefers the laid back life; he used to frequent his home in Hailey, Idaho, which he recently sold.

19. Demi Moore: Like her ex-husband, Bruce Willis, Moore has a love for the town of Hailey, Idaho. In fact, she liked it so much that, when the pair split, she purchased a home there so she could continue to visit!

20. Eminem: With roots in Detroit, Michigan, it only made sense that when the mega-rapper struck it big, he wanted to stay in his home state. Yet, no one expected him to choose to live in the small, albeit nicer, town of Rochester.

With every minute of their lives detailed in every tabloid across the nation, can you really blame these celebrities for trying to live in peace and quiet, away from the major cities?

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