When it comes to royal romances, you might like to imagine the pinnacle of love: moonlit walks along rose petal-strewn walkways, sweet nothings whispered into waiting ears, and gallant horse-drawn carriage rides across royal grounds.

Of course, princes and princesses are people, too, and their relationships come with all the strange elements and mysteries that define every romance. Take Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, for instance. Their impending nuptials may seem like a fairy tale for the ages, but just like with all relationships, there’s some odd and quirky stuff behind the scenes you probably didn’t know about.

Don’t believe it? Then check out these 10 facts about their relationship…

1. When Meghan met Harry, she was dating someone else: Yep, the American actress was lockin’ lips with Canadian chef Cory Vitiello before she started taking monthly flights to London. When asked if Harry came between him and Meghan, Cory didn’t comment. Give him a break! It must be hard to compete with an actual prince…

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2. They didn’t beat around the bush when it came to engagement: In a world of drawn-out engagements, a year-and-a-half may seem like a brief time to date before making it official. Still, when it comes to royalty, you’d sort of expect the courting process might take a long time. But hey—love is bound by no timeline!

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3. They wanted the press to stay far, far away: In 2016, when things between the prince and Suits star were still under wraps, they asked the press to stay away—and who can blame them? Harry even had his communication secretary release a plea for privacy.

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4. Meghan quit her day job: Rumor has it that Meghan wanted to leave acting long before she met Prince Harry, but this news still came as a surprise to some. Sure enough, along with the wedding announcement came word that Meghan was planning to quit acting to focus on her new royal obligations.

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5. When they confirmed their relationship, it was really awkward: News of their relationship “officially” broke when Prince Harry’s communication secretary distributed a scathing rebuke of the press’ coverage of the couple.

The press secretary wrote, “[Harry] knows commentators will say this [negative publicity] is ‘the price she has to pay’ and that ‘this is all part of the game.’ He strongly disagrees. This is not a game—it is her life and his.”

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6. Meghan loved dropping hints about the romance: It’s true—like a mushroom, their romance grew, at first, in the dark. But, boy, did Meghan like teasing the public with it! She documented her trips to London via Instagram, including visits to Buckingham Palace, and she was even pictured wearing necklaces inscribed with Harry’s initials.

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7. Meghan launched a clothing line… right after they announced their relationship: Meghan, in partnership with Canadian clothing store Reitmans, released a few designs just days after news of her relationship went public. Her clothes were hot sellers, too—they sold out almost immediately. It didn’t last long, though, as Meghan pulled out of the partnership in 2017.

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8. Meghan shut down her website: If you were a frequent reader of The Tigyou were probably disappointed when Meghan shut the whole blog down in 2017. Some claimed she did this for Prince Harry, but Meghan maintained that running the blog took too much work and she had other projects to focus on.

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9. Meghan was invited to Pippa Middleton’s wedding somehow: Pippa Middleton’s wedding had a strange rule: if you weren’t married or engaged, you couldn’t attend. Yet, there was Meghan Markle at the reception. Did Pippa allow her to attend? Or did her “no bling, no bring” rule only apply to the ceremony?

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10. Meghan’s sister called her a social climber: After the engagement was announced, Samantha Markle took to the tabloids to call her half-sister a “social climber.” She claimed Meghan only wanted to become a princess, so she’s working her magic on Prince Harry with alternative motives.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may soon be married, but there sure are a lot of mysteries surrounding their relationship!

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