For as long as there have been movies, there have been movie stars. For fans of the silver screen, it’s easy to imagine what their favorite celebrities must be like in real life. Watching their performances and seeing their appearances at red carpets events, it’s easy to believe that we know what kinds of people they are.

Don’t be fooled—that’s just an illusion! While we can feel close to movie stars, the simple truth is that we really don’t know them all. It’s tough to draw any conclusions from rumors, but not every star is as lovely in person as you might think.

In fact, some of the seemingly nicest people in Hollywood aren’t what they appear to be at all…

1. Mike Myers: You would think a funny guy like Mike Myers would be a hoot to meet in person, right? Apparently not. On the sets of the movies he makes, he is reportedly silent, grumpy, and overly controlling. Yikes.

2. Michael Jordan: When the rapper Chamillionaire met Michael Jordan at an event—and paid a whopping $1,000 for one of his jerseys—the basketball legend and Space Jam star refused to sign it!

3. Pierce Brosnan: Television host James Corden says that Pierce Brosnan is the rudest celebrity he has ever met. According to Corden, the former James Bond star shoved him at a U2 concert.

4. Jerry Seinfeld: In his prime, Jerry Seinfeld was adored by the world thanks to his eponymous sitcom. Unfortunately these days he’s known as a bit of a grump, describing today’s youth as “too PC.”

5. Faye Dunaway: This notorious actress has left countless directors trembling in their boots. Faye Dunaway reportedly once lashed out at Roman Polanski by hurling a cup of urine at his face. Whether or not the urine belonged to her remains unknown.

6. Dan Aykroyd: This seemingly affable comedian and Ghostbusters star isn’t at all who he seems. He reportedly travels around with a group of bodyguards who frequently intimidate and harass his fans!

7. Rachael Ray: While Rachael Ray has made a career out of cooking up tasty dishes for middle America, she’s anything but sweet. She reportedly has a short temper, and she once allegedly said, “I need stupid people not to talk to me” to a member of her staff.

8. Cameron Diaz: Film star Cameron Diaz does whatever she can to avoid interacting with her fans altogether. When one fan asked her for an autograph, she declined, explaining, “If I did it for you I’d have to do it for everyone.”

9. Kate Winslet: In 2012, Kate Winslet kept her fans waiting outside in the rain for hours for a scheduled appearance. When she finally appeared, she didn’t stop to say hello, shooting them dirty looks as she passed.

10. Jamie Foxx: When Jamie Foxx was present for a special screening for the men and women of the armed services, he refused to take off his sunglasses or even stand up and wave to the crowd that was gathered.

11. Sandra Bullock: While sometimes referred to as America’s sweetheart, it turns out that Sandra Bullock is anything but. When a disabled veteran allegedly asked for her autograph, she covered her face and hurled verbal abuse at the man.

12. Adam Levine: The Maroon 5 frontman might look dreamy, but it sounds like he needs a lesson in good manners. A fan once asked for his autograph and he said, “I don’t give autographs to ugly chicks.”

13. Will Ferrell: Apparently, Will Ferrell likes to poke and tease the people who ask him for an autograph. Some say it is to cover up his social anxiety, but it’s still pretty darn rude, don’t you think?

14. Amy Schumer: This comedienne doesn’t hesitate to tell people exactly what she thinks—onstage or off! She took to Instagram to shame a fan who asked her to pose for a photo. She has notoriously hated posing for photos since she became famous.

15. Carrie Underwood: This singer skyrocketed to fame after her winning run on American Idol. However, even she herself admits being selfish and closed-off at times, something that can alienate her from her fans.

16. Jon Hamm: In her memoir, comedienne Kathy Griffin shared a story about Jon Hamm confronting her at a party, asking her who invited her. He went on to make comments about her “failed” career and mocked her age.

17. Ashton Kutcher: It turns out that Jon Hamm’s not the only star Kathy Griffin’s got beef with! She tells a story about Ashton Kutcher interrupting a conversation she was having with Sean “Diddy” Combs where he simply pretended she did not exist.

18. Jennifer Lawrence: Although she has made a name for herself with her approachable girl-next-door demeanor, even the actress has admitted to being unwelcoming to fans when they approach her.

19. Neil deGrasse Tyson: This famous cosmologist and astrophysicist charged a club $85,000 to speak. However, instead of discussing science, he regaled them with half-baked fart jokes and pointless personal anecdotes.

20. Rihanna: This Bajan pop star makes no apologies for the aggressive attitude she takes with her fans. She frequently mocks people who copy her looks on Twitter, and she once told a group of admirers to back the “F” up!

Who knew that these seemingly charming celebs were actually total divas? Rumors can be hard to confirm, of course, but it does make you think…

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