In a town like Hollywood, appearances are everything. This goes double if you’re planning on making it big in show business. Frequently, you’ve got to have the looks, the skills, the je ne sais quoi—you know, the whole nine yards.

While a megawatt smile and stunningly clear skin are all obvious musts, believe it or not there are some areas where it’s okay for a Hollywood celebrity to be a little more, well… average. We’re talking, of course, about their height.

Being short can ruin a modeling career before it starts, but it isn’t so bad in movies. In fact, some of the Hollywood stars you know and love are actually a heck of a lot shorter than you probably ever realized!

1. Jack Black: Actor, comedian, and erstwhile musician Jack Black is perhaps best known for his comedic work in movies like The School of Rock. While his presence might be massive on the big screen, in reality he is just 5’5″.

 2. Elijah Wood: Bursting on to the scene in Hollywood as a child actor, Elijah Wood proved to have more staying power than no one expected. His role in the Lord of the Rings movies made him a giant of the cinema, when in reality this hobbit is just 5’5″.

3. Kate Hudson: Model-turned-actress Kate Hudson is a descendant of majorly huge star Goldie Hawn! However, while Kate takes after her mother when it comes to star appeal, she also takes after her when it comes to height. She stands at just 5’5″.

4. Miley Cyrus: This country singer-turned-pop sensation is known as much for her outrageous fashion choices as she is her tunes. While her pipes and persona might seem larger than life, Miley really stands at just 5’4″. A pint-sized diva, to be sure.

5. Emma Watson: When she played the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson magicked her way into all of out hearts. She might be all grown up now, but you might not notice it if you met her, since she’s just 5’4″.

6. Daniel Radcliffe: Here’s another Harry Potter star whose smaller stature might surprise you. To transition into adult roles, Daniel Radcliffe famously bared all on the London stage for Equus. Strangely, the biggest topic of conversation this spurred was just how short he stood at just 5’5″.

7. Chloe Moretz: When Chloe Moretz entered the scene, she did so literally kicking ass… in the movie Kick Ass. She may be able to pack one heck of a punch onscreen and leave an impression that lasts, but it’s got nothing to do with her height. After all, she’s just 5’3″.

8. Seth Green: Seth Green has been a Hollywood fixture since his mother first took him out for infant casting calls. While he’s known for his quippy internet presence, his passion for cartoons, and his red hair, you might not know that Seth is actually just 5’3″.

9. Mila Kunis: This actress made a name for herself with her dynamic presence in comedies like TV’s That 70’s Show and in Darren Aronofsky’s dark drama Black Swan. While she might be a real stunner, she’s not a tall one, standing at just 5’3″.

10. Natalie Portman: Since her first turn in Luc Besson’s The Professional, Natalie Portman has always seemed older than her relatively young years. She is not afraid to make a strong choice, which is saying something for a woman who is just 5’2″.

11. Scarlett Johansson: When Scarlett Johansson was still just a teenager, she was already making a big impression in the film world in movies like North and The Horse Whisperer. Scarlett continues to take home choice roles, even though she stands at just 5’2″.

12. Vanessa Paradis: In France, Vanessa Paradis has enjoyed a career as a celebrated singer and actress, though in Hollywood she is better known as the former Mrs. Johnny Depp. With her doe eyes and model good looks, she seems like a titanic presence, which is amazing considering that she is just 5’2″.

13. Emilia Clarke: Without the blonde wig, she might be hard to peg, but Emilia Clarke has made a name for herself as the Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones. While she might have convinced an entire Dothraki army to follow her into battle, it wasn’t her size that had them standing at heel. She’s just 5’1″.

14. Salma Hayek: There is almost nothing that this A-List celebrity can’t do. She’s starred in movies, she’s married a millionaire, she has a beauty line, and she’s a vocal advocate for women’s rights. Pretty impressive for a woman who is just 5’1″!

15. Shakira: This Colombian bombshell is a singing sensation with dance moves like no one else around. Her name along can pack entire stadiums and have them on their feet cheering, which isn’t too shabby for a woman who stands but 5’1″ tall!

16. Vanessa Hudgens: Vanessa Hudgens is an established member of the former Disney-teen-star club, whose following is quite devoted to the actress. You’d think since she attracts so much attention she’d be pretty darn tall, but the truth is she is just 5 feet.

17. Christina Ricci: Christina Ricci was every girl next door’s role model when she appeared in movies like Casper and Now and Then. Today, she plays the nominal role in Lizzie Borden, a TV show about the famed alleged axe murderer. At 5 feet, she would have tough time killing anyone with an axe!

18. Ellen Page: When Ellen Page burst onto the scene in the teen pregnancy film Juno, people couldn’t get enough of this precious tomboy. That hasn’t changed! While Ellen might play like of the guys, she’s a lot shorter than most of them at just 5 feet tall.

Who knew that the celebrities we see on the big screen all of the time weren’t the actual giants that they appeared to be? Learning how short some of them are can make them all seem just a little bit more relatable, don’t you think?

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