What Our Favorite ’70s Stars Look Like Now

Remember watching Jaclyn Smith kick butt in Charlie’s Angels? Or did you have a crush on Robert Redford? We may still love ’70s celebrities, but not all of them have managed to stay successful and in the public eye. So, if you’re wondering what your favorite TV or movie star has been up to since their heyday, then look no further. And we gotta say: Enter the Dragon’s Bolo Yeung looks as if he’s barely aged a day!

1. Olivia Newton-John

Even today, Olivia Newton-John is remembered for the tight-fitting pants she wore as Sandy in Grease. Though she’d had a few previous hits before, it was her role in the 1978 hit musical that truly launched her into stardom. Since then, Newton-John has enjoyed a degree of chart success with her memorable single “Let’s Get Physical.” Her personal life has been eventful, too, with two marriages and a brush with ill health within the last few decades. Let’s hope she continues to survive and thrive.

2. Maureen McCormick

Maureen McCormick seemed to have the world at her feet after landing the plum role of Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch. But she hasn’t always had it so easy since. And McCormick was more than willing to reveal her troubles in her 2008 memoir Here’s the Story, including candid details of tough times that came as a surprise to fans.

3. Diane Keaton

From her first big break in The Godfather to her Annie Hall Oscar win, Diane Keaton has continued to be a successful actress well into her seventies. You may have also seen her presenting at the 2020 Oscars with her former Something’s Gotta Give co-star Keanu Reeves!

4. Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler may have shot to fame as Fonzie in Happy Days, but that iconic role didn’t stop him from taking on a range of films during the ’70s. Since then, Winkler has gone on to write, produce and direct various projects. He’s also had roles in several hit TV shows, including the acclaimed Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, and Barry.