It’s no secret that movie stars have their share of troubles. Still, you hope none of those make it onto set, otherwise it might start to affect their work.

Yet there are countless instances where celebrities were either drunk or stoned while filming some of their most classic works. Still, unless they were on set, most people would have no idea!

Take these nine movie stars, for instance. You might remember everything about their roles, but they probably don’t…

1. Ethan Embry (Can’t Hardly Wait): Since filming this classic ’90s teen party film, Embry has gone on record having admitted to being a pretty big pothead at the time. He was so stoned while filming that he claims he can’t even remember the plot of the film, besides the fact that it’s about a party.

2. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter franchise): While he admits to partying pretty hard—and showing up to set still drunk from the previous night—Radcliffe maintains that he never actually consumed alcohol while filming.

3. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton (Fight Club): In a classic scene from this ’90s film, Pitt and Norton are drunkenly hitting golf balls at night. It turns out that, in order to prepare for the scene, both actors actually got pretty wasted. Talk about method acting!

4. Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now): Many actors who starred in this classic Francis Ford Coppola film have openly talked about how poorly run the set was. In this particular scene, Sheen was said to be so drunk that he actually punched a mirror and bled over everything on the set.

5. Olivia Wilde and most of the cast (Drinking Buddies): Most movies that feature scenes where the cast is consuming alcohol use non-alcoholic drinks. But that wasn’t so on the set of Drinking Buddies! In fact, every time you see someone take a sip of beer, they’re legitimately drinking.

6. The Beatles (Help!): It’s no secret that The Beatles were rather experimental when it came to drugs and booze. In fact, Paul and Ringo have both gone on record and admitted they were pretty stoned when they filmed the scene with Dr. Foot and Algerman in the Alps.

7. Pretty much everyone (Dazed and Confused): It’s only fitting that the cast of a film about teens getting drunk and high on their first night of summer break would really get into their roles. Even though the pot used on set was not real, the actors admitted they had their own that they’d smoke between scenes.

8. Shia LaBeouf (Lawless): Since LaBeouf played a Prohibition-era moonshine bootlegger in this film, he decided to really get in character. He drank so much that it gave his character a heavier look, which he thought helped to enhance the realness. This drinking, however, didn’t go over well with the rest of the cast, as some actors threatened to quit after being annoyed by him.

9. Fred Astaire (Holiday Inn): For the hilariously clumsy drunken dance scene in this classic, Astaire was said to have taken two bourbon shots prior to filming. Then, he downed one additional shot before each take. It took them seven takes to get it right, and by then, he was completely wasted.

It just goes to show that, when it comes to acting, things can get unpredictable. Nevertheless, some of these are inarguably classic movies. Sometimes, you simply can’t beat going method!

Who could’ve guessed that these actors were actually drunk or high on screen? Okay, fine—some of them it might have been more surprising if they weren’t

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