In the age of iPhones, smart TVs, and social media, modern society doesn’t really get the Amish way of living. We’re always so fascinated with the simplistic way in which “the plain people” go about their days, and shows like TLC’s Breaking Amish highlight just that. However, some Amish people dream of a more modern existence, which is why Glamour‘s Theodore Leaf surprised one Amish girl with a killer makeover. No one could believe what she looked like when the transformation was finished!

Sarah lived a modest life in the Amish countryside of Jamesport, Missouri. The 21-year-old housekeeper and teacher went about her days in simple clothing, her hair wrapped up and hidden in a white bonnet. She used no electricity, and she was looking for a change.

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“I just had pretty much a boring life,” Sarah told Glamour. “Just a small town, Amish on top of that.” But the day Glamour‘s Theodore Leaf, the digital magazine’s then-beauty editor-at-large, paid Sarah a surprise visit in 2014 was anything but boring.

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Theodore’s Glamour web series, Bad Hair Day, aimed to give hardworking, kind women who’ve left their hair high and dry a well-deserved new ‘do. Sarah had no idea what Theodore had in store for her, but she got a clue when he asked her “are you having a bad hair day?”

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Theodore was ready to give her, as he put it, “a totally glam makeover,” but first he asked Sarah about her life and her personal hair routine, which was pretty much nonexistent.


Considering the Amish believe that women who have a fondness for makeup, hair styling, and other beauty products focus more on themselves than they do God, the plain Jane locks made sense. Sarah simply tucked her long brown hair inside an Amish cap… and that was about it. Not tutorials here!

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“It’s an act of modesty,” Sarah explained. But considering Sarah was still in the Rumspringa phase, which is a rite of passage for Amish youths to go out and explore Western culture, she was up for adventure!

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Rumspringa typically starts at 14 to 16 years of age, and at 21, Sarah was nearing the end of her journey, when she’d decide whether to undergo an Amish baptism or leave the community she knew. If the hair experience went well, it would likely be a step towards leaving her home.

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Theodore aimed to give Sarah’s hair “a touch of color and a more defined style.” He looked at Sarah’s sweet face, and decided she needed some blonde pieces.

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“I want it to look real and natural, but turned up,” Theodore said with a wink. To create volume and body, he also wanted to add some layers. He saw that Sarah likes to have fun, and he wanted her hair to reflect that.

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Theodore explained to his audience that using box dye is perfectly fine to cover up stray grays or color your hair a dark shade, but strongly recommended trusting a professional when going blonde. “The box does not know what your hair looks like, but I do.”

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After mixing a creamy lavender concoction in a bowl, Theodore applied it to Sarah’s dull hair, which was begging for some TLC. Considering Sarah used zero electricity in her home, she called the whole experience “a treat.”

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As Theodore combed Sarah’s damp mane, she asked him for tips on how to care for her hair without a blowdryer. “If you’re not going to blow-dry it, it’s all about hair products,” Theodore said.

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He continued, “Foams are really good because they can add a little wave and conditioning to your hair.” Sarah sat in his chair, listening intently and taking mental notes. Was an interest in personal beauty going to inspire her to pack her bags?

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“Braid setting overnight is good,” he continued. “Then when you wake up, you have waves, so it adds texture to your hair.” Sarah seemed intrigued, before hilariously proposing the idea of an “Amish blowdryer, one you can hook up without electricity.” Her cut was almost done.

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As Theodore ran a blowdryer and a heated round brush through Sarah’s hair, the warm blonde streaks unveiled themselves, appearing lighter… but not to Sarah, who was turned away from the mirror. It was going to be the surprise of her life.

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Theodore and his team put the final touches on Sarah, which included a bit of blush, soft eyeshadow, and tinted lip gloss. It was astonishing to see Sarah go from looking like a modest old maid to the gorgeous girl next door.

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Though Sarah was of course a stunner before the makeover, Theodore enhanced her natural beauty like the pro he is. Sarah’s friends and employers, who own the Arbor House Inn, stood around Sarah in awe, their smiles wide. Sarah was about to see her new look.

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When Theodore spun Sarah’s chair around, she opened her eyes to her own reflection. “Oh… my… STARS! Hol — I don’t know what to say!” she stated with a giggle. She jumped up and down and finally shouted “It’s exciting!”

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“This look is totally Sarah,” Sarah’s friend Laura explained. “Carefree, happy, you know, someone you’d go up and have a conversation with and just chat about anything.” When it was all said and done, everyone hugged, and, with a smile, Sarah said “It’s been a good hair day.”

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But that begged the question: Was this good hair day enough to push Sarah towards leaving the Amish community? It wouldn’t be the first time a makeover inspired someone to completely overhaul their life.

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Kevin and Jo Taylor were together for 50 years — the couple first met in high school in 1967, when Kevin was just 16 and Jo was a full two years younger — but they, like Sarah, felt a change in appearance would create a new spark in their lives.

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Even in those days, Kevin and Jo were inseparable: they studied together, played together, and even partied together. Yet the thing that seemed to bond the couple most was their shared love of adventure.


For them, each day brought a new opportunity to explore and push the boundaries, and they did so in the carefree way that all kids seem to do. But life catches up with you eventually, and Kevin and Jo soon embarked on new kind of adventure: parenthood.

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One after another, the couple welcomed five children into the world, effectively putting their days of carefree living on hold. Yet this newfound responsibility did little to quell their adventurous spirits, and as their family grew and grew, they still found ways to live life to the fullest.


When Kevin and Jo’s 50th anniversary came around, the wrinkles and grey hairs still weren’t enough to stop them from living a life of adventure. On the back of Kevin’s motorcycle, they looked nothing like the kind of people you’d call grandma and grandpa.


But alas, they were, and whether they felt their age or not they certainly looked it. The hustle and bustle that came with 50 years of child and grandchild rearing had certainly taken its toll, and for Kevin and Jo, self-care had fallen way down their list of priorities.


By this time, Kevin’s once well-groomed beard now hung way down to his chest, and Jo’s flowing locks had grown matted and unkempt. They knew they needed to make a change, but where would they even start?

While Kevin and Jo debated their next move, their family was already one step ahead. Right beneath their noses, Kevin and Jo’s children and grandchildren were planning to give them an unforgettable anniversary present…

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But things wouldn’t be as simple as just buying a gift. The family was looking to get Kevin and Jo on The Today Show‘s Ambush Makeover for their much-needed style revamp, though there was no guarantee that the couple would be picked for the segment.


Regardless of the odds, they took a shot, and, miraculously, Kevin and Jo made the cut! This was one huge hurdle out of the way for the thoughtful family but now came the hard part: convincing their parents to actually appear on the show.

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After talking it over, the family came right out to Kevin and Jo with their plan, framing the experience as “the adventure of a lifetime.” Jo was fully on board with the idea, but Kevin wasn’t so sure it was for him.


In fact, Kevin flat out refused the moment the family told him! His biggest fear was that the stylists would end up completely removing his beard, which he felt was an integral part of his look and identity.


Ultimately, Kevin decided to go for it, admitting that his beard was definitely getting too long to handle. With both parents in agreement, the children reached out to the show and accepted the offer. Their plan was officially a go!

When the big day arrived, Kevin and Jo showed up to the studio the only way they knew how: on the back of Kevin’s motorcycle. The couple was curious as to how the day would play out, but, as they’d done with every adventure before, they welcomed this new experience with open minds.


Thankfully, they’d soon find themselves in very good hands. Their main stylist was set to be none other than the legendary Louis Licari, and with TV personality Jill Martin at his side, it appeared that Kevin and Jo were truly in for the makeover of a lifetime.

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But even in such capable hands, Kevin and Jo couldn’t help but feel a little nervous about the experience. With so much history between the two and their hair, they both silently worried that losing it would be like losing part of themselves.

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The moment of truth finally arrived, and the couple swallowed their fear as they were separated for the first time in decades to undergo their transformations. And when all was said and done, not even they could believe their eyes…

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Jo looked like a completely different person! Her long hair had been cut, styled, and colored, and the makeup they’d put on her made her look ten years younger. She’d even exchanged her baggy, ill-fitting clothes for a fashionable fitted jacket.

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Kevin looked equally as amazing. Clad in a black suit and sporting a brand new haircut, Kevin emerged with a bouquet of flowers to present to his beloved. And even despite his protests, he’d let the stylist cut and dye his beard, making him look suave and well kept.


Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined a makeover this drastic, but beneath it all, they knew it was their love for one another that’d kept them together all these years, not appearances. But with newfound confidence, Kevin and Jo were now ready to make these next 50 years even more memorable than the last.

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It certainly took a good amount of elbow grease to transform Kevin and Jo, but not everyone in their 70s is struggling to look good. Take Goldie Hawn for example. Not only is she still serving looks at 73, but she’s doing so while also running her Goldie Hawn Foundation, which helps underprivileged children. What a star!

2. Candice Bergen: As a young woman, Candice was a fashion model, appearing on the cover of Vogue. When the fashion industry deemed her too old to model, she revealed her talent as an actress and has since won many awards for her TV and film roles like Murphy Brown.

3. Brigitte Bardot: While Brigitte started her career as a ballerina, she was quickly scouted by modeling agencies for her classic look. Soon, she became a globally loved model, actress, singer, dancer, AND an animal rights activist. You won’t catch her in fur!

4. Diana Ross: At fifteen, Ross joined the Primettes — a sister to the male vocal group called the Primes — and rocketed her music career. Since then, she has won more than a dozen music awards and has acted in several films — she’s just as loved as ever!

5. Cher: Commonly referred to as the Goddess of Pop, Cher’s been described as embodying female autonomy in a male-dominated industry. Her distinctive contralto singing voice, and her variety of styles and appearances, have certainly set her apart during her six-decade-long career.

6. Twiggy: She was a catalog-only model when a stylist chopped off her hair, thickened her mascara, and jumpstarted her career as the very first supermodel. Since then, she has coached America’s Next Top Model contestants and other young women who want to make it in the industry.

7. Barbra Streisand: In the 1960s, Barbra became famous for her musical talent and her sense of style. She has continued her recording career but is now also a well-respected director and producer.

8. Jane Fonda: A woman of many talents, Jane has proved herself worthy as a Broadway, TV, and film actress, model, writer, model, and fitness guru. She is also a political activist who protested the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, and pipelines on Native American soil.

9. Jodie Foster: Jodie has used her years in the movie business quite productively, as she has received two Academy Awards, three British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and the Cecil B DeMille Award.

10. Marsha Hunt: This actress is mostly known for starring in the musical Hair, although others might know her as the love interest of Mick Jagger, who wrote the song “Brown Sugar” about her. She has written three novels and an autobiography, which include her experiences as a breast cancer survivor.

11. Maggie Smith: These days Dame Maggie is best known as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series and Countess Crawley on Downton Abbey. But she began her career on stage, opposite heavyweights like Sir Lawrence Olivier.

12.  Raquel Welch: While Raquel had the looks to be a supermodel, she mainly focused on acting and music. She carved out a place in movie history portraying strong female characters and breaking the mold of the submissive beauty symbol.

13. Yoko Ono: Many only think of her as “that woman who broke up the Beatles,” but Yoko is a musician, multimedia artist, and a peace activist. She has swapped out her hippie style for an edgier look, but her spark and passions have always remained the same.

14. Mary Tyler Moore: Due to her roles on both The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show, Moore became a feminist icon. Later in life, she was an author and an activist until she passed away from pneumonia in 2017.

15. Maureen McCormick: Nearly every American knows Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, but she has since shaken things up a bit. She struggled with personal and mental health issues for a while, wrote about it all, and began producing music.

16. Mia Farrow: Perhaps Mia’s most iconic role in her youth was Daisy in the movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby. She then dated Woody Allen for a while and starred in many of his films before settling down to be a mother. Eventually she picked up acting again, this time on Broadway.

17. Nancy Sinatra: Much like her boots were made for walkin’, the Sinatra family was made for singing. She has produced some famous hits and starred in several films and TV shows. She still performs and appears on TV, albeit much less so than during her early days.

18. Nichelle Nichols: Originally a singer, Nichelle’s acting career took off when she landed a role in the Star Trek TV series and several other popular shows and films. She has also worked with NASA to recruit minority and female personnel for the space agency.

19. Priscilla Presley: Sure, being the ex-wife of Elvis Presley doesn’t hurt ones’ career, but Priscilla has definitely earned her status as an actress and business magnate. She starred in the famous series Dallas before turning her attention to business, fragrance lines, and charity work.

20. Diana Rigg: In 1965 Diana Rigg took the small screen by storm, kicking serious behind in the smash hit show, The Avengers. Today she’s still kicking behind, only now she’s doing it on Game of Thrones.