Making a movie is no easy feat. As a moviegoer, all you can see is a beautifully told story. However, there are months and sometimes years of work put into making the finished product that eventually runs in theaters. It’s a lot of hard work.

That goes double when the movie in question is an animated feature. You might think that there is less work involved when it comes to putting together an animated film, but it’s quite the opposite! There are even more people working together to get these movies made.

Sometimes, no matter how much work people put into a movie, there are inevitably going to be a some mistakes. Here are 19 of the biggest bloopers that you won’t believe actually made it into the final cut!

1. Beauty and The Beast (1991): In this Disney classic: a selfish prince is cursed and transformed into a beast until he can find true love, despite his frightening appearance. Unfortunately, there’s a discrepancy after he takes out his anger on a portrait. In one scene, he slashes the painting one way; in another, Belle discovers the painting slashed the opposite direction. Woof.


2. Shrek (2001): You might think of cartoons as being “kid stuff,” but the truth is that a lot of very grown-up work goes into perfecting a feature-length animated film. The beloved film Shrek is no exception! When Shrek and Donkey were talking about saving the swamp in one scene, animators forgot to keep an eye on Shrek’s… eye. He’s supposed to closing his eyes, but you can see one right through his eyelid. Whoops!


3. Finding Nemo (2003): The people who make animated films are experts at what they do, and they have a tremendous amount of experience in their field. However, it takes hundreds of folks to make each movie and sometimes oversights just happen… like this plastic bag fiasco.


4. Wreck It Ralph (2014): In this movie about characters who live inside old arcade games, making a mistake could cost them their very existence inside the arcade. Thankfully, the animators’ own mistakes didn’t have such drastic consequences, but they’re still noticeable.


5. The Lion King (1994): In this classic tale, young Simba the lion overcomes his grief and guilt to follow in the footsteps of his father in order to become the king of the jungle. His friend, Nala, captures his heart during that journey with her companionship and sparkling green… er, blue… no, green eyes.


6. Frozen (2013): This family-friendly musical about sisterly love and embracing what makes us different is actually a brilliant retelling of the popular fairytale The Snow Queen as it has never been told before. Do you know what else hasn’t been done before? The physics of moving an entire braid through a body. Sheesh.


7. Aladdin (1992): This wonderful Disney musical tells the story of a street urchin with a heart of gold who, with the help of a blue genie, has the power to save his desert kingdom from destruction at the hands of the royal vizier, Jafar. No word yet on whether Jafar’s magic had anything to do with Princess Jasmin’s jewelry gaffe…


8. Chicken Run (2000): When an American rooster and a British hen fall in love, they plan on flying the coop and enjoying life together, but the devious farmer who keeps them has sinister plans for their future. Before he moves forward on that, though, he might want to check his tally book…


9. Lilo and Stitch (2001): This touching story set in Hawaii centers around family in all its various forms—and yes, that does include aliens who you adopt as honorary family pets. Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind. However, in one scene, something does get left behind: the right drummer’s instrument! See how it changes in the next shot?

10. The Little Mermaid (1989): In this classic telling of the popular story by Hans Christian Anderson, a little mermaid named Ariel wishes for legs so that she might woo Prince Eric, the man of her mer-dreams. Maybe she should wish for a little continuity while she’s at it, because these deckhands seem to be suffering from a wardrobe malfunction!


11. Monsters, Inc. (2001): This touching movie about the business of scaring kids—and what would happen if you actually followed the monster under your bed home after his shift—is a real fan favorite. What’s scarier? What happens when animators drop the ball.

12. The Simpsons Movie (2007): Fans of The Simpsons couldn’t believe it when their favorite animated family finally made it to the big screen. But you bet they didn’t come alone, because they brought some movie mistakes along with them! Just look at this puzzling seating arrangement at the movie theater…


13. Toy Story (1995): The Toy Story movies are the perfect thing to show any kid who wonders what their toys do when they aren’t around to play with them. Everybody loves Buzz and Woody! Not everyone, however, loves consistency, as this clock shows.


14. Planet 51 (2009): When a human astronaut lands on a mysterious planet, he thinks he’s the first person to step foot on this new soil. However, the planet is overrun by happy, friendly, little green men! They also have happy street signs; what else could describe why this signpost hopped from one part of the sidewalk to the other?


15. Toy Story 2 (1999): The gang is back from the original Toy Story to make this next installment in the franchise even more fun than the original! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any mistakes this time. Reflections, for instance, are a thing.


16. Shrek 2 (2004): This goof marks the Shrek franchise’s second appearance on this list. But it isn’t Shrek who makes the big blunder this time—it’s Puss in Boots! Well, really it’s the animators…


17. Tangled (2010): It took animators more than 50 years to get there, but they finally made a movie inspired by the classic tale of Rapunzel. Only this long-haired girl isn’t your average damsel in the distress…


18. Beauty and The Beast (1991): This movie first made this list with a goof involving the claw marks across the portrait of the Beast when he was a human man. Now it’s back with another mistake of the highest order: Belle’s apron.


19. Ice Age (2002): Sometimes, the biggest mistakes in animated movies can make for the biggest laughs, and that is certainly true in Ice Age, the final animated movie mistake to close out our list…


It takes a village to make a movie, and to think, at the end of the day, sometimes mistakes like these still make it to the finished product!