These Babies Look So Much Like Famous People That Their Parents Should Consider Calling An Agent

You never forget when a person stops to tell you, "Hey, you look like so-and-so, you know, that actor from that thing?" The weird surge of pride and flattery that rushes over you makes you feel just as powerful as the rich and famous. Well, sorta. You carry that resemblance like a badge of honor in the back of your mind, waiting for people to notice, that you too are special. These babies are the few, the chosen — the ones that look like celebrities. Before they're old enough to hold a spoon by themselves, these young people have been touched by opportunity. Someone in their lives marked them as a famous person doppelganger, and from here on out, their parents can see nothing but dollar signs and potential.

1. Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito's doppelgänger gives even the real deal a run for his money. If you've ever wondered what Devito would've looked like as a tiny little babe, then wonder no more. This pint-sized cutie with a super-sized grin strikes a seriously strong resemblance to America’s favorite actor under two meters. We'd actually bet that the adult version of Danny is only a touch bigger.

2. John Legend

We'll let the music icon's wife, Chrissy Teigen, have the final comment on this matter. As she tweeted, "For the LAST TIME, JOHN looks like a baby so A LOT OF BABIES LOOK LIKE HIM. STOP SENDING ME JOHN BABIES." Although this little Legend surely has to win some kind of medal for being the cutest lookalike the Teigen-Legend family has ever been sent.

3. Prince George

Prince George, is that you? Someone give Queen Liz a ring, we've found the perfect body double for her grandson. Based on this young man's enthusiasm, he'd love nothing more than a few moments in the spotlight posing as Prince George. Someone better tell him that it's not all corgis and cream teas — there are a lot of rules a royal kid has to follow.

4. Nathan Lane

So, you've got the eyebrow arches and the ruddy contented face down, but how are the song and dance numbers coming along, kiddo? Judging by the drool and missing front teeth, we're going to guess the voice of The Lion King's Timon isn't going to be too nervous about someone stealing his place. In fact, Nathan Lane would probably let out his musical honking laugh in the face of this baby trying to snatch his Broadway crown.