Way before the Hollywood sign was ever pitched up on the hill, tinseltown was entertaining us, and in more ways than one. Sure, cinema is a staple art form — telling us stories that rattle our emotions, or simply letting us escape into a life that is not our own — but it also delivers characters so sexy we couldn’t have dreamed them up ourselves.

There are so many beautiful women who have graced the silver screen over the years, but what makes the sexiest film character is a special recipe that rarely follows the rules. From power, to cunning, to vengeful assassin, these fictional femmes all bring that certain something to their role that brings everyone else to their knees.

40. Madison in Splash: Daryl Hannah made everyone believe in mermaids again after starring in this ’80s classic. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but mermaid Madison is the only one we see.

Touchstone Films

39. Princess Leia in Star Wars: This may have been marketed as a family-friendly trilogy, but everyone’s eye got a little wider when Carrie Fisher donned this prisoner’s outfit.

Lucasfilm Ltd.

38. Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street: The film may have been a true story about a Wall Street tyrant, but all anyone really needs to know is Margot Robbie plays the smoking hot wife who will do what it takes to get her way.

Wolf Of Wall Street / Red Granite Pictures

37. Arwen in Lord of the Rings: Played by Liv Tyler, this character instantly changed our idea of elves from Christmas tinkerers to ethereal goddesses.

New Line Cinema

36. Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s: In this film, Audrey Hepburn plays a sort of escort/socialite…no one is really sure. Whatever it is, she’s irresistible.


35. Nancy Callahan in Sin City: Played by Jessica Alba, this professional stripper turned everyone into noir fans.

Sin City / Troublemaker Studios

34. Maggie Pollitt in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof: It’s hard to pick just one Liz Taylor movie, but Maggie’s seductive desperation really edges this classic to the top.


33. Selene in the Underworld series: Just when you thought sci-fi was slipping away from the mainstream, Kate Beckinsale swoops in as a professional haunter/killer/vampire in a spandex bodysuit, and all bets are off.

Lakeshore Entertainment

32. Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman: In This contemporary Cinderella story, Julia Roberts plays a prostitute who becomes a millionaire’s girlfriend. Whether her outfits were better pre- or post-Rodeo Drive is still up for debate.

Touchstone Pictures

31. Latika in Slumdog Millionaire: Freida Pinto plays a strikingly beautiful teenager from the slums in India who’s been the love interest of co-star Dev Patel since they were kids. Clearly there is no getting over this babe.

Celador Films

30. Black Widow (Claire Voyant) in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers: Scarlett Johansson has a textbook figure and doe eyes that will make the Hulk fall to his knees, but when she puts on her tight and black spy getup, it’s game over.

Iron Man / Marvel Studios

29. Lisa in Weird Science: Go ahead and make fun of nerds all you want, but that’s exactly who coded a computer-created dream girl played by Kelly LeBrock into existence.

Weird Science / Silver Pictures

28. Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk Till Dawn: Salma Hayek plays a table dancing, vampire high priestess of evil. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, just watch and learn.

From Dusk Til Dawn / Dimension Films

27. Elizabeth Swann in Pirates Of The Caribbean: Despite the fact that Disney produced this trilogy as a family-friendly franchise, Keira Knightley is definitely bringing some spice to her pirate.

Walt Disney Pictures

26. Cataleya Restrepo in Colombiana: Look, Zoe Saldana in literally anything is going to be hot, but her playing a Latina contract killer just about blows the roof on the fantasy list.


25. Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Just because she’s a cartoon character doesn’t mean she isn’t dripping with sex appeal. It’s not her fault. She’s not bad; she was just drawn that way.

Touchstone Pictures

24. Luisa Cortés in Y Tu Mamá También: You don’t have to speak Spanish to enjoy Maribel Verdú in this movie. To be totally honest, you don’t even have to read the subtitles.

20th Century Fox

23. Barbarella in Barbarella: If you thought sex-kitten-going-on-intergalactic-adventures wasn’t your genre, please allow Jane Fonda to change your mind.

Marianne Productions

22. Catwoman in Batman Returns: Every woman who has ever played Catwoman has been a fox (fox-cat?). Still, we have to give it to Michelle Pfeiffer; she just makes being a leather mama look so naturally fierce.

Warner Bros

21. Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct: Sharon Stone scarred a whole generation of men who watched this film. In her role as the crime novelist / possible axe murderer, she’s dangerously perfect.

Carolco Pictures

20. Honeychile Rider in Dr. No: Bond girls can sometimes get a bad rep for just being eye candy. However, Ursula Andress transcended all stereotypes when she gifted the world this beach scene.

Eon Productions

19. Foxy Brown in Foxy Brown: Pam Grier basically just battles a bunch of villains with unrelenting sexiness in this ’70s classic. Her tagline, “I”m a whole lot of woman” says it all.

American International Pictures

18. Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Rooney Mara plays a goth-y hacker/detective in the US version of this book-to-film adaptation. She’s no Bond girl, but we are feeling the ink and rage on Lisbeth.

Columbia Pictures

17. Alex Owens in Flashdance: Not only does Jennifer Beals play a sweaty welder in a jumpsuit, but she is also an angel of dance in a leotard. It’s a perfect 10.

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

16. Maria Elena in Vicky Cristina Barcelona: In this role Penélope Cruz did what only Penélope Cruz could do — she made being a psychotic ex look sexy as hell.


15. Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace: This professional assassin played by Olga Kurylenko has dirt covering her face for half the movie and yet she is still smoking hot.

Eon Productions

14. Sugar Kane in Some Like It Hot: Marilyn Monroe plays a nightclub chanteuse in this quippy comedy. While she has significantly less screen time than her two comedic co-stars, she still steals the show.

Mirisch Company

13. Héloïse in Portrait Of A Lady On Fire: This film mostly circulated through the indie world, but Adèle Haenel’s piercing performance as the conflicted bride-to-be could not be ignored.

Lilies Films

12. Emmeline Lestrange in The Blue Lagoon: In this film, Brooke Shields survives a shipwreck to spend the rest of the movie more or less naked on an island. It’s brilliant.

Columbia Pictures

11. Elena Montero in The Mask Of Zorro: Catherine Zeta-Jones is not only a sword wielding heroine dream girl; she’s also a philanthropist who speaks Spanish. Mi corazón!

TriStar Pictures

10. Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman: You already know anyone who gets to play Wonder Woman is going to be a total babe, but Gal Gadot really turned it up with her strong feminist take on this superhero.

DC Films

9. Mikaela Banes in Transformers: A movie about giant transforming robots isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But when you add Meghan Fox playing a mechanic in a crop top, it quickly becomes universally thrilling.

Transformers / Di Bonaventura Pictures

8. Shosanna Dreyfus in Inglourious Basterds: She may be covering as a cinema operator, but Mélanie Laurent is really out for revenge. It doesn’t take long to realize she is one fiery woman.

A Band Apart

7. Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: The movie is based off a video game and was widely criticized for its bland plot. Luckily none of that matters because Angelina Jolie spends most of this film raiding tombs in tight-fitting tank tops.

Mutual Film Company

6. Fanny Chenal in A Good Year: French actress extraordinaire Marion Cotillard plays this small-town dream girl who turns a workaholic stock market tycoon into a retired, love-drunk expat. Who wouldn’t leave it all behind for Fanny?

Fox 2000 Pictures

5. Jennifer North in Valley Of The Dolls: Sharon Tate plays a beautiful but talentless chorus line girl leading a turbulent life, which eventually spirals completely out of control. Thankfully, not before she has a short stint making “art house” films.

20th Century Fox

4. Séverine Serizy in Belle De Jour: In this masterpiece, Catherine Deneuve plays a bored housewife who can’t reconcile with her masochistic fantasies. So what does she do? Creates a fake name and starts working at a high-class brothel.


3. Dr. Madeleine Swann in Spectre: French actress Lea Seydoux has been on the up-and-coming for a while now, but she really solidified herself as a stone cold fox when she took over as the latest Bond girl. Swann just has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes her unforgettable.

Eon Productions

2. Adelina Sbaratti in Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: As if playing a black market vendor wasn’t cheeky enough, Sophia Loren went on to give one of the most razzing strip teases in history.

Embassy Pictures

1. Marie “Slim” Browning in To Have and Have Not: The unrivaled Lauren Bacall plays an American wanderer in France. She sings, she pickpockets, and she does whatever she wants. With Slim’s smoldering gaze, she can get away with murder.

Warner Bros.

Hollywood is chock-full of lovely leading ladies. It seems unfair to try and discern who is the most beautiful, when the truth is that they all are. But just because an actress doesn’t play a sexy character, doesn’t mean she’s not smoking hot in real life. Just take a look at these A-list knockouts.

Meredith Jenks

50. Catherine Zeta-Jones: As a natural on both stage and screen, her talent transcends theatrical mediums. It doesn’t hurt that she’s very easy on the eyes.

49. Taraji P. Henson: This American actress is gorgeous with a fantastic personalty to boot. One of her most celebrated roles was as mathematician Katherine Johnson in Hidden Figures.

48. Natalie Wood: Now she’s often remembered for her tragic death by drowning, but during her time she was one of the most beautiful actresses around.

Steve Schapiro

47. Meghan Markle: The actress turned royal has had a pretty intense time of it since she married Prince Harry in 2018. However, the constant press coverage has not detracted from her beauty. She looks like queen material.

46. Farrah Fawcett: The 70s wouldn’t have been the 70s without Fawcett and her highly coveted and feathered hairstyle. She is the quintessential screen stunner.


45. Penelope Cruz: This Spanish actress and model radiates beauty and always has since she was discovered at the age of 15. She has been married to actor Javier Bardem since 2010.

44. Anita Ekberg: Best known for being Fellini’s muse in La Dolce Vita the Swedish actress worked mostly in Italian films. In the Fellini film, she plays one of the memorable love interests of the hedonistic main character.

La Dolce Vita

43. Ava Gardner: Known as having “earthy femininity” she resisted being type cast as the sex symbol. Her approach involved being more subtle about her sensuality.


42. Jessica Chastain: In addition to being beautiful, Chastain is an outspoken and powerful feminist. She is championing the fight for equal pay in the workplace.

41. Charlize Theron: Originally from South Africa, this lovely lady has taken over many iconic roles in the Hollywood repertoire. She used to disguise her beauty, making sure she got roles because of her talent not her looks.

40. Lana Turner: This pin-up model and actress got the nickname “sweater girl” due to her uncanny ability to fill out any old granny sweater. Her classic look is captivating.


39. Kate Winslet: She’s so lovely, we can forgive her for shoving Leonardo DiCaprio off that floating door in into freezing water during Titantic. It’s that British charm!

38. Eva Mendes: This actress is married to Ryan Gosling, who also happens to be one of the most beautiful people on the planet. She is currently raising their two, equally beautiful children.

37. Kate Beckinsale: This British actress is known for her personality as well as her beauty. She seems like she could be your cool best friend. Like an uncommonly gorgeous best friend.

36. Rachel McAdams: She’s the queen of rom-coms, starring in classics like the tear-inducing classic The Notebook. As a natural beauty, she is adorable and objectively hot at the same time.


35. Priyanka Chopra: This Indian actress and winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant recently married Nick Jonas and is nothing short of ravishing. If anyone should represent the world, let it be her.

Danny Moloshok

34. Emilia Clarke: Following her long stint as the icy blond dragon tamer on Game of Thrones, she chose to return to her brunette roots. Either way, she is a total knockout.

33. Meg Ryan: In the 90s, she was America’s sweetheart and it’s not hard to see why. Her quintessential girl-next-door looks made her everyone’s biggest crush.

Columbia Pictures

32. Margot Robbie: Whether she’s wearing her Harley Quinn outfit or channeling Sharon Tate, her beauty is undeniable. Robbie is a natural muse for the camera.

Tim Whitby

31. Zoe Saldana: This actress is so lovely that she is even beautiful when her skin is painted green. Her role as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy requires her to have green skin. Still stunning!

30. Amal Clooney: As a lawyer and activist, Amal is equal parts beauty and brains. It’s no wonder she was the one that finally made George Clooney give up the bachelor life.

29. Elizabeth Taylor: Sure, she had a lot of husbands. Can you blame them? Her classic beauty and talent as an actress make her a no-brainer as one of the most beautiful women of all time.


28. Sandra Bullock: There’s nothing better than a strong brunette and Bullock fits the bill perfectly. She’s extremely likable and genuine, not letting a successful career in acting change her.

27. Laura Harrier: At only 29 years old, Harrier easily makes the list. She’s a model and actress and quite simply one of the most lovely people to grace the planet.

26. Jennifer Aniston: As a classic cool girl, Jennifer Aniston has a reputation as chill and laid back, while still being stupendously beautiful. Her natural look makes her the envy of many.

25. Naomi Campbell: She’s been modelling since she was only 15-years-old and was one of the most highly demanded models of the 80s and 90s. One glance and it’s easy to see why.

24. Emma Stone: As an Academy Award winning actress with a humble and down-to-earth personality Stone is as accessible as she is lovely.

Summit Entertainment

23. Halle Berry: Known for her daring short hair, cut before it was cool, Berry is without a doubt stunning. What’s more — she seems to be impervious to the effects of time, hardly aging.

22. Julie Andrews: Her talent is matched only by her beauty. This British songbird, best known from The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, remains as lovely as ever to this day.

21. Reese Witherspoon: Not only is she gorgeous, but she is one of the most charming and endearing celebs out there. Her teenage daughter looks like her younger clone. Those are some great genes.

Zoe Ghertner

20. Kiera Knightley: She’s easily secured her position as a top actress, and now she can brag about being one of the most beautiful women in the world. Though, that wouldn’t be very British of her, so she probably won’t.

Irish Times

19. Lauren Bacall: This classic beauty is known for her unique voice and a look that could kill. Her looks were so powerful, she landed one of Hollywood’s favorite leading men — Humphrey Bogart.

18. Zoe Kravitz: As the daughter of star Lenny Kravits, Zoe made her own name in no time through her acting career. Her unreal beauty is just the cherry on top.

17. Brigitte Bardot: This French siren was known as one of first sex symbols of the 1950s and was known for being “sexually emancipated”. Her modelling and acting career ensured that her beauty was well documented.

16. Natalie Portman: Not only is she insanely gorgeous, but she graduated from Harvard. With people like Portman in the world, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

15. Jennifer Lopez: She’s known for being suspiciously ageless even after 30 years in the spotlight. Her beauty secrets involve simple things like drinking water and moisturizing. Sounds too simple to be true!

Gabriel Goldberg

14. Nicole Kidman: She’s beautiful in the such an ethereal and untouchable way, but is actually known to be extremely friendly. Keith Urban is one lucky guy!

Alasdair Mclellan

13. Sophia Loren: Dubbed the “Italian Marilyn Monroe” Loren was the muse of many directors during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her beauty demands your attention when she’s on-screen making her a perfect leading lady.


12. Rihanna: This Barbadian singer has been at the top of the charts for over ten years now. She’s also toward the top of this list because of her incredible beauty.

11. Olivia Wilde: This actress turned director is known for being ridiculously gorgeous. Her eyes are basically mesmerizing, making her a easy contender for spot number 11.

David Bellemere

10. Salma Hayek: This Mexican-American actress is somehow 53-years-old, though she doesn’t look a day past 25. No one should be allowed to be this pretty.

9. Rita Hayworth: As the most glamorous actress of the 1940s Hayworth earned the title “The Love Goddess”. She starred in over sixty films, in addition to being a sought after pin-up girl for WWII GI’s.

8. Lupita Nyong’o: This striking actress just makes sense near the top of the list. She is insanely talented and kind, just to add to her great qualities.

Jackie Nickerson

7. Angelina Jolie: She’s known for her signature lips. But, if you take a moment to inspect the rest of her face, you’ll come to the conclusion she’s close to perfect.

Patrick Demarchelier

6. Michelle Pfeiffer: With an acting career spanning over multiple decades, her uncommonly good looks have helped her land some iconic roles. She is pictured in her role as Tony Montana’s girlfriend in Scarface.

Universal Pictures

5. Scarlett Johansson: It doesn’t seem to matter if her hair is short or long, brunette or blonde — this actress is always stunning. Her ability to rock every look makes her an easy member of the top ten and even better actress.

4. Beyonce: As she slowly but surely progresses to becoming queen of the free world, the pop diva only seems to get more beautiful as the years go on.

3. Grace Kelly: This perfectly poised actress was a rare beauty destined for much more than stardom. She became the Princess of Monaco when she married Prince Rainier III, and it’s not hard to imagine her catching his eye.

2. Marilyn Monroe: As one of the original sex symbols, her number two spot makes perfect sense. Only one other person could beat this blonde bombshell for the number one spot.

Life Magazine

1. Audrey Hepburn: “I don’t understand why people see me as beautiful,” commented the British actress. Maybe that’s the secret to becoming number one. Her timeless beauty is irreplaceable — but how does she stack up to the most handsome man of all time?

We have distinguished the top 100 most handsome men of all time. That means every guy who graced a stage or screen or spotlight has been considered. Well, almost every single one. Just remember handsome is in the eye of the beholder.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

100. Dennis Quaid: Even though this guy’s older brother has gone off the rails a bit, Dennis stands strong as a capable, handsome, and talented actor. You can’t land a role in the movie The Parent Trap without some serious looks.

99. Drake: Fans of Degrassi will always members him as wheelchair-bound Jimmy Brooks, but in real life, he takes rap stages by storm and has everyone in the club bumping.

98. Jared Leto: He’s an Academy Award-winning actor and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars; yea, this guy’s got a lot to offer. His role in the film Dallas Buyer’s Club blew audiences away.

97. Steve Carell: It may not seem like the same guy who portrayed Michael Scott, the most absurd boss of all time, on The Office would make this list, but Carell is now a boss we all want.

96. Liam Neeson: If you ever want to score points with this dashing Irishman, make sure to never kidnap his daughter. He proved in Taken he was bad to the bone as well as sexy as hell.

95. Dwayne Johnson: Fans of wrestling remember his early days as The Rock, but now this guy does everything from acting in blockbuster movies to hosting award shows. Everyone smells what The Rock is cooking, and it smells sexy.

94. Dylan McDermott: This actor sent shivers down spines with his roles in American Horror Story, but if you ever ran into this luscious man in a dark alley, he’d take you home and make you tacos.

93. Kurt Cobain: This might seem like an interesting choice for this list, but Cobain left a massive mark on the music world with his band Nirvana, and his traditional good looks were impossible to ignore. His grunge influence extended long after his suicide in 1994.

92. River Phoenix: His slew of movies — most notably Stand By Me — turned Pheonix into a teen idol early on. Then, as he got older, women realized he was an all-out stud. Unfortunately, a deadly drug overdose took his life.

91. John Legend: Not just anyone can land a wife like Chrissy Teigen, but then again, most people don’t have the musical talent and charming demeanor of John Legend. His last name says it all, folks.

90. Burt Reynolds: Not many guys could rock a stash quite like Reynolds. If you planted your lips on that mouth, you’d get an extra little tickle from that thick wad of upper-lip hair.

89. Christopher Reeve: A horse-riding accident paralyzed Reeve from the neck down, but before that happened, he was Superman. He was faster than a speeding bullet and more handsome than even the hottest men.

88. Gavin Rossdale: As the frontman for the band Bush, Rossdale garnered that rock star energy that had fans in awe. Plus, it didn’t hurt he commanded the stage with that sexy look.

87. Ryan Lochte: Olympic medals aren’t the only thing that shine bright with Lochte. This amazing swimmer has a body that glides through the water with ease and an illustrious face attached to the front of it.

86. Alexander Skarsgard: This Swedish actor is just one member of a very talented — and alarmingly attractive — family. Who takes the cake as the hottest? Well, Alexander would probably vote for himself.

85. Montgomery Clift: He may look like James Dean, but this guy wants you to know he has the swagger of Dean but the looks of someone who could kill a lion with one ravishing glance.

84. John Travolta: This hip-swaying dude made sure everyone in the ’70s knew his name as a dancer who could strike a move on any Saturday night. And those moves were the cure to anyone’s fever.

83. Martin Sheen: This might be the greatest cock-of-the-head pose ever! That bush-falling-forward haircut tells you he’s ready to fire up a romantic comedy while you admire those gentle features in the light of a hearth.

82. Rob Lowe: This guy literally has been incredible looking since his teenage heartthrob years in St. Elmo’s Fire. It seems like he never ages, which means he’ll still be revving people’s engines until he’s 90.

81. Matt Dillon: Not every guy can pull off a pink polo, but Dillon isn’t your everyday guy. He can smile like a champion but also has an intriguingly intense side to him, as seen in the movie Crash.

80. Jamie Dornan: This hot Irishman does it all. He acts, models, and performs music. He might play a serial killer in the show The Fall, but all he really wants to let you do is comb his perfect beard.

79. Michael B. Jordan: Don’t confuse this guy with basketball legend Michael Jordan; they’re completely different people. But, you can see how this guy would turn more heads than the Hanes spokesman.

78. James McAvoy: Don’t let his wild role from the film Split prevent your love of him from blossoming. He’s the kind of person you want to lie down on a couch and paint with watercolor.

77. Humphrey Bogart: The Classical Hollywood era wouldn’t be complete without this star of Casablanca. The way he wears a suit gets anyone hot under the collar. A picture of Bogart should come with a fire extinguisher.

76. Benicio del Toro: The fire coursing through this actor’s veins is enough to make Lucifer fall on his knees and propose marriage. He’s won plenty of awards throughout his career, including “Most Likely to Melt Hearts Using His Face.”

75. Tom Hiddleston: He portrays the villain Loki perfectly in plenty of Marvel movies, but that evil guy on the screen is the exact opposite of Hiddleston. He’s a fine-looking gent you want to ponder the meaning of life next to.

74. Ryan Gosling: Originally a member of The Mickey Mouse Club, Gosling sang and danced his way into Hollywood, and now as an adult, he wows movie goers with his intense roles and smoldering gaze.

73. Jason Statham: Can you believe this hunk was once spending his time as a professional diver instead of looking fabulous on the big screen? Fortunately for us, he made the career change.

72. Lenny Kravitz: He’s got a head of hair that rivals the greatest wigs, and he can slam on a guitar like a boss. All it takes is listening to one interview to know he’s smooth as heck.

71. Clark Gable: Fans might always remember him as Rhett Butler in The Sound of Music, but rest assured, the only sound you hear when you stare at this ravishing mug is the sound of your heartbeat increasing.

70. Willard C. Smith Jr.: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air introduced the world to the contagious and positive energy of Smith. His slam-dunk personality is made infinitely better by his cheery smile and swagger.

69. Frank Sinatra: Sure, this guy may have had ties to the mob, but he was a prominent figure in the Rat Pack, and boy did he have some lungs on him. Not only that, he was pretty cute, too.

68. Bobby Darin: This singer would sit you down and belt out a tune that would have you asking for more the second he closed his mouth. And that mouth, by the way, belonged to a gorgeous face.

67. Anthony Hopkins: “Hello Clarice…” Maybe if Clarice opened her eyes a little during The Silence of the Lambs she would have realized the criminal she was talking to was actually a super-sensual Welshman in need of love.

66. Cary Grant: This guy led the charge of Old Hollywood legends, and he was the leading man in classic films like North by Northwest and Notorious. That dimpled chin deserved its own Academy Award.

65. Kurt Russell: Whether he’s escaping from New York or L.A., Russell knows how to take someone who has a crush on him and show them all three Michelin Stars in one night at Le Diner de Russel.

64. Bobby Cannavale: He’s in movies, television shows, and on Broadway, and he sings as well as he dances. There’s a reason his last name sounds like “carnival”: Once you take the Bobby train you never want to get off the ride.

63. Elvis Presley: Whether he was blaring his music on stage in front of screaming women or scarfing down sandwiches made of peanut butter, bananas,and bacon, this guy had a hip swivel that made everyone jealous.

62. Steve McQueen: Not everyone can be dubbed “The King of Cool,” but then again, not everyone was Steve McQueen. He rocked a very fashionable style that left people in awe every time they watched him.

61. Aaron Taylor-Johnson: What a striking specimen this guy blossomed into since his role in Kick Ass as a nerdy high school kid. Now, he’s the kind of guy any parent would love to have over for lasagna.

60. Prince Harry: It’s hard enough being a part of the Royal Family, but when you also have the face of a leading man in the movies, even more work is cut out for you.

59. Richard Gere: During the ’80s and ’90s, few actors rivaled Gere when it came to handsome leading men. C’mon now, it was impossible to watch Gere in Pretty Woman and not fall in love.

58. Mathew McConaughey: Alright, alright, alright… a guy with this much chill pumping through his veins will never not land a spot on a list like this. He can make wacky movies, and he can win Oscars.

57. George Clooney: ER put this actor on everyone’s radar, and then it was just an upward journey from that point on. Now, he’s even got his own brand of tequila!

56. Ricky Martin: When “Livin’ La Vida Loca” hit radio stations, there wasn’t a club in the world that didn’t blast the song at least once a night. He can sing, dance, and put on quite a live show.

55. Heath Ledger: Even though Jack Nicholson was a memorable nemesis in the Batman movies, when Ledger stepped into the Joker role, he truly disturbed audiences. Tragically, he passed away not long after his incredible onscreen work.

54. Pharrell Williams: This guy certainly knows how to make men and woman “Happy” with his upbeat tunes and swagger. He’s got some serious fashion sense and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

53. Rock Hudson: This actor was know primarily for a slew of romantic comedies including Giant Magnificent and Pillow Talk during the ’50s and ’60s. He tragically contracted AIDS and was the first major actor to succumb to it.

52. Jimmy Stewart: Lots of woman are suckers for a mean drawl, and that’s exactly what Stewart was blessed with. He was also a military officer, so ladies knew this chunk of handsome was a solid catch.

51. Tom Cruise: Say what you want about his dive into Scientology, the guy has charisma matched by few people. Plus, if you ever get a chance to woo this heavy-hitting hunk, he might let you see his Xenu.

50. Orlando Bloom: With a name as vibrant as his, you’d expect him to have the looks to go with it. Well, he does, and he’s also got a heck of a lot of talent in front of the camera.

49. Ryan Reynolds: He played a crazy father in the remake of the The Amityville Horror, and he made audiences laugh out loud in Deadpool. Is there any genre this guy can’t totally own?

48. Sean Connery: A Scottish accent never sounded quite so good as when you heard it come out of Connery’s James Bond. Many people consider him the best version of Bond.

47. Sidney Poitier: He was the first black actor to win the Best Actor Oscar for Lilies of the Field. But, far more than a great actor, he was a calm, cool, and provocative guy who had swagger for days.

46. Patrick Dempsey: It’s obvious why this guy’s nickname on Grey’s Anatomy was “McDreamy.” He’s the kind of sexy doctor you want performing a quadruple bypass surgery on you in your dreams.

45. Jerry Lewis: This man’s prowess in acting, comedy, singing, and filmmaking landed him the epic title “The King of Comedy.” But, he can also pop a little brown sugar out of that open shirt and win ladies over.

44. Charlie Hunnam: This star of the motorcycle gang series Sons of Anarchy was an intimidating force onscreen. But, if you ever met him in real life, he’d gently take your hand and calm your soul with his amazing eyes.

43. Denzel Washington: He’s intense, he’s sweet, but most of all, he had quite the body in the film The Hurricane where he portrayed Hurricane Carter, a boxer wrongfully accused of murder.

42. John Stamos: Uncle Jesse and the Rippers knew how to shred tunes on Full House, and Stamos knows how to turn heads everywhere you look.

41. Tyson Beckford: Not just anyone can land a gig as a runway model for Ralph Lauren Polo, but when you look like Beckford, it really isn’t that hard. Jealous much?

40. Desi Arnaz: He dealt with a whole bunch of shenanigans on the show I Love Lucy, but the only ‘splainin anyone has to do is explain why that immaculate face causes bursts of happiness in our brains.

39. Patrick Swayze: This guy roundhouse-kicked his way into the dreams of every girl who watched him in Roadhouse as a hunky bouncer. However, cancer was too tough a patron to throw out of his body’s saloon.

38. Dean Martin: This guy’s effortless charisma and charm landed him the nickname “The King of Cool.” If that wasn’t enough to have the women screaming, he could sing like a cockatoo on methamphetamines.

37. Bradley Cooper: This guy proved he’s hilarious from the Hangover films, and he made sure audiences saw his emotional side in A Star is Born. But whichever side you prefer, there’s no denying he’s a hunk.

36. Channing Tatum: He flexed his comedy chops in 21 Jump Street and flexed his muscles in Magic Mike, and trust us, every female noticed. He’s a cool dude with a body that just won’t quit.

35. Jake Gyllenhaal: Even though he has a last name nearly impossible to sound out, this guy rocks out every role he’s in. He tends to have a mysterious demeanor in many of his films, which adds to the attractiveness.

34. Jon Hamm: Ever since he hit the screen on the award-winning series Mad Men, people took notice of Hamm’s striking looks and offered him plenty more roles. Which, as it turned out, was the perfect move.

33. Harry Belafonte: This guy managed to snag himself a “King of…” title by killing the Calypso game. This King of Calypso not only sang like an angel, but he looked like he dropped down from Heaven on a cloud.

32. David Beckham: He was a legendary soccer star when he played for Manchester United, and those who saw him in action knew he could bend balls like a boss. Well, he also bends women’s minds with his looks.

31. Chris Hemsworth: This is only one of the three Hemsworth brothers, but rest assured, they’re all easy on the eyes. Chris, however, was the only one worthy of stepping into the spicy role of Thor.

30. Harrison Ford: Like a fine wine, Ford just gets better with age. He won our hearts in Star Wars and while his career has been diverse, we’re always going to love him as the sexy but gruff Han Solo.

29. Henry Golding: There aren’t many Malaysian actors who dominate Hollywood, but Henry didn’t let that stop him. We’re happy to see him in films like Crazy Rich Asians and The Gentleman.

28. Henry Cavill: When it came time to cast the Man of Steel, studios needed to make sure they picked someone not only looked near perfect, but who also had the body for a believable Superman. That person was Cavill.

27. Zac Efron: Once the star of High School Musical, this guy now starts brush fires just by glancing that smoking-hot face in the direction of tumbleweed. Are you the one starting the forest fires in California every summer, Zac?

26. Clint Eastwood: Now he’s an Oscar-winning director, but before he stepped behind the camera, he stunned the world with his character Dirty Harry. “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky’?”

25. Justin Timberlake: How can we forget the era years ago when the Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC ruled the radio waves. Timberlake, who started on The Mickey Mouse Club, used boy band success to launch into super stardom.

24. Donald Glover: He’s a rapper, he’s an actor, and he’s a comedian. How does someone do so many things so well and still have time to look as smooth as this? This guys hustles hard.

23. Pierce Brosnan: He played James Bond in several of the franchise’s films, but when he’s not saving the world and getting the girl, he still embodies a gentleman. And who can ignore that accent? He’s Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan.

22. Javier Bardem: Many might know him as the serial killer from No Country for Old Men, but Bardem in real life is as sweet as they come. Oh, and he’s also stunningly handsome.

21. Robert Pattinson: This English actor earned icon status after his breakthrough roles in the Harry Potter movies and in the Twilight franchise. He sparkled his way into our hearts for keeps.

20. Tom Selleck: He may be the only other man to rival Burt Reynold’s mustache, and boy does that thing hang off his top lip like a hairy gem. That smile and those dimples would have anyone begging for more.

19. Ryan Phillippe: Anyone who watched Cruel Intentions knew Phillippe was going to quickly rise in the ranks of the Hollywood Handsomes. And, just as everyone thought, he absolutely did.

18. Johnny Depp: Although he’s not in every other movie that comes out these days, Johnny Depp will always embody the classic edgy outsider good looks of the Hollywood bad boy and for that, we celebrate him.

17. Liam Hemsworth: Not only this guy handsome, but he comes from a family that seems to ooze handsome genes. You just want to nestle up next to Liam and watch the sunset as he sings softly to you.

16. Robert Downey Jr.: This actor overcame a drug addiction to become one of the most successful men in Hollywood today. His Iron Man movies prove he can fight crime and battle his way into our hearts.

15. Paul Rudd: This actor’s looks have hardly changed since his Clueless days, and that’s a great thing. His young-but-titillating appearance still excites fans, and one day they hope to ride a sailboat with him.

14. Ashton Kutcher: It’s not surprising this guy was approached by a modeling agent when he was young. Once he made it into television, he had chicks swooning over his handsome-but-clueless character on That 70’s Show.

13. Leonardo DiCaprio: Not only is Leo an insanely talented actor with piercing eyes, but the guy also puts so much effort into helping the environment, and that’s a double threat! It’s hard to believe it all started with What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

12. Gregory Peck: He played a man who stood up for a wrongly accused black man during a time when it was quite unpopular to do so — and he looked good doing it.

11. Hugh Jackman: He can wow audiences on the big screen and on Broadway. Wolverine not only has a set of lungs that can belt out a tune, he has chiseled features that would make Ebeneezer Scrooge weep with pleasure.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo: This guy lives such an unfair life. Not only is he one of the greatest athletes in the world, but he tops it all off with having the face and body of a model, as well.

9. Robert Redford: That ruffled head of hair is to Redford what Santa is to Christmas. He had a rugged, but charming look that appealed to anyone who laid eyes on him.

8. James Dean: It was the film Rebel Without a Cause that put this heartthrob on the map. Unfortunately, the world lost him at the young age of 24 to a car crash.

7. Jason Momoa: Game of Thrones fans were introduced to this hunk as a brutal Dothraki warrior, but in real life, he has a warm smile that could melt a polar ice cap.

6. Armie Hammer: With a strong name like his, you’d expect him to turn heads when he walks into a room. One look into those beautiful eyes and you’ll want watch Hammer movies as often as possible.

5. Idris Elba: Fans of The Office might only him as Charles Minor, the no-nonsense boss temporarily filling Michael Scott’s role. However, one look into his filmography and you see a much different and sexier side to him.

4. Marlon Brando: Whether he’s Vito Corleone in The Godfather or Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, Brando stole the spotlight with his intense performances. His career spanned four decades, and he cemented himself as a Hollywood icon.

3. Brad Pitt: Ask most women for their top 10 list of Hollywood hunks and chances are Pitt lands somewhere on it. Legends of the Fall had women obsessed with his looks, as did most films after that.

2. Tom Hardy: Who wouldn’t like a massive serving of Tom Hardy pie? His rugged looks and gentle accent would have you wanting seconds and even thirds. Forget dinner, when Hardy pie is available you’re going straight to dessert!

1. Paul Newman: No list of Hollywood’s hottest would be complete without this absolute Adonis. His piercing eyes, flawless figure, and standout performances on every set he graced made him a legend.