20 Secrets About ‘Friends’ That Only Came Out After The Show Ended

If you love a particular television show, chances are you'll watch it whenever you can, even if the only episodes you can get your hands on are reruns. There's something about rediscovering old seasons of our favorite TV shows that makes us feel comforted and entertained.

Many who grew up in the 1990s would argue that Friends was one of the best shows on television—and its comedy is timeless. Naturally, it contributed plenty of jokes to pop culture during its 10-year tenure.

Still, even the most devoted fan of Friends might not know these 20 behind-the-scenes secrets...

1. Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow don't watch the reruns: For Lisa Kudrow, it depends on her mood. If she's in a bad mood, then that means she doesn't want to have to look at herself on screen!
2. They were ready to stop the show: The cast now all agrees that if they had to do things again, they would have finished the show after season 10 rather than going on with more episodes, even though the show was so successful.
3. Matt LeBlanc's hair wasn't really black: That's right, Joey's signature black locks didn't come naturally to Matt LeBlanc, who had already started to go gray when the show began shooting. He had to dye his hair throughout the run of the series.
4. The poker episode is based on real events: In one of the most popular episodes of the show, the girls all learn how to play poker. It was inspired by the girls of the cast actually learning how to play poker on the set!