Brothers Who Were Kept Inside Their Whole Lives Used Odd Activity To Stay Sane

Imagine that outside forces kept you from leaving your house for longer periods of time — maybe weeks, months, or even an entire year. How would you cope? The Angulo brothers knew this feeling all too well, even though they lived in one of the biggest metropolises on Earth. Completely cut off from the modern world, they found one genius way to stay connected to all the wonders they were missing.

Six brothers

At a glance, family photographs of the long-haired Angulo boys make them seem like part of a totally normal family, enjoying the typical American childhood. However, their early years were anything but typical.

Hidden in the city

The brothers — Bhagavan, Narayana, Govinda, Mukunda, Krisna, and Jagadesh — lived with their parents and sister on Manhattan's Lower East Side. But they didn't know the bustling streets and storefronts of their neighborhood at all.

Shut inside

That's because the children rarely left the apartment, and not by their own choice. Their father Oscar, a radical devotee of the Hare Krishna movement, forbade his family from going outside. To keep everyone in line, he owned the only key to their front door.

Totally cut off

The paranoid patriarch also kept his wife Susanne locked inside, where she homeschooled all seven kids. Apart from hearing their mother's recollections of her childhood in Indiana, the Angulo children had no real reference point for the real world.