20 Pairs Of A-List Celebrity Pals That Have Actually Been Best Friends Since Childhood

When we're kids, we all have the one special person who we call our best friend, and these celebs all have friends whom they've known since childhood... who became famous in their own right! What makes their stories even more incredible? Many of these celebrity besties remain close to this day!

Leonardo Di Caprio and Tobey Maguire

They met while both of their mothers were taking them from audition to audition, and while they've since "made it" in Hollywood, they still play the occasional game of basketball.

Prince William and Eddie Redmayne

It must have been quite exciting for young Eddie to attend Eton College with a literal prince, let alone become friends with the guy! They're admittedly not as close as they once were, but as an Academy Award-winning actor today, he's not doing much worse than his old pal.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

They're now known for hit films and television shows, but they first met as members of The Second City improv group in Chicago...

Getting Her The Gig

Fey landed the Saturday Night Live gig first and had a hand in getting her friend to join her later. They eventually shared the "Weekend Update" desk before appearing in films like Mean Girls and Sisters together.