Ah, celebrities — some are mysterious, some are glamorous, and some are raising the next generation of human beings. You’d think that an abundance of wealth and resources would make them the most responsible parents out there, but come on. This is Hollywood we’re talking about.

Celebs are constantly flipping the script when it comes to parenting, using child-rearing styles that run the gambit of sort-of strange to downright controversial. And now, fans are finally asking: are these celebrities going too far?

1. Alicia Silverstone: She “kiss-feeds” her baby — basically, she feeds him like he’s a baby bird by chewing his food for him and then…well, you know. We’re just wondering why she doesn’t save herself the trouble and buy some pre-pureed baby food?


2. Gwyneth Paltrow: Putting health first, she doesn’t let her kids eat carbs or watch TV in English. We’re all for kids eating healthy foods and expanding their horizons, but a childhood without mind-numbing cartoons and a sugary bowl of Lucky Charms sounds kind of like a downer!


3. Michelle Dugar: Of all the controversies surrounding the 19-kid Duggar clan, this one certainly made us scratch our heads: she apparently flicked her infant children with a ruler if they moved off their blankets, all as part of some evangelical parenting strategy.


4. Mayim Bialik: The Big Bang Theory star teaches her kids to never say “please,” “thank you,” and “I’m sorry” because she thinks the words will end up losing their meaning down the line. To each his own, but since the rest of the world says “please,” won’t her kids just seem rude?

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5. Beyoncé: Queen Bee trademarked the names of her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, further proving that when you’re a queen, you can do anything. We guess it’s cool, mainly since it probably means we’ll see a Rumi and Sir collab album one of these days.

6. Madonna: If her 30+ years in the spotlight have taught us anything, it’s that some of her life choices are definitely…out there. There’s no difference when it comes to raising her kids, as she apparently calls TV “trash” and forbids her children from having newspapers, magazines, and clothing made with synthetic fibers.


7. “Mama” June Thompson: Yet another notorious TLC star, she was slammed for being romantically involved with known child molester Mark McDaniel, who spent ten years behind bars because of his crimes. The fact that Thompson already had four daughters makes it all even worse.


8. Kris Jenner: Sources claim that Kardashian-Jenner matriarch Kris leaked Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s infamous “tape” in an effort to jump start her family’s career. Imagine how awkward that first post-video Thanksgiving dinner must have been…

9. Johnny Depp: The unofficial king of off-beat characters, Johnny Depp’s parenting choices are equally strange: He said he’ll happily share his weed with his kids if they want, and he also saved his then-9-year-old’s hair after it was cut, which is…yeah. Nice?

10. January Jones: We’ve heard of some weird celebrity health kicks before (looking at you, Gwyneth Paltrow) but this one might just top them all: Jones admitted to consuming her dehydrated placenta in pill form as a way of combating Postpartum Depression.

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11. Penelope Cruz: She doesn’t believe in treating babies like, well, babies, because she thinks doing so makes them feel inferior. We’re pretty sure that taking away a baby’s stroller, sippy cup, and bouncer just makes the mom’s life harder, but okay then!

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12. Hilary Duff: This next one is definitely not for the faint of heart! The Younger star said that she kept her son’s umbilical cord stump…in a plastic bag…in the back of her makeup drawer. What would little cartoon Lizzie McGuire say?!


13. Gisele Bundchen: Supermodel, philanthropist, and…potty-training expert? Gisele proudly stated that she had her son potty-trained after only six tries by always holding him over the toilet until he went. She also thinks the only alternative to breastfeeding is toxic “chemical food.”

14. Lisa Whelchel: It definitely seems out of character for the Christian singer and Facts of Life star, but she apparently put hot sauce on her children’s tongues to discipline them. She’s also an outspoken defender of spanking one’s children as a means of discipline.

15. Snookie: Everyone knows Snookie as the tanned Jersey Shore drama-starter, but believe it or not, she once gifted some words of wisdom for new moms: “Do not drink your own breast milk,” and “Don’t crush your baby with your huge hands.” Noted!

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16. Alec Baldwin: He made the impulsive mistake of calling his daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig” over voicemail, which ended up being leaked to the public. At least their relationship seems to be smoother in recent years!


17. Farrah Abraham: Is it any surprise that the notorious Farrah Abraham is on this list? Still, the Teen Mom star really outdid herself when she was caught on tape calling her young daughter “stupid,” “selfish,” and “immature.”

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18. Jenny McCarthy: If you know anything about the anti-vax movement then you know how McCarthy is one of its biggest proponents. It really doesn’t get more controversial than scientifically-unfounded claims about “the dangers” of vaccines, does it?


19. Hulk Hogan: He’s everyone’s favorite mustachioed wrestling champ, but maybe not in his own house. He had an affair with his daughter’s best friend, which resulted in a messy divorce that was mediated by — for some reason — his own son.

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20. Denzel Washington: We understand the importance of respecting authority, but is this taking it too far? From the way Denzel has described he and his wife’s parenting style, his children actually say “Yes, sir” and “No, ma’am” when speaking to their parents. They certainly run a tight ship!


Of course, even great parents are prone to “mommy moments” — those parental brain farts born from exhaustion. Kim Kardashian, for instance, learned to spray tan a little less after her first child, North, ended up with bronzer on her mouth post-breastfeeding!

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2. Serena Williams: You might think there’s nothing that can stop a powerful and imposing athlete like Williams, but think again! During one Twitter rant, Williams admitted her frustration with trying to figure out her child’s stroller!

3. Pink: No parent wants to receive a call from the school principal regarding a potty mouth, but it happens. During an appearance on Ellen, singer Pink admitted her daughter was quickly picking up on foul language and called her an “adorable little sailor.”

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4. Jennifer Garner: When it’s early in the morning and you have multiple little ones sprinting around the kitchen demanding breakfast, it’s easy to mix up names every now and then. Garner admits her memory has floundered on more than one occasion!

5. Julie Bowen: The Modern Family star mastered the skill of driving while pumping milk after having twins, and it led to an embarrassing situation one afternoon. While in bumper-to-bumper traffic, officers approached her vehicle while the pump was still attached to her!

6. Hillary Duff: When the Younger star brought her two-year-old son Luca into the ornament section of Bloomingdale’s, she quickly learned he might be better off away from breakable items. He wasn’t as well-behaved as she’d believed!

7. Carrie Underwood: No matter how hard you try to stick to a rigid diet, you have to take what you can get sometimes. Underwood has admitted that plenty of her “meals” have consisted of leftover food her kids didn’t finish. Bon appetit!

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8. Reese Witherspoon: No matter who they have as parents, most kids hate when their moms or dads try to act “cool.” Witherspoon’s kids are all in their teens and especially dislike her use of words like “lit” and her rapping along to Drake.

9. Chrissy Teigen: While many Hollywood moms might try to act as if their lives are perfect, Teigen’s fans know just how blunt she can be about motherhood. One candid bit of info she shared was that she fell asleep with her breast pump on!

chrissietiegen / Instagram

10. Khloe Kardashian: It’s hard to keep your thoughts in order when you’re required to remember a million things. Khloe Kardashian learned this when she tweeted about her baby’s one-month birthday only to realize she made a mistake about the date!

khloekardashian / Instagram

11. Kristen Bell: Finding time to be intimate with your spouse when you have a full house can be impossible. Bell and husband Dax Shepard were having a little alone time when both of their daughters raided the room! Luckily they played it off like smooth criminals.

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12. Blake Lively: Kids can be temperamental, and Lively and hubby Ryan Reynolds know this all too well. In fact, they candidly expressed on social media that living with their kids’ mood swings was similar to spending time with a substance abuser. Yikes!

13. Mila Kunis: While planning a road trip with her daughter Wyatt, Kunis made sure she was over-prepared for any sort of emergency. However, immediately after pulling out of the driveway, she gasped when she realized she never buckled Wyatt in!

14. Christina Applegate: In an interview with People magazine, Applegate admitted she sometimes just stands in her home amidst the chaos of her kids and thinks, “I’m not doing any of this right!” Rest assured there are millions of moms thinking the same exact thing.

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15. Olivia Wilde: Any parent will tell you it’s hard to go back to work after having a kid. For actress Olivia Wilde, becoming a mom came with an overwhelming desire to ditch the fast-paced Hollywood life to play “endless rounds of Itsy Bitsy Spider” with her young one.

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16. Halle Berry: Even though she’s fulfilled by her career, Berry admitted feeling the pangs of guilt for spending way too much time away from her kids while working on different projects.

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17. Nicole Richie: Kids have a special ability to push parents to the brink of madness sometimes. Back in 2013, Richie tweeted about one tension-filled morning where she and her husband Joel Madden had gotten into five different fights before nine in the morning due to their kids.

nicolerichie / Instgram

18. Tyra Banks: There was one time this superstar was so frazzled she only time for either showering or feeding her baby! Her hubby swooped in at the last second, the baby ate, and Banks got to bathe!

19. Kelly Clarkson: When the country singer first shared photos of her child Remy on Twitter in 2016, she attached the quote, “Meet Remy, our newest edition to the family!” But, “edition” should have been spelled “addition.” Whoops, mommy brain!

20. Heidi Pratt: Obviously women are strongly urged to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, and The Hills star Heidi Pratt was no exception. After 10 months of sobriety, she admitted to being completely deseperate to get back to drinking wine.

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Whether you’re a celebrity mom or not, raising kids is no walk in the park. The big difference with children who grow up in Hollywood is the way they spend cash as they get older. Some of them are really, really good at it…