Famous faces pop up everywhere from your TV screen to the checkout aisle at the supermarket. We see them so regularly we can often recognize celebs without a second glance! However, their looks may have evolved more than you’d expect.

Here are photos of major stars from when they were young and fresh-faced kids. You might recognize some of these future celebrities, but we guarantee you won’t be able to figure out who all these smiling baby faces grew up to be…

1. Try to imagine this performer without the glasses and paper hat. She had an early start to her showbiz career with a starring role on Barney & Friends, but even after she stopped working with the dinosaur, her career didn’t go extinct.

After emerging as a huge Disney star, Demi Lovato has rattled off a string of pop hits. In addition, she’s also stood out as a key advocate for mental health awareness and marriage equality.


2. Once an aspiring actress, she felt thrilled to land a gig as a mere briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal. Just a few years later, this woman set aside her dreams of becoming Hollywood royalty.


That’s only because she became literal royalty! After a successful tenure on the USA drama Suits, Meghan Markle began dating Prince Harry. They wed in 2018, and the rest is a story fit for a fairytale.

3. Growing up in Barbados, Rihanna started a musical group with a couple of high school friends. Her big break came when she impressed an American record producer, who then introduced her to Jay-Z. Ever since there’s hardly been a cloud in sight for Rihanna.

4. This kid looks like he could’ve been the star of a 1980s sitcom! That never came to pass, but he did do some pretty cool stuff throughout his childhood. He started writing poetry at age 5, and he lived in China for a period of time.

Do you miss the old Kanye? That little kid grew up to be perhaps the most influential artist today, both for his record-breaking albums and for his controversial offstage antics. Love him or hate him, Kanye West is always interesting.

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5. That’s one cute kid, man! See what we did there? It’s Nicole Kidman! Since straightening out her childhood curls, she’s won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in The Hours, and she’s married Keith Urban.

6. Chances are you don’t recognize the stone-faced kid in the driver’s seat. While on a family trip to New York a couple years later, however, she signed with a talent scout and caught enough fire to become a huge star.

Now pretty much everybody knows Jennifer Lawrence! Starring in blockbusters like The Hunger Games, X-Men, and Silver Linings Playbook, she’s both wooed the critics and raked in huge box office paydays.

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7. While attending high school in Toronto, Aubrey Graham decided to pursue an acting career. Here’s his headshot from picture day, though he gained fame for attending an entirely different — not to mention fictional — school.

Going by his middle name, Drake joined the cast of the teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation before focusing on music. The hip-hop artist has broken the record for most Billboard Hot 100 records by a solo performer.

8. The real Slim Shady has stood up! Since his 1996 debut, Eminem has made a name for himself as one of the biggest rappers in history. He’s one of the few artists out there to find the sweet spot between mainstream success and bold, edgy music.

9. With a film producer dad and a script supervisor mom, it seemed perfectly natural for this kid to enter showbiz. In 2002, she landed her first major role as Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room.

Worldwide audiences really came to know Kristen Stewart from her vampire-loving lead role in the Twilight Series. Recently, she’s transitioned into more of an indie film darling and has even begun directing.

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10. A Bronx native, this girl ignored her family’s insistence that she would never become a movie star. She found some work in regional theater productions and landed a background dancing gig as a Fly Girl on In Living Color. But now everybody knows Jenny from the Block.

11. The cast of Hook (then): Hook was a beloved kids’ movie directed by Steven Spielberg that got people excited about Peter Pan again. The Lost Boys were the best part of the whole film, and the food fight scene is always a fan favorite.

Hook (now): The Lost Boys are all grown up now, even though they lived in a place where growing up was frowned upon! Twenty-five years after the movie was released in theaters, the cast came together to take this epic picture.

22 Vision / YouTube

12.The Cast of A League of Their Own (then): This classic baseball film had people all over saying the phrase, “There’s no crying in baseball!” The Rockford Peaches impressed audiences everywhere with their enthusiasm and camaraderie.

A League of Their Own (now): The ladies of the Rockford Peaches don’t play too much baseball anymore, but they all came together for a great picture on a baseball diamond on Mother’s Day in 2016. They were even joined by Gina Casey, a real-life Rockford Peach!

13. The Cast of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (then): This classic tale of Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka’s candy factory hit the sweet tooth of every child who saw it. Everyone wanted to win a golden ticket for the grand tour.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (now): In 2011, four of the cast members reunited for the film’s 40th anniversary. The actress who played Veruca Salt was the only one of the kids who went on to continue with a career in film.

14. The Cast of The Big Lebowski (then): This Coen Brothers’ movie from 1998 introduced the world to Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski and his crew of misfit friends. Since its release, the film has become a cult classic with cinephiles everywhere.

The Big Lebowski (now): Nearly all of the main actors who played in the movie went on to have hugely successful movie and television careers. Apparently, at the reunion, it was hard to hear any of the actors speak because of screaming fans.

15. The Cast of The Goonies (then): The Goonies brought worldwide audiences with them while the group of boys searched for One-Eyed Willie’s treasure. Plus, who can forget Chunk’s famous “Truffle Shuffle?”

The Goonies (now): In 2009, the cast got together for a 20th anniversary reunion, and it was actually the first time all the actors had been in the same room since filming. Chunk is now a lawyer and probably won’t be revisiting his Truffle Shuffle anytime soon, though.

16. Clueless (then): Clueless was a favorite among teens, and it still is to this day. Alicia Silverstone starred as Cher in this modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma. Audiences loved the valley girl shtick Silverstone perfected.

Clueless (now): The cast came together in 2012 for a photo shoot. Paul Rudd and Jeremy Sisto aren’t pictured here, but you can be sure they attended. Unfortunately, the only person missing was Brittany Murphy, who had passed away three years earlier.

17. Napoleon Dynamite (then): Napoleon Dynamite set the bar high for quirky independent comedies when it came out in 2004. The movie was full of relatively unknown actors at the time, but they all played their roles perfectly, making the movie an instant classic.

Napoleon Dynamite (now): Seeing the actors off set is quite interesting. Napoleon’s geeky attire is gone, and the other characters don’t have their oddball personas either. One thing’s for sure: the world still wants to vote for Pedro.

18. The Princess Bride (then): In 1987, this film had audiences all over the world laughing hysterically. It’s one of the most quotable movies of all time, and with characters such as Princess Buttercup, Westley, Inigo Montoya, and Vizzini, it would be.

The Princess Bride (now): The entire cast, except for the late Andre the Giant, came together in 2009 for an awesome photo shoot. The group also attended the 25th anniversary screening at the 50th New York Film Festival in New York City.

19. The Breakfast Club (then): A jock, a nerd, a criminal, a princess, and a basket case won the hearts of movie-goers everywhere in this film. This classic 1985 John Hughes movie starring the Brat Pack spoke to teenage angst.

The Breakfast Club (now): In 2010, the group (minus Emilio Estevez) got together for the 25th reunion of the film’s opening. It was said that Estevez may have been too busy filming another Mighty Ducks movie to attend, but that rumor was never confirmed.

20. Ghostbusters (then): This motley crew of paranormal investigators was introduced to the world in 1984. The movie was a great mix of comedy and horror, and the actors themselves were already on their way to becoming comedy legends.

Ghostbusters (now): Pretty much the entire cast of Ghostbusters went on to make tons of great films. Bill Murray established himself as somewhat of a comedy god, and to this day, he still makes everyone laugh with his eccentric roles.

21. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (then): This 1975 rock musical pushed the boundaries of risque cinema, although today it’s timid in comparison. It’s since become such a cult hit that it’s still shown all over the world at special midnight screenings.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (now): Amazingly, the film was considered a huge flop when it came out, but it didn’t seem to affect the future careers of any of its stars. Now, however, the movie is bigger than any of the actors could have predicted at the time.

22. Forrest Gump (then): Audiences fell in love with the movie’s titular character almost immediately. He was simple man with a lot of love to give, and Tom Hanks played the role impeccably. The movie went on to win the Academy Award for “Best Picture” in 1994.

Forrest Gump (now): In 2014, Gary Sinise, the actor who played Lieutenant Dan, held a Hollywood Salutes Heroes event to honor those who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, and the three lead actors all took a selfie backstage.

23. School of Rock (then): Richard Linklater’s 1994 film about a substitute teacher who puts on a rock concert with his students took months to cast, but in the end, the group of kids they decided on came together in the perfect ensemble.

School of Rock (now): Ten years after the movie hit theaters, the entire cast of kids got back together and, well… they sure aren’t kids anymore! The Austin Film Society even had the cast put on a rock concert for audience members.

24. The Way We Were (then): In 1973, Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford, two of the world’s biggest stars, came together for The Way We Were, a romantic drama directed by acclaimed director Sydney Pollack.

The Way We Were (now): In 2015, more than 40 years later, the Film Society of Lincoln Center held the Chaplin Awards; Redford was presented with the award by Streisand. Streisand had received it two years prior, as well.

25. The Sound of Music (then): This 1965 movie mesmerized audiences with its songs and lovable characters. It swept the Academy Awards the year it came out, and audiences everywhere were hoping the hills by their homes were alive with the sound of music.

The Sound of Music (now): The Von Trapp family reunited on a special episode of Oprah Winfrey’s show, and guess what? They’re all grown up! The cast was all smiles while they stood on stage for a thrilled audience.

26. Goodfellas (then): Martin Scorsese’s hard-hitting gangster film was full of intimidating performances by the lead Mafia men, specifically Joe Pesci, who actually won an Academy Award for his maniacal role.

Goodfellas (now): In 2015, the Tribeca Film Festival, which was actually created by Robert De Niro, screened a new print of the movie to close out the festival. In a Q&A afterwards, audiences learned Joe Pesci’s famous “funny” scene was mostly improvised!

27. Aliens (then): Sigourney Weaver became the highest paid actress in 1986 by making $1 million for her reprisal as Ellen Ripley in Aliens, the sequel to the incredibly popular Alien. It’s one of the few sequels people say is actually better than the original.

Aliens (now): In 2011, the cast of the film came together at an Entertainment Weekly reunion. They even had a life-size version of an alien available for the shoot! These actors didn’t seem too terrified of the Xenomorph…

28. A Christmas Story (then): Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie, and A Christmas Story takes the cake for most people. From the relatable kids to the father’s leg-lamp, it’s full of memorable scenes.

A Christmas Story (now): In 2003, the cast reunited in honor of the film’s 20th anniversary. Peter Billingsley, the actor who played Ralphie, went on to become a successful Hollywood director, making movies like Couple’s Retreat.

29. Stand By Me (then): Rob Reiner’s 1996 adaptation of Stephen King’s short story about a group of boys searching for a dead body (“The Body”) was an instant classic. It launched successful careers for all of the stars (from left): Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Jerry O’Connell, Corey Feldman, and even Kiefer Sutherland.

Stand By Me (now): In 2011, everyone except for Phoenix, who tragically passed away at the age of 23, reunited for the film’s Blue-Ray DVD launch. The most noticeable physical change among the actors was Jerry O’Connell (far left), whose current physique is a long way from the chubby child he was in the movie!

30. Back to the Future (then): Robert Zemeckis’s sci-fi adventure film led to a theme park ride, two sequels—and of course, plenty of people who wanted to travel through time. Everyone wanted to harness their inner Marty McFly and find a Doc to hang around with.

Back to the Future (now): During the 25th anniversary reunion in 2010, the actors dined on a DeLorean time-machine shaped cake! Everyone was still looking good, and Micheal J. Fox had come a long way since his Parkinson’s diagnosis years before.

31. Wayne’s World (then): What started as a sketch on Saturday Night Live quickly became a comedy cult hit when it arrived in theaters in 1992. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey played two goofy rockers who brought a new appreciation to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Wayne’s World (now): In 2013, the cast came together at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles for a special screening of the film to commemorate its 21st anniversary. Looking good, everyone!

32. Scarface (then): Considered by many to be the greatest gangster film of all time, Oliver Stone’s movie shocked audiences with its brutal depiction of drugs and violence. Everyone can thank this film for its signature line, “Say hello to my little friend!”

Scarface (now): The lead actors came together in Los Angeles in 2011 at the Belasco Theater to honor the film’s long success. The party featured a cake that was decorated with the line, “The world is yours,” and streaks of icing that resembled lines of cocaine.

This isn’t a now-and-then photo, but a perfect historical lookalike! Back in the 1800s, Matthew McConaughey apparently had a secret double, and he looks alright, alright, alright. The key difference is that Matthew drives a Lincoln, while his old-fashioned doppelgänger voted for Lincoln.

2. That bearded man looks like he could be Ellen DeGeneres’ great-grandfather, but he’s actually famed author Henry David Thoreau! Ellen probably wouldn’t mind some alone time out in the woods, but Thoreau wouldn’t fare too well hosting a daytime talk show.

3. Eddie Murphy hasn’t appeared in too many movies in recent years. Could it be because he’s busy traveling back in time? This picture makes it seem like a possibility. These two guys could easily be trading places.

4. A woman named Shannon Welch shared a childhood photo of her boyfriend online. That part isn’t too unusual, but what’s eerie is how his middle school self is a dead ringer for Natalie Portman.

5. Nicolas Cage owns a lot of weird stuff: a pet octopus, a dinosaur skull, a couple of medieval castles. So it’s only fitting that he should also have a guy who looked just like him from 150 years ago.

6. Does Matt Damon have something to explain to his wife, Luciana? Fortunately, Will Hunting can rest easy in this case. That smiling stud on the left is nothing more than a guy who’s the spitting image of the A-list actor.

7. These days, people know Alec Baldwin for spoofing Donald Trump, but he actually bears a much bigger resemblance to another President — Millard Fillmore! The not-so-famous Fillmore served less than a full term, which is why most Americans don’t see the likeness.

Reddit / oxfordkentuckian

8. Maggie Gyllenhaal is descended from Swedish nobility, but she looks like she could also be related to Rose Wilder Lane. Daughter of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose helped found the modern libertarian movement.

9. The King of Pop went through a ton of looks, so we can imagine he “borrowed” a few from other people. Is it possible this portrait was Michael Jackson’s style muse? Never say never in Neverland.

Bored Panda

10. It’s hard to say what’s better, the fact that young Leo DiCaprio has a woman lookalike, or that her name is Judy Zipper? If Judy fell in love with Leo on the Titanic, we bet she would have made room for him on that floating door.

11. A Lannister always pays his debts, so Peter Dinklage shouldn’t mind emptying out his wallet for this stunning portrait. Capturing the likeness of court jester Sebastián de Morra, it would look right at home on the set of Game of Thrones.

12. Here’s two doppelgängers for the price of one! Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliffe found their carbon copies in this vintage pic, and it’s almost hard to believe. Maybe Harry Potter cooked up another Polyjuice potion!

13. This one might actually be time travel. Jennifer Lawrence’s likeness to Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat is so on point, people are demanding that Lawrence play her in a biopic. But really, who else could?

14. Mark Zuckerberg reigns over his Facebook empire, so it’s only fitting that he resembles a real-life monarch. He and King Philip IV of Spain share many features, though Mark lacks the prominent Habsburg lip that characterized many royal European families.

15. When Christina Ostrom dug through old family photos, she came across this gem of her grandparents, who look like Hugh Hefner and a much older Taylor Swift! Don’t know about you, but they’re looking 82.

16. Is this what Jack Sparrow looked like before he turned to piracy? In reality, Michael William Johnstone shared this headshot of his grandfather, who was a dead ringer for Johnny Depp — but maybe even more dapper.

17. We wonder what Justin Timberlake did before his solo career, and we’re not talking about NSYNC. Based of off this 1800s mugshot, we can’t help but wonder if he had a lucrative bank-robbing career back in the day.

18. Lots of people try to discredit celebrity lookalike photos, but this picture has the stamp of approval from the New York Public Library itself! Titled “Harlem Loiterers,” the 1939 image features the spitting image of Jay-Z. Too bad Beyonce’s double is nowhere in sight!

19. History buffs may recognize that congressman Thaddeus Stevens has the same look as famous tough guy Tommy Lee Jones. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Steven Spielberg cast Jones to play Stevens in his historical masterpiece, Lincoln.

20. A wild and crazy guy like Steve Martin has no problem dressing up in wacky outfits, but he didn’t need to in this case! The figure on the left is actually a woman from the Victorian Era. Though she looks a lot like Steve, she would likely blush at many of his jokes.

You don’t have to comb through history books to find celebrity doppelgangers. Surely people tell this talented cook just how much he resembles Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman.

2. Jeff Goldblum: Jeff Goldblum is often regarded as one of Hollywood’s most quirky leading men. So who else could have possibly been graced with such unique taste? Well, this guy! Both men are incredibly stylish, so really, who’s to say they’re not long-lost twins existing in different parts of the world?

3. Britney Spears: During the late ’90s, Britney Spears took over the world with her catchy tunes and dance moves. Most of all, people couldn’t get over her naturally gorgeous looks. But slow down… she might have a Macedonian twin! The similarities are uncanny.

4. George Clooney: George Clooney has always been regarded for his good looks, so it’s strange to think that someone else in the world is just as handsome. If you were sitting on the subway and this man plopped down in the seat across from yours, would you be fooled?

5. Barack Obama: There are many defining characteristics about the former U.S. president. From his bright smile to his overall charm, you’d think he was completely unique. Not so fast! At first glance you might think that was Obama flashing a smile, but you’d be gravely mistaken. The man on the right is actually Indonesian.

6. Vladimir Putin: If there are any defining characteristics about the Russian president, it has to be his thin lips and receding hairline. Residents of this Chinese man’s hometown must wonder what Vladimir Putin was doing wandering around their neighborhood!

7. Angelina Jolie: You’d think that Angelina Jolie’s unique looks only came around once in a generation. Thankfully for this woman, it happened twice! Chelsea Marr has become quite a hit after people noticed that she looks exactly like the famous actress!

8. Jim Carrey: Jim Carrey is regarded in the comedy community for disappearing into his various roles. From the bowl cut he rocked in Dumb and Dumber to actually wearing a mask in The Mask, he always commits one hundred percent. But maybe he has some competition?

9. Leonardo DiCaprio: When Leonardo DiCaprio burst onto the scene, people couldn’t help but fall for his boyish good looks. With those deep-set eyes, he always left other people’s jaws on the floor. Well step aside, Leo; Swedish bartender Konrad Annerud is here!

10. Danny DeVito: Whether you know him as Frank Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia or as the father in Matilda, Danny DeVito hasn’t changed much over his long career. Who could possibly look like him? Well, this Brazilian man, who’s a dead ringer for the comedic actor!

11. Kendall Jenner: Kendall Jenner’s profile increased as she began her modeling career. Since then, she’s grown so famous that you might assume there’s no one else like her on Earth. You’d be wrong! Her Kardashi-Twin, Russian model Kate Bogucharskaia, will certainly give her a run for her money.

12. Matt Damon: Thanks to his boyish looks and bright smile, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t recognize Matt Damon immediately. While his doppelgänger obviously has a darker skin tone, almost every other feature is the same. How ’bout them apples?

13. Hugh Laurie: Everyone remembers Hugh Laurie as the witty star of the TV show House. Yet, have you heard of his long-lost twin? Well, technically he doesn’t have one, but there’s certainly a close match. Should Hugh ever need a body double, there’s this guy!

14. Taylor Swift: This songwriter may be known for reinventing herself, but don’t confuse her with her doppelgänger, April Gloria, who frequently cosplays as the famous pop star.

15. Brad Pitt: Brad Pitt is regarded as one of the most attractive men in the world. Yet one man proves that the Hollywood actor’s not the only one with chiseled good looks! He definitely gives Pitt a run for his money.

16. B.J. Novak: If there’s one person who would enjoy seeing more of Ryan Howard in The Office‘s upcoming reboot, it’s definitely writer, co-executive producer, and star B.J. Novak. Should he get tired of all his roles, he knows he has a stunt double in this guy!

17. The Cowardly Lion: It must have taken this doppelgänger a lot of courage to admit he looks like the timid big cat from The Wizard of Oz. The resemblance is right on! Just look at that expression. Rawr!

18. Harry Styles: Teenage girls must be beside themselves when they run into this One Direction lookalike. He might not be able to hit the same notes or perform at all, but what he lacks in talent, he makes up for in good looks.

19. Jack Black: This guy looks so similar to comedian and musician Jack Black that you have to wonder if he plays guitar and sings in a Tenacious D cover band called Determined D. He could make a killing!

20. Woody: There are good celebrities to look like, then there are just bizarre ones. This guy who looks like Woody from Toy Story definitely falls into the latter. Kids at Disney must ask for his autograph all the time!