The Most Iconic Celebrities From All 50 States

When it comes to celebrity homes, most of them flock to penthouse apartments in the big city or sprawling mansions by the sea. Of course, most stars haven't been living in these spots for their entire lives. Actors, singers, and artists come from all over the place. Every nook and cranny of the United States has produced at least one gigantic celebrity, and those hometown settings probably had a bigger effect on their early years than you would realize. Here is the biggest star from each state — some might've grown up right down the street from you!

1. Alabama - Channing Tatum

The Magic Mike star spent his first six years in Cullman, Alabama, before moving to Mississippi and Florida. To this day, however, he still remains a huge fan of Crimson Tide football. Tatum has the physique of a college athlete too — maybe he can pull off a college-level 21 Jump Street and become Alabama's newest quarterback?

2. Alaska - Jewel

Lots of prospectors went up to Alaska during the Gold Rush, but none of them ever thought to look for a Jewel. The pop songstress grew up in the town of Homer in a house without any running water! Needless to say, this prolific musician can now afford all the fancy faucets and bathtubs that her heart desires.

3. Arizona - Emma Stone

This star is undoubtedly The Favourite of everyone in Scottsdale. Stone grew up and started her acting career there as a child before moving to Los Angeles. As you might have heard, she's had quite a bit of success since then, highlighted by the 2017 Oscar for Best Actress following her song-and-dance turn in the hit La La Land.

4. Arkansas - Johnny Cash

The Man in Black sang "I've Been Everywhere," but first, he lived in Kingsland, Arkansas. He, his parents, and his six siblings grew up in this one-story farmhouse. In fact, it's now on the National Register of Historic Places. Of course, back then, he wasn't Johnny yet. The music icon was actually born with the first name of J.R.