Celebrity Chauffeurs Reveal Secrets About What The Job Is Really Like

Almost every celebrity has some sort of reputation, for better or worse. Whether they're known for being a jerk or for being as humble as can be, we rarely ever get glimpses into the truth behind those personas.

Some folks who do get those rare looks into the real personalities of the rich and famous are the chauffeurs who drive them from one place to another. So, when people on Reddit asked them to anonymously share some of their best celebrity stories, the results were... something else.

Take a look at some of these crazy stories and secrets about the job because they do not disappoint!

1. "Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Hannover/Germany... While on the way to [a] fairground, he noticed that he was out of cigars. So, he told the whole motorcade (about 15 cars, including police and motorcycles) to stop by some tobacco store... so there were about 15 cars, lights flashing, standing in front of a tobacco store in the middle of downtown with hundreds of people watching while the Terminator was getting some cigars."
2. "I have been a 'getaway driver,' but not what you think. A client of mine started a fight at a local bar. He called me and asked me if I was in their area. I stated I was, he asked me to come get him. When I was close, I called him telling him so. He told me to just slow down, don't even stop. Roll the back window down and he would jump in. I did, he did, I took him home, and that was the easiest $200 I ever made!"
3. One chauffeur—who will remain anonymous—noted the importance of not "naming names" when discussing the crazy stories that drivers experience. It's important to respect the privacy of your clients, no matter what they do! Fair enough, but that's no fun!
4. Not only do many drivers choose to be so discreet about their clients, but some of them have no choice otherwise. Certain celebrities actually require their chauffeurs to sign non-disclosure agreements!