Lacing up your sneakers and walking out into a world that is not yet awake is one of the private joys of a runner. As you start to hit your stride, the world settles into an innocuous blur orchestrated by your own rhythm and pace. Exhilaration and exhaustion oscillate through you as your feet pound against the pavement. A kind of freedom realized.

In considering the ranks of people who push themselves to new extremes, it’s only natural to think of celebrities. After running 26.2 miles, these celebs must’ve found it impossible not to discover a new sense of self-worth and gratitude for feet that took them such distances…

1. Pippa Middleton: People have often wondered how the younger sister of Duchess Kate Middleton maintains her impressive figure. Her answer? Running all over the world! She ran her first marathon in 2015 in Kenya, finishing at 3:56:33; a year later she came in as the 13th fastest female in The Great Wall of China Marathon. You go, girl!

2. Gordon Ramsay: The host of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares claims he can only function efficiently under pressure. Coming from the guy that’s completed 15 marathons, 3 ultra-marathons, 4 half-Ironmans, and the Ironman in Hawaii, it sounds like he knows what’s good for him.

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3. Oprah Winfrey: After working with a personal trainer for 20 weeks, Oprah crossed the finish line of the 1994 Marine Corps marathon at an impressive 4:29:20. Her race inspired thousands to start running, and in Oprah’s own words, “finishing felt better than winning an Emmy.”

4. Will Ferrell: It may come as a surprise that on-screen goof Will Ferrell is a seasoned marathoner. The Anchorman star has completed 4 marathons to date, including New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, and Boston, where he got his personal record of 3:56:12.

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5. Uzo Aduba: The “Crazy Eyes” actress from Orange is the New Black has run in two marathons, the second of which she ran to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. This isn’t so surprising considering Aduba went to college on an athletic scholarship!

6. Ryan Reynolds: In 2015, Reynolds ran the NYC marathon to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease, which his own father had struggled with for 15 years. Before the race, Reynolds wrote: “I am a running joke.” Yet, he finished in 3:50:22. Not exactly a joke time.

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7. Sean Combs: In 2003, when he was still known as P. Diddy, Combs completed the New York marathon in 4:14:54. The rapper’s run raised $2 million, which he split between two children’s charities and NYC public schools. Way to run for a cause!

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8. Pamela Anderson: At 46 years old the former Baywatch actress, who admittedly hardly ever ran across the street, completed the New York marathon. Though she didn’t exactly finish in record time, she still pulled in $288,492 for Sean Penn’s Haitian Relief Fund.

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9. Natalie Dormer: If there was a race for the marathon throne, this GOT actress would be one to look out for. Having completed the London marathon twice now, Dormer has not only crossed the finish line in an impressive 3:50:57, but has also raised $7,200 for the ChildLine charity.

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10. Kevin Hart: This comedian may be new to running, but it doesn’t mean he’s not fast. Hart took his training very seriously after registering for the NYC marathon in 2017, and that became very clear as he came in with a time of 4:06:06. Hart felt so good after his first marathon, he decided to do it all over again the next year in Chicago.


11. Katie Holmes: Holmes was purported to have been one of the many celebs to complete the NYC marathon in 2007, though it’s hard to say for sure if that’s true because she registered under an alias. Elaborate ruse or not, former-hubby, Cruise and their daughter, Suri, were all smiles at the finish line.


12. George W. Bush: Not only is it surprising to see a former president running a marathon, but it’s even more impressive because ol’ George W. is the fastest marathoner on this list! That’s right, at 46-year-old, Bush Jr. completed the 1993 Houston marathon at a wow-worthy 3:44:52. Guess racing for the highest office in the land can prepare you for anything!

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13. Karlie Kloss: The former Victoria’s Secret Angel admitted she used to hate running, but she had a dramatic change of heart as she decided to challenge herself to a half marathon. She was shocked to realize how much she loved the sport, so of course she immediately registered for the full NYC marathon in 2017. Keep it up, Kloss!

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14. Joe Strummer: In 1982, the late lead vocalist of The Clash ran the Paris marathon with his girlfriend. Though neither of them was officially registered for the race, Strummer’s participation garnered a lot of attention. When asked what he did to prepare, he replied that he drank 10 pints of beer the night before. Punk life 4ever!

15. Flea: The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist ran his first marathon in 2011 after reading Born To Run. Never having been interested in running before, Flea was deeply inspired by the book and began working with a running coach. A few months later, he finished the LA marathon at 3:52:59.

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16. Christy Turlington Burns: This supermodel is an old hand at the whole marathon thing, currently having 6 under her belt. She recently said in an interview with The Cut: “Right before a marathon starts, there’s almost always that feeling of, I can’t believe I’m doing this again. But after, I feel euphoric.”

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17. Edward Norton: In order to train for the 2009 NYC marathon, the American History X actor executed a pretty unusual training regiment. Norton flew to Kenya to spend weeks training with the famously fast Maasai warriors. In return, Norton used his marathon to raise funds and awareness for the Maasai tribe and its preservation.

18. Alicia Keys: The GRAMMY-winning singer ran in the 2015 NYC marathon in order to raise money for a charity that she founded, which aids impoverished families in Africa and India. Keys spoke of her training for the race as extremely difficult, but nothing like what these less fortunate families face on a daily basis.

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19. Drew Carey: Many people might not know the Price is Right host served in the Marine Corps Reserve for 6 years before becoming a TV personality. His service drove him to run in the 2011 Marine Corps marathon and the 2011 NYC marathon. Oorah, Carey!

20. Andrea Barber: This former Full Houser loves to run! To date, Barber has completed 3 marathons and 26 half marathons. Runner’s World has quoted her saying that she’s obsessed with running not just for the sport, but as a reminder of how incredible our bodies really are.

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While there are a slew of sporty, athletic celebs (not including the professional athletes) who have put their strength to the test, there are others who prefer to show off their love of sports with their hard-earned cash… via investing.

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2. Serena & Venus Williams: After purchasing a small stake in the Miami Dolphins back in 2009, these barrier-breaking tennis stars became the first black women to own an NFL franchise.

Sports Toast

3. Elton John: Rocketman? More like soccer man! Elton John has served in a variety of roles – including that of chairman – for his hometown Watford Football Club since investing in 1976. Today he holds the title of the club’s “president for life.”

Evening Standard

4. Drew Carey: The price was certainly right for Drew Carey when he purchased a minority share of Major League Soccer’s Seattle Sounders in 2007. Under Carey’s ownership, the team has found great success and even brought home an MLS Cup in 2016.

OurSports Central

5. Will Smith: In west Philadelphia born and raised… well, you know the rest. One of Philly’s most famous sons, Will Smith is a minority owner of his hometown Philadelphia 76ers, and he hasn’t been shy about repping his team over the years.

Bleacher Report

6. Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons: For three rockin’ years, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were the majority owners of the Arena Football League’s Los Angeles Kiss. Unfortunately, KISS fans and football fans proved to be two very different breeds, and the team folded in 2016.


7. Michael Jordan: Already one of the most iconic athletes of all time and the head of a billion-dollar shoe empire, Michael Jordan can also add “team owner” to his resume. Since 2014, Jordan has served as a majority stakeholder of the Charlotte Hornets.

Charlotte Business Journal

8. Will Ferrell: While the 6’3″ comedian may seem an ideal fit for the basketball court, Will Ferrell seems to be more interested in soccer. Since 2016, the legendary funnyman has been part-owner of MLS’ Los Angeles FC.

MLS Soccer

9. Jon Bon Jovi: The AFL’s Philadelphia Soul owes its existence in large part to Jon Bon Jovi, who helped found the team in 2004. The team won its first championship in 2008, but the rockstar was forced to sell after the AFL went under a year later.

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10. Magic Johnson: A Los Angeles legend, it’s no surprise that Magic Johnson holds significant financial interest in a number of local teams. In addition to his duties as the president of basketball operations for the Lakers, Johnson also owns stakes in the Sparks, LAFC, and the Dodgers.

Sports Illustrated

11. David Letterman: Back in 1996, David Letterman’s longtime friend Bobby Rahal approached him with an opportunity to invest in his racing team. Today, the team is known as Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing and competes in Verizon’s IndyCar Series.


12. David Beckham: When David Beckham signed with MLS in 2007, very few people knew his contract included an option to one day own an expansion team at a discounted rate. Well, that day has come, and Beckham is now part-owner of Inter Miami CF.


13. Usher: Investing in a sports team is often a gamble, but the one Usher made in 2005 definitely paid off. As a part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Usher has collected five division championships, three conference championships, and an NBA title.

CBS San Francisco

14. Yao Ming: Things have come full circle for NBA legend Yao Ming, as in 2009 he purchased the Shanghai Sharks, the very same team that gave him his start in the basketball world 16 years earlier. Most recently, Yao was unanimously elected chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association.

China Daily

15. Russell Crowe: When he purchased a majority share of the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby team in 2006, Crowe was determined to turn the historically bad team into a champion. Eight years later, the Rabbitohs won their first premiership in over four decades.


16. Wayne Gretzky & John Candy: What kind of relationship could a hockey icon and comedy legend have? Well, along with sports executive Bruce McNall, the two co-owned the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League until Candy’s death in 1994.

Sports Illustrated

17. Mario Lemieux: In the fall of 1999, as the Pittsburgh Penguins teetered on the brink of financial ruin, team center Mario Lemieux offered to forgive the team’s debt to him in exchange for franchise ownership. Since taking over, Lemieux has led the Penguins to three Stanley Cup victories.

18. George W. Bush: Prior to his political career, the younger Bush headed a group of investors and actually purchased the Texas Rangers in 1989. He served as managing general partner for five years before deciding to run for Texas governorship.

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19. Nick Lachey: After a failed bid at becoming a part owner of the Cincinnati Reds, Nick Lachey set his sights a bit lower on the minor leagues. Now, the former 98 Degrees frontman owns one-third of the Seattle Mariners’ Triple A affiliate, the Tacoma Rainers.

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20. Shaquille O’Neal: This should come as a surprise to no one, as Shaq has become the poster boy for finding new life in retirement. In addition to being a sports analyst, actor, rapper, MMA fighter, and even police officer, “The Big Aristotle” is also a minority owner of the Sacramento Kings.


21. Justin Timberlake: Basketball usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think of JT, but the Memphis native is actually a huge fan of his hometown Grizzlies and even owns a minority share of the team.


22. Jay-Z: Never one to forget his Brooklyn beginnings, Jay-Z was an integral part of bringing basketball to the borough in 2012. After holding a small share in the Brooklyn Nets, Jay-Z sold his stake a year later after founding his Roc Nation Sports agency.


When celebs have money to throw around, sure, they sometimes invest it in the sports teams we root for on a daily basis. Other times, they spend it in more frivolous ways.

2. Jay-Z: He probably used the profits from the Nets sale to buy the diamond-encrusted Barbie that he and Beyoncé gave Blue Ivy for her first birthday. Studded with $85k worth of glittering stones, the Barbie is worth more than some Nets players make in a season!

3. Lady Gaga: Known to be deathly afraid of ghosts, the Mother Monster once dropped $50k on an electromagnetic ghost detector to help her detect any unwanted spirits. Let’s hope she doesn’t mistake herself for one…

4. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Kim-ye spent a whopping $170k on a teddy bear for their daughter, Chicago West. Clad in Louis Vuitton, this bear would make any runway model jealous.

5. Michael Jackson: The pop icon spent much of his vast fortune on Neverland Ranch, a place that marveled all those who visited it. During its heyday, the 3,000-acre property was home to a private zoo, a carnival, a working arcade, and a miniature railroad.

6. Paris Hilton: For years, Paris Hilton has been on damage control in an attempt to repair her image; however, it probably didn’t help that she forked over $325,000 for an air-conditioned, two-story dog mansion modeled after her own home.

7. Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson spending $150k on a pair of adult Bengal tigers is the ultimate show of machismo. Unfortunately for Tyson, these tigers also cost him a gold tooth, as one of the big cats head-butted it right out of his mouth.

8. Madonna: The Quinta Do Relogio Estate, which was once the estate of a Portuguese nobleman, is worth up to $9 million. It features a palace, a chapel, and a park that the Queen of Pop is currently working to restore to their former glory.

9. Richard Branson: Yawn. Billionaires buying islands for themselves is so blasé. Apparently, Richard Branson thought so, too. That’s why instead of keeping a small island off the coast of Australia all to himself, he designated it as a private vacation spot for Virgin staff worldwide.

10. Beyoncé: Jay-Z may have once bought her a private jet, but Beyoncé came right back with a diamond-coated Hublot Big Bang watch valued at $5 million.

11. Arnold Schwarzenegger: It’s really not hard to imagine Arnold waltzing into a military base and demanding ownership of a ten-ton death machine. Thankfully, the former Governor of California only keeps his million-dollar tank for “recreational” use.

12. Roman Abramovich: When you’re an unimaginably wealthy Russian billionaire who already owns the Chelsea Football Club, what else is left to buy? The billion-dollar Eclipse yacht, complete with 24 guest rooms, two swimming pools, and a missile defense system. That’s what.

13. Nicolas Cage: The $3.4 million LaLaurie mansion, which Cage lost due to foreclosure in 2009, was rumored to be haunted by the restless spirits of a number of murdered slaves.

14. Akon: Rappers are constantly trying to upstage one another with flashy chains and outfits covered in head-to-toe diamonds. So, what did Akon do in 2007 to silence the competition once and for all? He became co-owner of a South African diamond mine. Checkmate.

Universal Music Group Germany

15. Laurence Graff: Unsatisfied with his purchase of a $24.3 million stone in 2008, the founder of Graff Diamonds paid a ridiculous $46.2 million for a huge pink diamond two years later.

Eve’s Watch

16. Justin Bieber: Whether you’re a fan of the animated show Family Guy or not, Justin Bieber’s decision to drop $25k on a diamond Stewie Griffin necklace is definitely a questionable one.

17. Yusaku Maezawa: The founder of the mail-order business Start Today has accumulated an art collection that even museums envy. That’s why in 2017, Maezawa forked over a cool $110.5 million to add Jean-Michael Basquiat’s “Untitled” to his gallery.

18. Larry Ellison: In 2012, the 5th wealthiest man in America (second from the left) purchased 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai for a shockingly low $300 million. The 90,000 acre island includes a luxury Four Seasons hotel and is home to a town of 3,200 people.

Hollywood Reporter

19. Mukesh Ambani: This mogul chose to use his incredible wealth to build a 40-story apartment complex known as the Antilla. With nine high-speed elevators, space for 168 cars, and a ballroom, Ambani’s building is easily one of the most extravagant in the world.

20. Kim Basinger: Basinger was once part of a group of investors that purchased the town of Braselton, Georgia for $20 million. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of Basinger’s plan, and financial problems forced her to sell the town for just $1 million.

21. Dan Bilzerian: Bilzerian, an heir, purchased $100,000 worth of lottery tickets in 2016. He didn’t win, but at least he offered to give five of his followers $1 million each if he did. How generous…

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