Tom Hanks is a total chameleon – and an American cinematic treasure to boot! There isn’t a role he can’t make his own, no matter how comedic or dramatic the part may require him to be. Hanks can do it all.

But when you’re that good an actor, it begs the question… who is the man behind the iconic performances? You might think that you know him well, but the real Tom Hanks has some pretty wild secrets that might lead you to believe that you don’t really know the man at all…

1. When a fan ran into Hanks at a North Dakota diner, the two engaged in an interesting photo shoot. At the fans request, he wanted to pose “drunk” while wearing Hanks’ glasses in a series of photos, one shown below. Hanks of course obliged.

groucho29 / reddit

2. After winning an Emmy for producing the TV movie Game Change, at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards, Hanks decided to pimp his ride. He taped his award to the front of his limo and turned it into a Rolls Royce.


3. While strolling through Central Park in 2016, Hanks decided to stop and crash Elisabeth and Ryan’s post-wedding photo shoot. The couple was shocked and ecstatic, as seen below, and gladly invited him to be a part of their shoot.

First Day Films /

4. Hanks presented his friend Steve Martin with an honorary award and took the opportunity to really capture the moment. He whipped out his phone and snapped a selfie with the recipient.

5. He jokingly autographed a fan’s Toy Story VHS by putting an “X” over Buzz Lightyear’s face. Of course it’s just a funny joke to play off of his character’s beef with Buzz throughout the first movie.

6. When getting into a taxi, the driver looked in the rearview mirror and yelled, “Wilson!” Hanks thought this was hilarious and bonded with the driver. He later invited him to see him in Lucky Guy on Broadway, VIP style.

7. One day Hanks found a student ID, with the name Lauren, in a park and took to Twitter to see if he could find the owner. Lauren’s friend recognized her and tweeted at Hanks. He mailed it back to her along with a note.

Tom Hanks / Twitter, Entertainment Tonight /

8. Nerdist Industries invited Hanks to their podcast by sending him a 1934 Corona Silent typewriter. He responded to their invitation by typing up his response with, of course, his new typewriter.

Gravitas Ventures / YouTube

9. On the red carpet, Hanks always tries to snag a photo of his wife, Rita Wilson. He makes sure to have his phone to get the best snaps for himself. Talk about adorable.

Tom Hanks / Instagram

10. Hanks bought the journalists at the White House press room an espresso machine after touring the facility. He then bought a replacement machine six years later when he discovered it was on its last leg.

11. Hanks met a couple at a gas station near his home and found out that they didn’t like his movie Larry Crowne. He apologized and handed them $25 to refund them for their wasted time!

12. Hanks appreciates a good joke, like that one time someone threw a Cast Away inspired volleyball at him during a Rangers game. He caught it and yelled, “It’s Wilson!” 

13. He was the star of Carly Rae Jepsen’s music video, “I Really Like You.” He sang, danced, and made the whole video something people would certainly be talking about. That’s super cool.

14. Hanks noticed Girl Scouts selling cookies while he was out and not only did he buy four boxes, but be made a small donation to their troop. He also hung out for a little bit and took pictures with the troop’s customers. 

15. Notorious for his witty lost-and-found tweets, he came across a lost glove on the streets of NYC and did not hesitate to post about it. He took a picture and captioned it, “Vivid. Colorful. Lost. Too common a tale. Hanx.”

16. Hanks portrayed his character, Captain John Miller, in the 1998 movie Saving Private Ryan a little too well. The Army actually inducted Hanks into the Ranger Hall of Fame in 2006.

Paramount Pictures

17. Since Hanks loves typewriters, he launched an app in 2014 that makes your mobile keyboard screen look like you’re typing on one. It even has sound effects for a full user experience.

Hanx Writer

18. One time, Hanks invited a super fan backstage during his Broadway musical Lucky Guy. The lucky girl, Sarah Moretti, kept all things Tom Hanks in a scrapbook. Hanks joked that not even his mother had so much memorabilia!

19. Hanks was among 11 A-list celebrities to donate big bucks to the Obama inauguration party. He chipped in $50,000, which was the maximum the committee would allow, to ensure Obama was celebrated the way a celebrity would.

20. Hanks never passes up an opportunity for a nostalgic skit. When on The Late Late Show With James Corden, he acted out a six-minute skit highlighting his biggest roles — he even nailed his song from Big.

Tom Hanks has been in the business for decades and is undoubtedly known for his roles, but who knew he was this cool, too?

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