A Former 'Princess' Opened Up About The Strict Details That Disney Keeps Under Wraps

If you ask any little girl what they want to be when they grow up, chances are that "princess" will be towards the top of the list. Who can blame them? Disney movies guarantee these heroines a happy ending and lots of fun along the way, but being a Disney princess in real life isn't as amazing as it seems on the movie screen. In recent years, former actors who portrayed iconic characters at the theme parks made some candid confessions about the good, the bad, and the surprisingly ugly side of being Disney royalty.

1. Height requirement

Not just anybody can step into one of those fanciful dresses. Katie McBroom, who once played Snow White, explained the physical requirements set forth by Disney. In order to be a princess in a Disney park, you can't be too tall or too short. They want their princesses to be between 5'4 and 5'7 — anything else won't make the cut!

2. Not too old

If you're auditioning to be a princess, the earlier the better. You have to be at least 18 years old, but they are generally looking for someone under the age of 27. As most on-screen princesses have a youthful glow, park executives expect the same in real life. That's a harsh policy for anyone who looks older than their actual age.

3. Wigging out

There is some intense attention to detail behind the look of each princess. Disney wants these characters to seem like they were teleported straight from the silver screen, after all. The Snow White wigs, for instance, are styled every day by a cosmetologist to ensure they are perfect and uniform every time. Makeup, on the other hand, is a different story...

4. DIY makeup

The makeup is required to be just as exact, with each princess having their own personal look. However, the performers are largely required to take care of these cosmetics on their own, which requires a ton of practice. And it's not just women employees who are put through the wringer.