Legendary Doctor's Secret History Comes To Light After He Passes

When Dr. James Barry met with a patient, they could breathe a sigh of relief. there were few professionals in the field with the medical knowledge and life-saving expertise of the doc. But while he knew his way around every disease, affliction, and amputation saw, the brash and bawdy physician was a mystery to everyone he diagnosed. He had a long-hidden background that no one on the planet knew — until he died. Then, decades of secrets finally started pouring out.

A Difficult Man

Even his rivals would agree: Dr. James Barry knew his stuff. They hated to admit it, mostly because Dr. Barry was a bit obnoxious to be around if you weren't a patient relying on his treatment. But he completely revolutionized 19th-century medicine, and one procedure he developed truly stands out.

Historical Success

Before Dr. Barry changed the game, C-section births were only done after the mother, and possibly the child, had passed. He became the first surgeon to conduct the procedure with no deaths. Dr. James Barry was a master surgeon, and throughout his life, work remained at the forefront of his character.

On The Surface

As a member of British military, Dr. James Barry made a huge impacts on the lives of those who needed him, regardless of skin color or economic status. But he was... odd. Associates as far back as medical school took notice of some of his odd personality traits.

The Doctor's Personal Problems

The soft-speaking Dr. Barry was very self-conscious about his appearance. Colleagues mentioned two things about the man that you couldn't help but notice. He kept his face finely trimmed, never letting a beard show, and he was also terribly short. His rough temper and distant behavior also caused concern, as did his relationship with women, to say the least.