39 Life-Saving Facts That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

The worst time to buy a security alarm is after a burglary, and the worst time to learn about a lifesaving trick is after the emergency. What would you do if you were stranded at sea with no life vest? How about if your brakes fail while you're driving down the highway? Luckily, there are solutions for these problems...All you have to do is stay calm and remember the following.

1. Oil Fires

Ack! You were frying something, but the oil got too hot and caught fire. Don't throw water on those flames — the oil will explode everywhere and continue to burn. Instead, smother the flames with a pot lid, or a big cupful of baking soda.

2. Call A Pro

Maybe you're the handiest person in the house, but unless you're properly trained, don't try to fix the garage door! The spring along the side is fatally dangerous. If you lose control of it, it could snap and kill someone, or at the very least cause horrific damage.

3. Chew For Your Life

If you think you're having a blood-clot-related stroke, chew — don't swallow — an aspirin pill. Harvard Health revealed that chewing the pill helps the blood-thinning aspirin dissolve into your system a lot quicker. You should still rush to the doctor afterward.

4. The Eyes Have It

Have chest pain, but not sure if it's a heart attack? Look at your eyes in a mirror, or have someone do it for you. If there's a grey line around your cornea, take an aspirin and rush to the doctor. If unsure, go anyway!