We all have our personal styles. Offices today are filled with as many people wearing band t-shirts and jeans as designer dresses and suits. These are the looks of the times, and we work within those fashion trends to find our own personal style and individuality.

What’s on the front pages of magazines today will likely be relegated to the shredder in just a few years. It happens all the time, and while these once-popular fashion habits have been abandoned, there aren’t many lining up to mourn them.

Everyone loves a sun-kissed tan that makes a person look like they just got off the beach, but some of us take it to a place of orange. Try to avoid a botched spray tan whenever possible.

Bride Wars / 20th Century Fox

Many people are guilty of holding onto their locks well beyond the point of split ends. Rocking long hair is great, but when the strands get too long, consider a trim!

A few years ago, statement jewelry was having its moment, but that time in the spotlight has long passed. Opting for a more understated look will keep you off the fashion police’s radar.

In the 1990s, over-plucking your eyebrows was a popular look. However, most people today are practicing more self control with their tweezers, and opting for something thicker!

At first, they seemed like the perfect convergence of fashion and comfort. Now we know that jeans and leggings should exist in two different categories. Combining them is a major fashion faux pas.

Aliana Mabaso

Unless you are a British professor, tweed has very much fallen out of fashion. The itchy material is certainly not worth the discomfort, as the print can age you at least a decade.

Clueless / Paramount Pictures

They were great for your grandmother, but if you wear pantyhose now, you run the risk of looking like a grandmother yourself. If you’re going to wear a skirt, go ahead and commit!

For a while, chevron-printed clothing was all the rage, but you’ll find it hanging in fewer and fewer closets in the aging 21st century. Some professionals advise to never wear Chevron again!

@nellie_mae / Instagram

Recent thinking suggests matching your eye shadow or lipstick to the colors in your outfit might be too matchy-matchy and can’t be runway approved. It’s a look best left to middle schoolers.

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Unless you’re using a scarf to keep warm, don’t wear one at all. Summer scarves were a short blip on the fashion radar and should not be revisited ever again.

Modern Mom / YouTube

For a time, capri pants are for the non-committed. Too long to be shorts but too short to be pants, they exist in a clothing grey area. Today, capri wearers are resolving their commitment issues and going for shorts or pants.


When it comes to makeup, the adage “less is more” can definitely apply. Packing on the eyeliner doesn’t make us look any younger, so play it safe with a more natural look.


Makeup trends come and go, and being heavy on the blush is on the way out. A more natural look will make you look much younger.

Sometimes not using a well-styled belt can make you look wider than you actually are. Few of us can pull off a shapeless dress, so use a belt to define your waist!

Sophie Warner

Not many hair stylists get requests for this look anymore, as clients opt for more natural-looking highlights. While the stripes offer some pizzazz, they likely won’t be coming back any time soon.

Choosing a pair of glasses can make or break your look. The right pair can compliment you perfectly, while the wrong frames can make you look like you’re still living in the 1980s.

Pretty in Pink / Paramount Pictures

With makeup, the most difficult task is matching your foundation color to your skin tone. Going too dark or too light can cause issues, so make sure you match appropriately.

James Charles / Youtube

If you’re going to make a statement, make a statement. That’s the thinking behind the fall of the kitten heels. If you want to wear heels, commit to at least a few inches.

Long ago, shoulder pads were all the rage, but now they’ll just make you look like a middle linebacker. Feel free to rock that vintage blazer, but just cut the shoulder pads out first!


Using a cap to give yourself highlights almost never ends well. Let the professionals handle your hair! After all, without the experts’ knowledge, we never would’ve moved on from these odd 1920s trends. It’s hard to believe women actually put themselves through these rather torturous methods in the name of beauty!

It’s not like any ’80s accessory served much of a purpose, but a T-shirt clip? That’s just totally baffling. This is a particularly terrible crime against fashion that hopefully won’t be making a comeback any time soon.

When the spandex-fueled fitness trend took the ’80s by storm, some kind of collective madness took hold of the American public, and before long leg warmers were considered to be the very height of fashion. And let’s face it, it had nothing to do with staying warm, and it had even less to do with looking good.

Madonna really has so much to answer for, and we’re not even talking about her music. Because thanks in part to her questionable style choices, fingerless gloves (and sometimes even lace ones, *shudder*) became the must-have accessory for teenage girls everywhere during the ’80s.

Those genuinely poor-sighted folks who wore neon cyclops glasses in the ’80s to help them see, and not as an ironic fashion statement, will have a really hard time processing the current trend. No amount of therapy is going to make that OK.


You’re a cool ’80s kid, roller-skating down the street, wearing your Walkman and a neon mini-skirt. And what better way to cement your social standing than with a flashy pair of pom-pom socks? Rock on. Or, well, not.

Really, there should be no excuse for sweatbands in public places, unless you have a diagnosed medical problem that requires some extra mopping up. In the ’80s, however, people strapped on this head accessory with wild and proud abandon for all and sundry to see. Total fashion madness.


Looking back, it’s hard to decipher exactly why every woman wanted to ring her wrists with loads and loads of multi-colored rubber bracelets in the ’80s. They may have been a cheap way to accessorize, but they certainly looked it. And, once more, we think the blame falls on Madonna for this one.

Fun World

These banana-shaped hair clips were actually dreamed up by some entrepreneurial exec, and while he may have had excellent business sense, he had very little fashion sense. The plastic accessories were manufactured in bulk and panic-bought by ’80s teenagers with frizzy hair. The mind boggles.


In the ’80s fanny packs came in an array of terrible and hard-to-miss colors – acid wash, denim and all the blinding colors of the neon rainbow. Thankfully, this embarrassing accessory now only appears on the hips of older tourists and clueless festival-goers, and in slightly more subtle shades, too.

Flickr/Stab At Sleep

When we say massive hair-bows, we really do mean massive. In fact, we’re talking gigantic, camouflage-your-face huge. And this is yet another cringe-worthy ’80s accessory that, yep, we can safely blame Madonna for.

These days it is, thank goodness, generally deemed socially unacceptable to walk out of the house wearing a huge neon scrunchie attached to your head. Except, perhaps, if you’re attending an ’80s-themed party, and even then it’s not ideal. But back in the ’80s women actually wore this dubious piece of hair equipment every day. We have no idea why, either.

Youtube/Pretty Hair is Fun – Girls Hairstyle Tutorials

Next to your big bangs and backcombed ponytail, gigantic plastic earrings just made perfect fashion sense. That is, if you’d lost your mind in the collective ’80s delusion that believed super-kitsch equaled super-good.

Flickr/arianne leishman

These days you can be a self-respecting citizen and own a Swatch watch because the brand now sell nice, normal colors like blue and grey. But in the decade that style forgot, Swatch watches were all about being seen. From outer space. They were neon, and you wore loads of them at once because, well, that’s just how it was done in the ’80s.

Flickr/tiffany terry

Silver and gold are for losers. What you actually want slung around your ’80s neck is a set of increasingly terrible charms: big, colorful and extraordinarily plastic. And the weirder the better.

Kelle Hampton

When your necklace, bracelets and earrings are all made of cheap plastic, it would just be wrong not to have more plastic in your hair. Which is why ’80s ladies shoved dreadful barrettes in their ’dos. And they seemed particularly fond of garish designs shaped like butterflies and flowers.

Incredibly, it seems there was a whole generation of teens who wore big puffy moon boots for no real reason. You’re not an extra on the set of ET, kid.

The only circumstance in which a woman can acceptably wear white stilettos is while serving chicken or beef on an airplane. But in the ’80s it was one horrendous big free for all – white stilettos were the shoe of choice.

Jelly shoes. What can we say? They’re shoes, made out of jelly. And they came in luminous colors. Only the ’80s could have come up with something so ridiculous – and inflict it upon at least two generations of little girls, to boot.

Why did the ’80s keep trying to mess with socks? Normal, boring socks do the job just fine. But in the ’80s, if women weren’t wearing pom-pom socks, they were wearing horrible scrunch socks and – even worse – coordinating them with ghastly sneakers.

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