Whoopi Goldberg Finally Spills On Her Controversial Love Affair With One Unlikely Star

An unexpected romance is as likely to blossom in your neighborhood as it is in Hollywood. Granted, showbiz relationships have to deal with more scrutiny — often a lethal amount. Whoopi Goldberg knows that as well as anyone.

Back in the 1990s, she and one of her co-stars unexpectedly fell for each other on live television. Nobody expected them to connect, but the couple became the talk of the town...until one outrageous incident shined a very different light on their connection.

When Arsenio Hall stepped out to film his talk show one day in 1988, he had no idea he was about to set up a full-fledged romance. His producers booked the two guests by coincidence, but soon they were inseparable. One of those stars? None other than Whoopi Goldberg.

The crowd was on the edge of their seats to see Whoopi, just a couple of years removed from her Oscar-winning turn in Ghost. Upon hearing her name, the other guest remarked, "Here comes a very sexy, very funny lady." He wasn't just being polite either.

The other guest was Ted Danson, star of the juggernaut sitcom Cheers. He'd come out first and had a pleasant chat with Arsenio but was on the edge of his seat waiting to see Whoopi. See, they had a bit of history.

The two stars first met not too long before on The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers. Though both expected only to trade showbiz pleasantries for a few minutes, they found they had a natural chemistry.