Infamous Feud That Nearly Ended 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Still Leaving Fans Completely Torn

Grey's Anatomy has been on ABC for over 17 years, and with the recent premiere of season 19, it's pretty clear they have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Plenty of fans are still complaining about how certain beloved characters were written out of the show (007? McDreamy? That plane crash?!), and it was the same when one of the show's breakout characters suddenly disappeared. However, once fans heard why Isaiah Washington, who played Dr. Burke in the show's first few seasons, suddenly vanished from Seattle Grace Hospital, they weren't exactly up in arms. On the contrary, most people were glad to see him go after hearing what he'd done.

Never short on the drama

Just because Grey’s Anatomy is chock-full of fictional drama doesn’t mean there isn’t any drama behind the scenes. On the contrary, rumors of bratty actors, on-set blow-ups, and shady behavior have followed the show for over a decade.

Drama on and off the screen

For example, there have long been rumors that Katherine Heigl, who played Dr. Izzie Stevens, was kicked off the show for continued lateness and being “difficult” on set. Rumors have followed the show’s famed creator, Shonda Rhimes, for years as well.

One standout incident

Some say that if you get on Rhimes’ bad side, your character will either be killed off or never heard from again. These are all baseless rumors at heart, but there’s one incident that has continued to plague the show even years after it happened. 

Isaiah Washington, AKA Dr. Burke

Fans discovered in June 2007 that Isaiah Washington, who portrayed surgeon Dr. Preston Burke, was not returning to the show. As one of the first actors to depart, this came as a shock...especially when word got out that he wasn’t leaving of his own accord.