Home Improvement Cast Finally Exposes The Real Drama That Happened Offscreen

If you were anywhere near a television set in the 1990s, you couldn't help but catch an episode or two of Home Improvement. The Tim Allen-headlined sitcom was so light and charming that it seemed effortless. Wouldn't being a part of such a fun and popular show be a dream come true?

Well, behind the scenes, it was another story entirely. Vicious disagreements, casting issues, and criminal exploits nearly divided this house before it could be built. Good thing that Tim "The Toolman" Taylor had a few tricks up his sleeve to turn this fixer-upper into a hit.

Home Improvement was the type of sitcom that made everything seem right in the world, at least for 30 minutes. Strangely enough, outside events almost stopped it from ever happening. For starters, Tim Allen had the most bizarre rise to the top of any sitcom star.

In 1978, the Detroit resident got into hot water when police caught him with over a pound of cocaine. After giving up his cohorts to avoid a long prison sentence, Tim made a curious decision during his truncated stay behind bars.

While he'd toyed around with stand-up comedy before, two years locked up helped him realize it was his true calling. So, once a free man, Tim moved to L.A. and made a real name for himself, getting the attention of executives at ABC.

Some enticing offers came Tim's way. ABC pitched him TV adaptations of Turner and Hooch and Dead Poets Society, but Allen didn't want to become a knockoff Tom Hanks or Robin Williams. He wanted to do his own thing.