Jackie Kennedy's Nasty Response To Her Wedding Dress Left The Designer Shaken

When the future first lady arrived at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Newport, Rhode Island, to marry Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy, every pair of eyes in the house was glued to her absolutely stunning wedding dress. It was the work of a famed designer named Ann Lowe, and it had everyone buzzing. However, the bride had an opinion that drastically differed from the thousands of fans gazing in awe at her beauty. And had she known the incredible story behind her dress, she might've held her tongue.

John And Jackie

At the time, Jackie and John F. Kennedy seemed like the perfect couple to grace the White House. Both were good-looking, charming, and incredibly charismatic, and the world was ready to have them take the political stage once JFK was sworn into office in 1961. However, few people at the time realized the young couple had some major skeletons in their closets.

A Certain Magnetism

Although a deep dive into the couple's life does reveal the President wasn't exactly the loyal and honest husband he should have been, there's no denying the Kennedys had a magnetism about them the media adored. And, no one could forget the magical day eight years earlier when they wed.

The Big Day

The ceremony took place at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Newport, Rhode Island. It was one of the most illustrious churches in the country, and over 800 people crammed inside to watch the newlyweds exchange vows and make a lifelong commitment to each other. Of course, this was a little more complicated than your typical ceremony.

A Fairytale Celebration

Both the bride and groom were all smiles as they gave their vows and walked through crowds of cheering friends and family. Just imagine 800 pairs of eyes all gawking at you in wonderment as you slowly walk arm-in-arm down the aisle! As overwhelming as it was for John and Jackie, they both exuded confidence.