A stunning Australian who’s emerged as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Margot Robbie is extremely talented at her craft. She’s proven herself to be a powerhouse in both producing her own works and winning engaging, nuanced roles that don’t solely highlight her sex appeal.

Behind the scenes, she goes to great lengths to make sure every scene she performs in pops — and that can stir up some mishaps and drama. In fact, her dedication to performing a colorful array of characters has created some stunning industry moments that most movie buffs couldn’t believe.

While Margot Robbie is living the heights of luxury nowadays, she came from humble beginnings on the Gold Coast of Australia, a place she says many Aussies laugh at. She recalls being awestruck by the homes of wealthy friends as a child.

In fact, Robbie’s upbringing was so rural that she actually hunted wild boars as a child, a necessary activity to maintain the family farm. To this day, hunting pigs is one of the star’s favorite pastimes.

While it may not seem fitting for an angelic looking little girl, Margot’s childhood nickname was Maggot. She says that it started in first grade and eventually the moniker just stuck.

Before she was raking in millions and working with the industry’s top directors, Robbie made a living working as a sandwich artist at popular fast food chain Subway. We’d love to try a turkey club made by her hands.

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During her audition for Wolf of Wall Street, Robbie slapped Leonardo DiCaprio across the face for a scene. She immediately regretted it, worried he’d be angry. Instead, he laughed and said, “hit me again!”

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In Wolf, after earning the role of DiCaprio’s wife, she inevitably had to perform a sex scene with the stud. In order to calm her nerves, she took three shots of tequila at 9 am the morning before shooting.

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While she may have been nervous, she still insisted on being naked for the movie’s seduction scene. Scorsese would have allowed her to wear a robe, but she believed the character would have been nude and wanted to stay true to the story.

Paramount Pictures – The Wolf of Wall Street

Pretty understandably, Margot’s grandparents opted out of seeing the film. While they were certainly proud of their granddaughter’s success, they’d rather stick to watching PG depictions of her rather than the ultra-sexual Wolf of Wall Street.

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Margot may have chosen to be nude for a specific scene, but she turned down Hugh Hefner’s request to feature her in Playboy. She’s said that she only wants to shed her clothes for artistic purposes.

When Margot puts her foot down, people are forced to listen. She refused to lose weight for her role as Jane in Tarzan as she was filming in England and wanted to be able to drink at all the pubs.

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In fact, Robbie’s diet is pretty erratic in general. “I love beer, fries, burgers, but if I have to get in a bikini then I eat carrot sticks for three days. I’m one extreme or the other,” she’s confessed.

Although Robbie was eventually iconic in her role as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, initially she hated the character. “When I first read it, I thought, I have nothing in common with her. I hate her. It was…tricky… to get my head around,” she remembers.

Warner Bros – Suicide Squad

Still, the ever-adaptive Robbie took a chance on the part and went all in. On the first day of filming she even had director David Ayer shave off part of her eyebrow in order to get into character.

Robbie overcame her initial disdain for Harley and even began giving tattoos saying “SKWAD” to many of her costars. The first one, given to a cast assistant named Simon, she unfortunately botched— writing “SWAD” by mistake.

Intense scrutiny has followed Robbie everywhere, and some have accused her of lying about her age. A 2008 interview listed her as being 23, which would make her 31 and not 27 by now…it can probably be cracked up to a journalistic mistake.

It’s hard to understand why people choose to focus on Margot’s age so much when something much more shocking has come out: when walking on the beach in Nicaragua she once came across a human foot! No further explanation was given.

You can take the girl out of Australia, but you can’t take Australia out of the girl. While Robbie has mostly perfected her American accent, the one word she still has trouble with is “home.” How poignant.

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Robbie’s had to take up many different costumes throughout her career, but when she got to choose for herself what she’d dress up as for Halloween, she made an interesting decision: she transformed into James Franco from Spring Breakers.

At another party, she followed “Ed Sheeran” into a photobooth — only for it to turn out to actually be Prince Harry. Rumors of a romance started to swirl in the tabloids before they were quickly shut down.

It seems that anyone this actress is seen around will be singled out as a suspected lover by the media. When pics of her and Focus co-star Will Smith came out, it was the Prince Harry fiasco all over again.

Even starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio fired up the tabloids. He’s made headlines for partying with bikini-clad supermodels both on and off the camera. Still, there’s one woman who’s closer to his heart than any of them. Leo would likely call her the most important person in his life.


It all goes back to his earliest days. Leo was the only child of hippie parents George and Irmelin DiCaprio, who lived in a rough area of East Los Angeles. But before he even learned to walk, his mom and dad split up.

From then on, Leo spent more time with his mother, who was always a guiding influence. It was she who came up with his name during a visit to Florence. Awestruck by the Mona Lisa, Irmelin decided she’d name her son after the artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

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Growing up in the shadow of Hollywood, a precocious kid like Leo couldn’t help but try his hand at acting. But during his first gig, on the children’s show Romper Room, his bad behavior got him booted off the set.

Eastern Daily Press

Irmelin, though working multiple jobs at the time, knew she had to keep her son in line. At certain times she’d give him a respite from the excess of L.A. by sending him to her native Germany, where he stayed with his grandparents Wilheim and Helene.

Despite Leo’s early lack of professionalism, he soon settled into his role as a performer. He booked steady commercial work in advertisements for Bubble Yum and Kraft Singles. Still, a bigger break was just around the corner.

He joined the main cast of Growing Pains for its final season, though behind-the-scenes, he acted like anything but a bigshot. Co-star Alan Thicke recalled that the shy teenager asked him for advice on how to ask out girls!

Notwithstanding his low confidence with the ladies, Leo harbored dreams of becoming a bonafide movie star. Both parents encouraged him too, based on their watching habits with their son.

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Though divorced, both shared a love of culture and directed Leo toward real film. Robert De Niro, in particular, became a favorite subject. The parents would instruct him, “Son, watch closely because this is what great acting looks like.”

That made it all the more special when De Niro personally handpicked Leo from dozens of actors for his first major film role. They starred together in This Boy’s Life, which catapulted the teen into the inner echelon of Hollywood.

Leo announced himself as a serious actor with his role as the mentally handicapped brother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. After the part earned him an Academy Award nomination, Irmelin worried about whether the fame would go to his head.

Instead, she saw her son cling to normality, but not in the most conventional of ways. He made a point to goof off on his own rather than attend ritzy Hollywood parties. His oddball hobbies included doing celebrity impressions and tinkering with his car sound system.


Even though he mired himself in dorkdom, Leo soon found his heartthrob status inevitable. After leading parts in Romeo + Juliet and Titanic, Leo suddenly became a Hollywood hunk. But could he stay true to his roots?

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At first, he seemed like his same old self. After all, Leo brought both his mom and his grandmother as his dates to the big premieres. Reportedly, he wanted to treat them for always supporting him and driving him crazy distances for auditions.

But Leo also found himself attracted to the L.A. party scene for the first time. Not unlike Jay Gatsby — a role he was destined to play — the actor chased after the wildest festivities. However, drinks and music weren’t the biggest attraction.

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Leo couldn’t get enough of beautiful women. He dated some of the biggest supermodels in the world, including Gisele Bündchen and Bar Rafaeli. Though the relationships lasted for years, they strangely never ended in marriage.

Sources close to Leo speculate that he might have chosen not to get married out of devotion to his mother. After she sacrificed so much for him, the A-lister made sure they spent time together. He also wanted to make her proud by achieving their shared dream.

In short, Leo decided he’d stop at nothing to develop into the greatest actor in the world. Leaving the fluffier roles behind, he focused on collaborating with genius filmmakers like Martin Scorsese. After multiple close calls, however, he still was without an Oscar.

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He threw his all into 2015’s The Revenant, a brutal Western that saw Leo flirt with hypothermia and eat a raw bison liver. The actor went into the subsequent Academy Awards knowing he couldn’t have given anything more.

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This time, fortunately, the hard work paid off. As he climbed behind the podium to accept his Oscar, he gazed at his loving mother and thanked her for making this dream come true. Irmelin could barely hold back her tears of joy.

The victory was especially moving when Irmelin considered all the chaos she and Leo endured on the road to success. Supporting him on the set of Titanic, for instance, she discovered full well that filmmaking is its own sort of disaster.

One night on The Titanic set, an unknown culprit laced the catered clam chowder with PCP. Director James Cameron and actor Bill Paxton suffered hallucinations, and a handful of crew members were hospitalized. In hindsight, Leo got off lucky on The Revenant when he just had to eat a raw liver.

Even the planned scenes had their dangers. James Cameron was a stickler for details, so he flooded the sinking Titanic set with very real, very cold ocean water. To prevent actors from freezing to death, the crew readied hot tubs off stage so they could warm up.

Because James Cameron used freezing water on his set, actors typically wore wet suits—except Kate Winslet. She passed on the suit, fearing its presence would hurt her performance; she consequently contracted pneumonia.

To keep Titanic as authentic as possible, James Cameron ensured that scenes transpired in the same amount of time as the events in real life. For instance, the Titanic‘s collision with the iceberg lasted 37 seconds. In the movie, the event took the same amount of time.

Before Kate Winslet’s character, Rose DeWitt Bukater, asked Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson to paint her like one of his French girls in the film’s famous nude scene, the actress wanted to break the ice. Winslet actually flashed DiCaprio the very first time they met!

Speaking of those French girls: at talented as he was, Leonardo DiCaprio was no artist. As Jack sketched the topless Rose, cameras were actually filming James Cameron’s own hand doing the pencil work.

Filming the lifeboat scenes took a long time, but James Cameron denied actors any bathroom breaks, threatening to fire people sneaking away to a toilet. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet both admitted to peeing in the water on set.

When you’re working yourself like a dog under the guide of a very particular director, it paid to blow off some steam. Actor Danny Nucci, who played Jack Dawson’s Italian pal Fabrizio De Rossi, revealed that the cast and crew threw wild parties whenever time permitted—like 7 a.m. on a Sunday.

It was a different story on set. Even in scenes that showed characters drinking, the actors weren’t exactly pounding back brews. Instead, they drank root beer—likely so the cast wasn’t fall-down drunk by the time filming stopped.

A real piece of debris that James Cameron saw in a Titanic museum inspired one of the most iconic props from the movie: that broken piece of door that carried Rose to safety (and on which Jack allegedly couldn’t fit).

Jack stretching out his arms on the bow of the Titanic and screaming “I’m king of the world!” wasn’t in the original script. Instead, Leonardo DiCaprio just felt like doing it while filming and let rip what would become one of the movie’s most iconic lines.

The film’s Jack Dawson may be a work of fiction, but the famous vessel did bear a very real J. Dawson—Joseph Dawson, a member of the crew, who did not survive the wreck. His recovered body was buried in a Nova Scotia cemetery.

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Leonardo DiCaprio, for one reason or another, brought his pet lizard to the set. One day, it was hit by a truck, but with a little love and care the young stud miraculously nursed the little guy back to health.

Few soundtracks have coaxed as many tears out of fully grown adults as Titanic‘s. But if James Cameron had gotten his wish, Enya would’ve scored the movie—and the film might’ve had an entirely different sound!

Originally, James Cameron didn’t want any songs in the movie. But after composer James Horner secretly recorded “My Heart Will Go On” with Céline Dion, he changed his mind.

In 2017, Kate Winslet confided to The Late Show‘sStephen Colbert that Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t the studio’s first choice for Jack Dawson. The original plan had Matthew McConaughey as Jack! Alright, alright, alright…

The film could’ve also starred Lindsay Lohan as Jack’s “best girl,” Cora Cartmell. Cameron was all for it, but ultimately decided against her when he figured adding another redhead to the cast might confuse viewers.

Producers offered Robert De Niro the role of Captain Smith, and by all accounts, he was going to take it. But gastrointestinal problems made it impossible for him to sail, and he pulled out of the position.

James Cameron even gave his background characters stories. Actor Billy Zane recalled a moment Cameron cut a scene to tell an extra, “You need to go down to the sea deck because your daughter told you she forgot something very dear: her wedding ring.”

Apparently Kate Winslet’s senses tingled when she set her hands to the Titanic script. She knew the movie would be a success, and subsequently demanded the role from James Cameron. She never auditioned. Her persistence got her through the front door!