The Explanation Behind One 'Cheers' Star's Confusing Hollywood Romance

Celebrity gossip is a $3 billion dollar industry, fueled by our interest in the off-screen lives of our favorite stars. Perhaps most interesting are the romantic lives of those in the spotlight. Whether it results in matrimony or disaster, we have to know who is with who.

During the mid-nineties, a celebrity couple came on the scene that surprised everyone. When Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg dated, it made big waves, and though ill-fated, the offbeat couple still lingers in the American conscious. Recently, Ted Danson has opened up about his whirlwind romance, giving insight into one of his most painfully controversial moments.

In the arena of love, Ted Danson eventually found a happy ending. However, it did not come right away. On the contrary, Danson has one of the most complicated and dramatic track records when it comes to romance.

The actor married his second wife, Casey Coates, in 1977 after his first marriage ended in 1975. Danson gushed over his new wife by saying, "The idea of having more relationships boggles my mind." The road ahead was unpredictable.

For years Casey and Ted enjoyed a fulfilling relationship, one that only improved when she became pregnant with their first child. They were over the moon, but tragedy struck on the day she gave birth.

On December 24th, 1979, their daughter was born. In a terrifying turn of events, Casey suffered a massive stroke during the delivery, which left her left side totally paralyzed. As a new mother, she couldn't care for her baby.