Detectives Arrive At Crime Scene Before Noticing Something 'Off' About The Victim's Apartment

A bullet-ridden body is discovered alone in a locked room with no weapon to be found. Sound impossible? That's because it is...or, at least, that's what everybody thought. In 1929, law enforcement officers were given the biggest challenge of their careers when this impossible scenario became a reality. But just because the murder of Isidor Fink seemed impossible to solve didn't mean they weren't going to try. As police investigated this "perfect" murder, they found that it wasn't so perfect after all.

Isidor Fink

Perhaps what makes the story of Isidor Fink so chilling is how, well, normal he was. Like so many Americans, his first glimpse of the U.S. was from a ship sailing towards Ellis Island. You see, Fink desperately wanted to leave the life he’d known in Poland behind. 

Surviving in NYC

Poland had suffered great losses during World War 1, and he couldn’t help imagining how much further he could go in the U.S. But Fink quickly learned that being an immigrant in New York City was less about making one's fortune and more about survival.

Dangerous Business

So he worked, saving every penny he made until he had enough to put his business skills to the test. Still, by the time he was able to open his own laundry business, he had no choice but to do so in a dangerous part of town.

Working His Way Up

Located on East 123rd street, Fink made the best of it by living in the large ground-floor apartment that was attached to the laundry. Young and ambitious, he had nowhere to go but up. Before he could become a rich businessman, however, he had to make a few laundry deliveries.