Pizza Hut Employee Spots 'Message' In Customer's Order That Has Her Calling For Backup

As the orders pour in, workers at the Florida Pizza Hut work like crazy, kneading dough, spreading sauce, and drizzling toppings. They are so immersed in their tasty creations that they almost don't spot a peculiar detail concealed in an order. But when it catches their eye, it sends them scrambling to call the authorities.

The order

The pizza makers first saw a pretty average request appear in the system: one large pepperoni pizza with garlic sauce for dunking. As they began to work on the order, they checked for special requests and stopped dead in their tracks. Was this a bad prank? It couldn't be. The order had come from a regular customer after all. Her name was Cheryl Treadway.

Proud Florida mom

Cheryl Treadway couldn't have been happier with the life she had carved out for herself. The 25-year-old mother of three lived with her boyfriend Ethan Nickerson in Florida, where the family enjoyed life under the warm sun nearly all year-round. Cheryl loved Ethan, but it was her kids who truly kept her going.

Worried for her family

Any parent would be proud to raise three beautiful sons like these. They were well-behaved and absolutely adored Cheryl. While they also loved their father, Ethan sadly struggled with drug addiction, which caused occasional outbursts and dangerously irrational behavior. Cheryl was always fearful that, at some point, the kids would find themselves stuck in the middle of a violent incident — and sure enough, that's what happened.

A struggling addict

Cheryl knew Ethan loved his children more than anything. But he was in the throes of a serious drug problem, and the substances completely took his ability to process reality in a calm and rational way. One spring afternoon, Cheryl and Ethan got into a particularly heated argument while he was under the influence.