Side-By-Side Comparisons From 'The Crown' That Prove They Got The Royal Family Exactly Right

The royal family’s storied history means Netflix's The Crown has plenty of ground to cover — from the Queen's beginnings as a young and inexperienced leader to Prince Charles' infamous love triangle and all the historical events that occurred in between. If you weren't there to experience it all in real life, never fear: the cast of The Crown look so eerily accurate, it feels like we've gone back in time. And season 5’s new actors might just have the most striking resemblances yet.

1. Young Queen Elizabeth II

On June 2, 1953, Queen Elizabeth II became the new sovereign, and it was the first-ever coronation to be televised. It was “televised” again decades later on The Crown, where everything from Elizabeth's (played by Claire Foy) poised expression to the crown on her head were painstakingly recreated.

2. The Queen Mother

The only royal more well-known to the public than the Queen was her mother, who lived to be 101 years old. In season 3, she was portrayed by Marion Bailey, who shared her real-life counterpart’s cheerful demeanor and affinity for lime green outfits. 

3. Sir Winston Churchill

Britain’s most legendary prime minister had unparalleled leadership skills, intelligence, and of course, a famously-scowling mug. John Lithgow brought this larger-than-life presence to the screen in The Crown and earned critical praised in the process.

4. The Royal Wedding

In 1947, then-Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten got married, and The Crown expertly captured the happy atmosphere. You can hardly tell that Claire Foy’s dress is merely a duplicate of the real thing, which had ten thousand crystals and pearls embroidered into the fabric.