Dealing with the decor, finding a band, creating a guest list, handling the countless number of people stressing about it all. Yea, planning a wedding is no walk in the park. But, at least everyone shows up with a present!

Opening up the gifts after the whole event ends makes it all worth it. And, as you can imagine, when wealthy wedding guests give presents to members of royalty, many go to absurd lengths to impress.

1. Tandem bike: Why go for separate bike rides when you can ride one bicycle with your beau? In 2011 when Prince William and Kate Middleton wed, Prime Minister Boris Johnson bought the couple a tandem bicycle.

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2. Cocker spaniel: Everyone wants an adorable little puppy to add to their family, and Middleton’s brother gifted the couple a cocker spaniel puppy they named Lupo. This pooch is now living a life of canine royalty.

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3. Land rover: Prince William and his bride had loads of gifts to comb through, but one that went straight to charity was a Land Rover Defender 110 Utility Wagon. It was given to a mountain rescue team.

4. Kayak: Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip and his wife Sofia Hellqvist are big outdoor enthusiasts, and their wedding presents reflected it. When they sealed things in 2015, the Swedish government bought them a two-seat kayak.

5. Tennis court: It seems that royalty tends to to enjoy watching a good tennis match, and the Danish municipality of Sønderborg ensured Prince Frederik and his wife never had to leave their estate to watch one.

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6. Poem: For every royal wedding, it’s tradition for the British Poet Laureate to pen the couple a poem. For example, writer Andrew Motion wrote a poem called Spring Wedding in 2005 to honor Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

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7. Jigsaw puzzle: When Prince of Asturias Felipe married Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano in 2004, the generous people of Asturias gifted them a massive jigsaw puzzle. The picture on it? The bride and groom themselves.

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8. Anti-smoking course: In 2001, when Crown Prince Haakon tied the knot with Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby, a guest gave them a course on how to quit smoking because of the wife’s habit.

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9. Whitney Houston concert: When the Sultan of Brunei’s eldest daughter, Princess Rashidah, was married in 1996, her uncle flew Houston in to perform a private concert for the family. Talk about front-row seating!

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10. Elton John song: Rumor has it when Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson in 1986, Sir Elton John actually penned an original song meant just for the occasion and belted it out with pride for his friend.

11. Decorative rug: When Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter Anne married Captain Mark Philips in 1973, every member of the Cabinet contributed an equal amount of money for a decorative rug, which presumably really tied the room together.

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12. Megayacht: When Prince Rainier of Monaco married Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis gave the couple a 147-foot yacht that now acts as a luxury floating hotel.

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13. Massive wheel of cheese: In 1840, Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, and they received one of the biggest wheels of Polly-O in the history of England. The thing weighed almost 1,000 pounds and was nine feet across!

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14. Opera: In 1794 when Prince William of Orange put a ring on Anne of Hanover, famed composer George Frederic Handel put on an entire three-part opera called Parnasso in fiesta, as well as crafted the wedding anthem.

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15. French literature: John Talbot, the Earl of Shrewsbury, attended the wedding of Margaret of Anjou and Henry VI of England in 1445. As a gift, he presented them with a book of French poetry, folktales, and political treatises.

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16. Three leopards: King Henry III was apparently a big fan of exotic animals because in 1235 he was given three leopards as a wedding gift by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.

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17. Two koalas: The wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018 was splashed across every media outlet. The Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, named two baby koalas after the newlyweds.


18. Cigarette lighter: French president Emmanuel Macron gave Harry and Meghan a collection called ST Dupont’s 007 collection. It had three items: two engraved James Bond-style pens and a matching lighter.

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19. 29 uncut diamonds: In 1914, Russian princess Irina Romanov married her sweetheart Felix Yusupov. Tsar Nicholas II gave the couple an Imperial box seat at Russia’s Marinsky Theatre and a sack of 29 uncut diamonds.

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20. The Emperor of Cyprus: After the 12th-century English king Richard the Lionheart removed Isaac Comnenos, the tyrannical ruler of Cyprus, from power, he wrapped him in chains and presented him to his wife on their wedding day.


When you’re part of royalty, you can expect your wedding guests to go out of their way to up the “wow factor” of your gift and when you’re a popular celebrity, you can pretty much expect the same thing.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé (hey, they’re royalty, in a way) gifted Blue Ivy with a diamond-covered Barbie Doll worth $80,000, something this infant surely appreciated. Celebrities, like royalty, aren’t known to hold back when it comes to giving expensive gifts.

2. Ten Burger King franchises (about $5 million): Despite a deep love for McDonald’s, Kim Kardashian received several Burger King Franchises from Kanye West as a wedding gift. The couple must just love burgers, as West also owns some Fatburger franchises.

3. A puppy house ($325,000): Paris Hilton bought her six tiny pups a dog-sized mansion. It boasted a custom interior, two floors, a balcony, and a chandelier. Her dogs, in other words, lived better than about 95 percent of the world’s population.

4. A royal rattle ($44,000): Kate Middleton’s baby Charlotte probably couldn’t tell the difference between a bejeweled rattled and a Fisher Price one, but that didn’t stop the princess from giving one to her child after she’d already been gifted one by the Mexican president.

5. A gorilla sanctuary (unknown): Portia de Rossi announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she’d purchased a Rwanda-based sanctuary for her lovely wife’s 60th birthday. “Portia has given me the greatest gift I’ve ever been given,” Ellen later tweeted.

6. One-of-a-kind Chanel bike ($12,000): After Jennifer Aniston expressed an interest in cycling, friend and Friend’s co-star Courtney Cox gifted her with this beauty, which came bejeweled. Practical? No. Cute? Heck yeah.

7. A bejeweled bathtub ($5,200): Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland gave her bandmate Beyoncé a bathtub adorned with Swarovski crystals—a gift for Blue Ivy. It weighed over 3,000 pounds and boasted 44,000 swallowable crystals. Perfect for a newborn.

8. An ancient olive tree ($18,500): Angelina Jolie frequently lavished then-husband Brad Pitt with gifts—including a custom helicopter—but nothing stood out quite like this piece of nature. They planted the 200-year-old tree at their French estate.

9. Roses ($1,000): Most couples exchange a bouquet on Valentine’s Day, but Kanye West and Kim Kardashian aren’t most couples. She gleefully posed with the 1,000 roses West bought her—which paled in comparison to this next gift…

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10. Gulfstream jet ($20 million): Tom Cruise must have been inspired by his Top Gun days when he bought a custom jet for his then-wife, Katie Holmes, in lieu of a diamond ring. She barely used it, saying it was “like a bus, but faster.”

11. More roses ($16,000): Singer Jason DeRulo dropped five digits on a room full of roses for his girlfriend Jordin Sparks—10,000 of them, to be exact. The delightfully “overwhelmed” Sparks eventually donated most of them to a hotel’s hardworking staff.

12. Tickets to space ($100,000): Katy Perry spoiled her then-husband Russell Brand with two seats on Richard Branson’s space-faring Virgin Galactic. They went into zero gravity space for 5 minutes. This was not the inspiration for her song “E.T.”

13. Fisker Karma ($100,000): For his 18th birthday, Justin Bieber received a chrome-wrapped car from his manager, Scooter Braun. It had a solar panel on the roof. He decked it out with LED undercarriage lights, which are illegal. Bieber remains at large.

14. Beckham Winery (seven figures): For her birthday in 2008, David Beckham handed Victoria a bottle of wine… wine that came from the Napa, California winery he’d just bought her, below. Now they sell wine for $50 a bottle.

15. A bombardier challenger 850 jet ($40 million): When Beyoncé needed the perfect gift to give Jay-Z for Father’s Day, she skipped the “World’s Best Dad” mug and bought him a freakin’ jet. It has a bedroom and fits 15 guests.

16. A speedboat ($100,000): Eight years before former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo hung up his cleats for good, he bought his then-girlfriend Jessica Simpson a custom speedboat. When the couple split, she kept the boat. Seems fair.

17. Royal earrings ($4,000): Is it crazy that spending a few thousand dollars on earrings doesn’t sound all that strange for royalty? Regardless, Kate Middleton received green amethyst earrings designed by her favorite jeweler after giving birth. It’s almost enough to make all that nausea worth it!

18. White Ferrari ($320,000): Rapper Tyga gifted Kylie Jenner a sports car for her 18th birthday. Jenner had it painted grey, and when the two broke up, Tyga kept paying for it to stay connected with his former lover.

19. Horses ($4,000): When Robert Downey Jr. bought a brand new ranch, best bud Jamie Foxx gifted him two horses to go with it—perfect stable decór. In return, Downey Jr. gave Foxx a 1967 vintage El Camino. Now that’s a horse of a different color!

20. Four Maseratis ($1 million): Adam Sandler surprised Grown Ups co-stars Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider with the $250,000 luxury cars. “I went outside the other day and I had a new Maserati in the driveway,” Spade said.