Construction Workers Renovating The Lincoln Memorial Uncover A Secret Passage

When workers were renovating the Lincoln Memorial for a major event, they discovered something totally bizarre, right beneath their feet. It turned out that Honest Abe was sitting atop a massive secret — literally. If you’ve ever set foot on the Tennessee pink marble floors and stared up at the stoic expression of America’s 16th president, you were actually standing right above a decades-old secret passage that few knew existed.

Foundation Discovery

A construction crew working at the Lincoln Memorial back in 1975 was tasked with renovating the bathrooms. However, not long into their project, they noticed something strange about the structure’s foundation that no one was prepared for.

Hidden Chamber

When workers took a closer look at the foundation, they discovered a massive room beneath the chamber housing Lincoln in his chair. As anybody else would do after discovering a major historical secret, the construction crew quickly told their friends.

Growths In The Cave

A few of those buddies were members of the National Speleological Society, who explored the giant room with awe. Stalactites and stalagmites formed during the years that space was neglected; they viewed it as sort of a manmade cave.

Spooky Feeling

The room was massive: 43,800-square-feet to be exact. The more they poked around, the crazier and eerier the Lincoln Memorial basement revealed itself to be. Besides the rats, insects, and general spookiness, its mere existence sort of creeped everyone out.