Family Turns An Old School Bus Into Their Dream Home

Things got serious really quickly for Kim and Ethan Weiss. Within months of meeting, the two were completely bound to one another, and they were looking forward to a future together. But they didn’t want that future to be static — they wanted to always be on the move. A life on the road was the dream, but they weren’t content to just buy a run-of-the-mill camper van to make it happen. No, they had a far more interesting vehicle in mind.

It’s a match

Kim and Ethan met in January 2018 after matching on Tinder. Dating apps can be hit-or-miss affairs a perilous thing, but this time it really worked out. There was immediate chemistry, and they spent the following months getting to know each other. By October that year they were already thinking ahead to their lives together. And that’s when they came across an interesting ad online.

An old school bus

The pair had come across an advert for an old school bus. Some people would have noted that and moved right along, but these two developed an idea: this thing could become a perfect place to live. It would take a lot of work, of course, but they were already enamored with the notion.

Putting in an offer

The school bus was 21 years old by this stage, so it was safe to presume it would need some work. But the couple were ready for the challenge, and they put in an offer for the vehicle. In the end, they settled on a price of $2,500. They’d just bought a new, rather unorthodox future home for themselves.

Other matters

The bus purchase wasn’t the only thing going on in Kim and Ethan’s lives around this time, though. There was also the matter of them tying the knot and officially committing their futures to each other. The big day came in January 2019 — which was just one year after they’d first met.