20 Scandalous Facts About Some Of The Most Popular Cartoons

Cartoons were a huge part of growing up, but while we were busy absorbing all that new knowledge and entertainment, some of the more adult themes that producers slipped in went right over our little heads. We always said we couldn't wait to grow up, but these once-hidden facts about the cartoons we love will make us wish we were kids again.

1. Scooby-Doo

Sometimes, actors simply don’t agree with a character’s morals. And it’s this that caused quite a wobbly start for voice actor Casey Kasem when becoming Shaggy. At first, he refused to voice the lovable foodie and mystery-solver. But after taking time to think, Kasem said he’d accept the role on one condition.

Times Change

Shaggy had to be Vegan – just like the actor. So if you watch any more modern episodes, you'll notice that Shaggy doesn't eat meat! And this is the same reason why Kasem turned down a Burger King commercial in the late '90s.

2. Rugrats

The best type of children's cartoons are ones that parents can also enjoy. And a way to make that happen is to include some *ahem* adult jokes. Rugrats did this a lot – even though the show was about babies. Remembering how far producers took it is pretty jaw-dropping now...

Bad Babies

The naughty stuff is everywhere – from Grandpa talking about "lonely space vixens" in front of the babies to Angelica drawing a suggestive nose and glasses set on a doodle of her elementary school teacher while in class. It's amazing what producers got away with – and they're far from the only ones.