One of the perks that usually comes with being the child of a celebrity is a life of wealth and luxury. At least, that’s what everyone thinks! In reality, celebrity kids are forced to do all sorts of chores for their superstar parents, just like any other family.

Yep, just because your parents are famous doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to doing stuff around the house. Here are 20 of some of the most surprising things that celebrity parents make their kids do. It only proves that being a child of a famous person isn’t everything it’s chalked up to be!

1. Britney Spears once allowed her baby to take the wheel of her car for a moment: It’s never too soon to learn a new skill, but this pop singer might want to reconsider. She let her tot take control of the wheel—while the car was clearly parked. Next stop: a learner’s permit!

2. Blue Ivy once held money for her parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z: It’s safe to assume that this power couple’s young daughter isn’t actually responsible for her parents’ finances, but she’s certainly grown up around wealth! One time, she even had to hold their cash!

3. Joe Jackson forced his kids to rehearse: The Jackson 5 may remain a beloved pop group, but the Jackson family’s patriarch was notorious for being brutally strict towards his musical children. In many cases, he was allegedly abusive and forced them to rehearse no matter what!

4. Gwyneth Paltrow has her children watch foreign television shows: The actress claims that it makes her kids more cultured, but one can’t help but wonder if they’d prefer to watch Spongebob Squarepants like everyone else!

5. Sasha and Malia Obama had to do chores in the White House: Did the Obama sisters necessarily need to clean their rooms themselves? No, but it was important to the President and First Lady that they learned responsibility!

6. The Duggar children were almost constantly working around the house: This was especially true of the girls and women in the massive Duggar clan, who grew to fame as reality television sensations in their own right.

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7. Madonna’s kids give her foot massages: Madonna took some heat for this photo (left). While the optics weren’t that great, her kids looked like they knew it was all in good fun. Hopefully, Mom washed her feet first!

8. North West has to wear Kanye West’s sneaker line: Nori’s free-thinking rapper-turned-fashion mogul father hasn’t just championed his own line of popular sneakers; he’s enlisted his family to help promote them!

9. Pink’s kids cook dinner: “So What” if this pop star’s kids are learning some adult responsibilities? As long as they’re staying safe, there’s nothing wrong with some supervised application of real-world skills.

10. Will Smith teaches his kids about philosophy: If you think Jaden’s strange, often cryptic tweets are just one of his own quirks, you might have to think again. Dad made sure that the Smith kids learned to think in unique ways!

11. Larry David drags his daughter around with him to Civil War battlefields: Cazzie David’s face says it all, doesn’t it? It may not be a teenager’s idea of a fun time, but Dad must think it’s “prettay, prettay good” to educate oneself about American history.

12. Mariah Carey tells her kids to sing with her: This might not sound horrible… until your famous Mom asks you to perform in front of a stadium! Even the children of one of the most successful singers in recorded history get stage fright sometimes.

13. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau teaches his kids about financial responsibility: Unlike his privileged character, Jaime Lannister, on HBO’s Game of Thrones, this actor wants his kids to work for their money. “My oldest has two jobs, and she earns her own money,” he said. “She works in a bakery and helps in a cafe. She’s 16.”

14. Ivanka Trump’s children have to clean her house: Okay, this turned out to be more for a humorous photo-op, but look at those little kids trying their best! Obviously, they take after their privileged parents, because they’re clearly out of their element!

15. Candace Cameron makes her children work out several times each week: Many parents want their kids to get plenty of exercise, but for the Full House star, it’s actually part of a strict fitness regimen!

16. Jamie Oliver makes his kids eat hot chilies as punishment: The celebrity chef describes it as an alternative to corporal punishment: “It’s not very fashionable and you are not allowed to do it, and if you are a celebrity chef like me, it does not look very good in the paper.”

17. Jamie Lynn Spears once let her daughter drive her around in an ATV: Sadly, Spears’s daughter, Maddie, was injured in an ATV accident at one point. Hopefully, they’re being more careful these days!

18. Jackie Siegel sometimes doesn’t see her kids for days because her home is so large: If you’ve seen the documentary The Queen of Versailles, you know the 2008 recession threw this once-ultra-rich family for a loop. They kept their historically huge home, but good luck finding anyone in it!

19. Mario Lopez’s daughter once held a ladder for him: It’s definitely not uncommon for dads to enlist their children’s help in household chores, but it doesn’t look like the former Saved by the Bell star’s daughter is quite strong enough for the task yet!

20. Drew Barrymore had to spar with her own father, John Barrymore, to prepare him for a role: When John Barrymore was starring in a kung-fu movie, he forced his young daughter to “spar” with him to help him train. That sure came in handy when Drew starred in the remake of Charlie’s Angels!

Unfortunately, Drew’s family drama was more than just some chores. She emancipated herself at age 15 and has been estranged from her mother for almost 30 years. And she certainly isn’t the only celeb with a complicated family…

Beyoncé: Papa Knowles has been known to exploit Beyoncé and her sister Solange’s professional and personal lives for his own gain. He’s even fathered illegitimate children while still married to their mother, Tina.

Justin Bieber: In an interview for Billboard Magazine, Bieber described his relationship with his mother as “nonexistent”. The heartthrob cited his recent behavior as the cause for their rift and has taken 100% of the blame for their strained relationship. What a guy!

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Demi Lovato: While Lovato has struggled with her own demons as of late, her difficult relationship with her father has affected her more than anything. According to Lovato, her father actively abused her and suffered from his own mental health issues up until his death in 2013.


Eminem: This rapper isn’t afraid to reference the abuse and neglect he suffered at the hands of his mother in his songs. It also didn’t help that his mother sued him for $10 million for slandering her in his 1999 album The Slim Shady LP.

Adele: Despite her father’s tabloid interview in which he said he was “heartbroken” over their fractured relationship, the Grammy-winning singer isn’t buying his change of heart. After abandoning Adele when she was two, it seems a little too coincidental that her father wants to reconcile now that she’s a global star.

Macaulay Culkin: The biggest child star of the 90’s, Culkin never saw a dime of his film or endorsement money thanks to his greedy parents. It’s no wonder, then, why Culkin hasn’t spoken to either of them in nearly two decades.

Brie Larson: In an ElleMagazine interview, Larson admitted that she drew much of her emotional inspiration for her 2015 film Room from her relationship with her father. After her parents divorced when she was ten, her father left her life completely. She hasn’t seen him since.

Michael Jackson: In a 1993 Oprah interview Michael attributed much of his emotional and mental anguish as an adult to the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father Joe Jackson.

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Jennifer Aniston: Jen’s relationship with her mother, Nancy Dow, was still incredibly tense before her death in 2016. It all stemmed from a 1999 memoir Nancy wrote about their estrangement, to which Aniston replied that her mother was “selfish and controlling”.

Kobe Bryant: An estrangement from his parents in 2001-2003 occurred after Bryant married a woman who wasn’t African American. The basketball player’s relationship with his parents strained once again in 2013 when Pamela and Joe Bryant sold off a portion of his memorabilia without his consent.

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Lindsay Lohan: This star’s relationship with her father, Michael, has been one of the more public celebrity family feuds in recent years. The two have attacked each other through the media on numerous occasions, and Michael’s frequent trouble with the law caused Lindsay to cut all ties with him in 2009.

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Shia LaBeouf: While the former Disney star battled addiction in the past, it was his father’s struggle with drugs when LaBeouf was a child that made their relationship so difficult. In fact, there were even times when LaBeouf paid his father to come to his acting gigs just to keep him sober.

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Angelina Jolie: Another megastar with highly publicized family problems is Angelia Jolie, whose father, Jon Voight, has openly told the press that his daughter “needs help” and suffers from “mental problems”.

Frances Bean Cobain: The only child of the late Kurt Cobain, Frances’ relationship with her mother, Courtney Love, has been rocky ever since Love was accused of using heroin during her pregnancy.

Oliver & Kate Hudson: The Hudson’s relationship with their biological father, Bill Hudson, is so bad that they actually consider Kurt Russell–their mother’s longtime boyfriend–to be their real father. While Bill and Oliver have attempted to reconcile, Kate has openly stated that she wants nothing to do with him.

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Kendra Wilkinson: Known for her time at the Playboy Mansion, Wilkinson’s issues with her mother played out for the world to see on the reality show The Girls Next Door. Not only did Patti Wilkinson frequently leak secrets about her daughter to the press, but she even went as far as trying to become one of Hugh Hefner’s “girls”.

Heather Graham: Though the decision to become an actress in the first place created a rift between Graham and her parents, her role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights was the final nail in the coffin. After starring in the controversial film, Graham’s parents–who are deeply religious–cut all ties and haven’t spoken to her since 1997.

Liv Tyler: Surprisingly, being the daughter of lovable rock legend Steven Tyler isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. According to Liv, the Aerosmith frontman has been mostly absent throughout her life, and during the few moments they spend together they never really “hit it off”.


Ariel Winter: In 2012, the Modern Family star openly accused her mother of abuse and was placed into her sister’s custody in 2014. After officially becoming emancipated from her mother in 2105, Winter took to Twitter to celebrate the news with her fans.