Women Over 50 Are Ditching These Outdated Fashion ‘Rules’ We All Used To Take As Given

When choosing what to wear as an older woman, it can feel like there’s a never-ending list of fashion dos and don’ts to abide by. As anyone over 50 will tell you, it can be extremely restrictive. But guess what? You don’t have to follow the rules! Some style advice that we still see as scripture is actually totally outdated in today’s world. And we’ve realized that some ‘rules’ for what older ladies should or shouldn’t wear are just plain sexist. Besides, isn’t fashion really about breaking the rules?

1. “Cut your hair short”

As we age, our hair tends to lose some of its thickness. This is apparently the driving force behind why ladies over 50 are often advised to trim their locks and go for shorter styles. And thus, bobs have come to be seen as a more sensible and mature look. But who says women need to look sensible? Aging should be fun! So, don’t be afraid to continue wearing your hair long. Just know how to keep it looking thick and healthy. All it takes is adding a bit of volume to it. A trip to the salon can take care of that, and try using specialized shampoos day to day. Put down those scissors, ladies!

2. “Cover your legs”

Older women shouldn’t ever expose their legs, right? Wrong! There's no rule that says short dresses and skirts are strictly reserved for the under 50s. If showing off your pins makes you feel confident, then go right ahead! For those who aren't as comfortable bearing all but still want to experiment with higher hemlines, try adding a pair of leggings or tights. Just remember — you're the one steering the ship. Wear whatever leaves you feeling good, and don't forget to have fun experimenting with your style.

3. “Don’t mix black and brown”

For the longest time, we’ve been told that black and brown clothing should never been worn together. But it’s time to forget this old-fashioned rule! Many top brands like Prada love to pair these two colors, so there’s no reason you can’t be doing the same. Designer Priscilla Von Sorella says it’s totally okay to experiment with these shades. She says, “I love breaking this rule because according to color science, both brown and black are neutral colors — therefore can be worn together.”

4. “Avoid ripped jeans”

For lots of people, there’s something about ripped jeans that screams “younger generation.” But who says older women can’t also rock a fashionable ripped-denim look? Regardless of the perception, intentionally torn jeans can look cool at any age. Remember, this trend doesn’t mean your pants have to be completely shredded. Try jeans with a subtle rip at the knee or some vintage-inspired distressed patches.