Workers Spot ‘Object’ Beneath Old School Stage, Then Unravel A Heartwarming Decades-Old Puzzle

While renovating the interior of an old school, Armando Rodriguez spotted something below the floorboards of its main stage. Curious, he pulled it out of the darkness and discovered it was a retro purse. Then, when Armando saw what was inside, he knew that the owner had to be found right away. But finding them more than 60 years after the purse was lost would be easier said than done.

A real mystery

It was a mystery that eventually gained a lot of attention as the search intensified. But would that help unravel the puzzle? This intriguing story unfolded in League City, Texas, when the League City School was set to be transformed into a brand-new recreation center in 2021. It appeared to be a pretty simple job — until Armando made his discovery, that is.

How it all began

Looking back at that time, Armando spoke to the CityofLeagueCityTX YouTube channel in October 2022. The contractor summarized the pivotal moment at the old school, before sharing his reaction to the find. He recalled, “I was remodeling the stage, and that’s when I found the purse [under the boards]. The first thing [I did] was open it, and I saw pictures.”

“That’s somebody’s memories”

Yep, the purse was filled with candid snapshots. It was like a tiny photo album! Armando continued, “I didn’t want to touch it, because it looked old and I didn’t want it to fall apart on me. So I’m like, ‘I’m gonna turn it in, first thing.’ I saw [the photos] and I’m like, ‘That’s somebody’s memories, so they need to have this [purse].’”

“Great condition”

On that note, Armando was true to his word and handed the item in to the local authorities. Describing the state of the purse at the time, a League City representative named Sarah Osborne spoke to The Washington Post in October 2022. She said, “The bottom of the bag had small holes that were chewed by a rodent, but everything inside was otherwise in great condition.”